Chapter 2828: The Virtuous Sage of Heaven

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Chapter 2828: The Virtuous Sage of Heaven

The figure was blurry and illusionary. He seemed like he had been condensed from a thin mist as if he were only a soul.

However, his appearance was blurry, impossible to make out his facial features, but it was possible to roughly estimate him to be a middle-aged man from his vigorous voice.

Ever since the illusionary figure appeared, Jian Chen’s gaze had been fixed on him, filled with suspicion and surprise.

That was because he had completely failed to sense how the figure had appeared there. Even though he was standing right before him, he was unable to detect anything with the senses of his soul. With a sweep of his senses, the space before him was empty, with no trace of anything.

He resembles a soul, yet he also doesn’t, Jian Chen thought. For a moment, he was truly unable to tell what form the illusionary figure before him had taken with his insight and knowledge.

If he were described as a soul, then sure, there was a portion of the power of souls present. However, he was also vastly different from the form of souls Jian Chen was familiar with. He seemed to be more than a simple soul.

And, Jian Chen struggled to sense his strength. On the surface, he only seemed to be equivalent to Godking in his soul form, yet he also seemed like he had already surpassed Godking, reaching an unfathomable realm of cultivation.

In short, Jian Chen felt like he was unable to see through the illusionary figure that had suddenly appeared.

“Virtuous Sage of Heaven, you are knowledgeable and insightful. The depth of your experiences is well beyond anything I can match, so please give some guidance when Kun Tian heals his soul,” the Darkstar Emperor said gently. Clearly, he held extremely great respect for the mysterious figure known as the “Virtuous Sage of Heaven” before him. For once, his voice actually carried hints of respect.

“The great ceremony this time is far too important, while Kun Tian is a hall master, so he occupies an important position in the ceremony. As a result, his memories must be recovered. Otherwise, I would not have been willing to disturb the Virtuous Sage of Heaven either,” the Darkstar Emperor continued.

“You jest, your majesty. Relieving your majesty’s worries is part of my responsibilities,” the Virtuous Sage of Heaven chuckled, neither overly arrogant or overly modest.

Jian Chen instead began to wonder. He had read a few records regarding the Darkstar race and the three vice hall masters had introduced many matters and people from the Darkstar race to him, but never had he heard anything along the lines of a “Virtuous Sage of Heaven”. He could not help but grow doubtful.

Logically speaking, there was absolutely no reason why he did not know about a person who could basically stand on equal footing to the Darkstar Emperor like the Virtuous Sage of Heaven. Bing Yuan, Tarot, and Dou Wujin would definitely tell him about such an individual.

The Darkstar Emperor shifted his gaze to Jian Chen and said, “Kun Tian, apart from me, no one within the Darkstar race knows about the Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s existence. Please bear in mind to not tell anyone about how you met the Virtuous Sage of Heaven today.”

Jian Chen came to an understanding and agreed in a hurry. Afterwards, he could not help but glance at the Virtuous Sage of Heaven. He immediately began to pay special attention to him.

From instincts alone, he could sense that the Virtuous Sage of Heaven before him was anything but simple.

Of course, what truly shocked him was how the existence of the Virtuous Sage of Heaven could be hidden from the Darkstar race for all these years.

He had no idea how long the Virtuous Sage of Heaven had existed among the Darkstar race. If it had not been too long, then that would be fine, but if he had already existed since almost time immemorial, it would truly be rather terrifying.

Jian Chen could not help but secretly raise his guard over this.

“Kun Tian, you can begin. Ingest the pill you obtained from the Hundred Saint City first. If the pill still isn’t enough for you to recover, then I’ll lend you a helping hand with the Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures,” said the Virtuous Sage of Heaven. His voice was amiable, which made him seem highly approachable and friendly.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly before asking in a slightly doubtful tone, “But your majesty, I can see the Virtuous Sage of Heaven should be roughly equivalent to a Godking. Can a Godking really provide assistance to a Primordial realm expert’s recovery?”

“Or perhaps the Virtuous Sage of Heaven is highly accomplished in the aspect of souls, possessing alarming attainments that we can only look up to?”

Faced with “Kun Tian’s” questions, the Darkstar Emperor was not confused at all, as even he was unable to accurately determine the Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s cultivation. However, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven did indeed seem like a Godking most of the time. Anyone would raise an issue with a Godking telling a Primordial realm expert what to do about their injuries.

“Kun Tian, you mustn’t underestimate the Virtuous Sage of Heaven, much less show even the slightest disrespect towards the Virtuous Sage of Heaven. That’s because not only is the Virtuous Sage of Heaven a great sage who has made vast contributions to our race, but he’s also the person with the highest level of status and seniority in our race. Technically speaking, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven is a senior of everyone in our race.”

“Moreover, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s strength is nowhere near as simple as what you see, so you must not treat the Virtuous Sage of Heaven as a Godking.”

“As for attainments of the soul, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven is indeed the greatest within our race. With his guidance, your chances of recovery will increase drastically,” the Darkstar Emperor explained patiently.

“Your majesty, there’s something I don’t understand. Since the Virtuous Sage of Heaven outranks everyone in our race right now in terms of seniority, then why does no one know about the Virtuous Sage of Heaven despite all the time that has passed?” Jian Chen asked. His vigilance towards the Virtuous Sage of Heaven had already risen to the limit.

“Enough. Don’t ask anything more. I still can’t tell you about the details regarding the Virtuous Sage of Heaven, as that’s the greatest secret of our race. I will naturally tell you when you need to know.” The Darkstar Emperor was reluctant to say anything more. Clearly, the identity of the Virtuous Sage of Heaven was overly sensitive such that even people like the ten hall masters did not know about him.

Jian Chen knew he could not ask any more questions, so he simply shut up and sat down, swallowing the pill he had obtained from the Jade Pill sect.

What a pity. The quality of the pill is impressive. Even in the Saints’ World, it’s something you can’t have enough of. I didn’t want to waste it like this, but it looks like I don’t have a choice anymore.” Jian Chen was filled with helplessness as he swallowed the pill.

After all, this was a pill that healed the soul, and its effects definitely surpassed the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood. Even Jian Chen felt rather pained to simply waste a precious pill like that.

In the Saints’ World, regular God Tier pills were relatively easy to obtain, but God Tier pills that could heal the soul, particularly pills that bore the presence of puresouls, were truly items that could only be obtained through luck.

Virtuous Sage of Heaven, I must trouble you,” the Darkstar Emperor said secretly to the Virtuous Sage of Heaven as he watched Kun Tian enter a state of recovery.

You are too kind, your majesty. I will do everything I can.” The Virtuous Sage of Heaven also replied secretly without being overly polite or overly rude. His eyes hidden behind the mist also landed on Jian Chen’s face, and his lips curled into a mysterious smile.

However, even the Darkstar Emperor failed to notice his expression change, as if no one in the entire Darkstar World would know about it if he tried to hide something.

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