Chapter 2829: Lurking Danger

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Chapter 2829: Lurking Danger

On another side, Jian Chen ingested the God Tier pill from the Jade Pill sect before entering an oblivious state of recovery.

But in reality, he did not recover at all, as he had no wounds. He had ingested the pill and entered a meditative state to put on an act. In reality, he was extremely vigilant inside, having raised his wariness to the limit already.

He was not wary of the Darkstar Emperor, nor was he particularly worried the Darkstar Emperor would detect anything wrong.

The Darkstar Emperor’s strength was exceptional. With the strength to challenge those at higher cultivations, he possessed extraordinary battle prowess that was on par with Chaotic Primes of the First Heavenly Layer, or maybe even the Second Heavenly Layer, but even if Jian Chen were up against an expert like him, he had complete confidence that he could retreat safely.

What truly made him fearful was the Virtuous Sage of Heaven who had suddenly appeared. Especially after learning about the tip of the iceberg regarding the Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s origins, his level of dread towards him had become unprecedented.

That was because he could not see through the Virtuous Sage of Heaven at all. He seemed to be wrapped in a thick layer of mist, concealing himself away.

Jian Chen knew that the more someone was like that, the more terrifying they would be.

It went without saying that the effects of the God Tier pill the Jade Pill sect provided was extraordinary. Even without any injuries or underlying conditions to the soul, the God Tier pill could still function as a great supplement to the ingestor.

As the effects of the God Tier pill kicked in, Jian Chen immediately felt a refreshing sensation from his soul as if his entire soul was undergoing a mellow purification. Not only had it become even more consolidated, but the presence of puresouls in the God Tier pill directly strengthened his soul, leading to a wondrous effect where his soul became even sturdier.

As a result, Jian Chen could clearly feel his soul strengthen slightly after ingesting the God Tier pill. Even though this increase was not very substantial due to the limited quantity and quality of the puresouls, he could truly feel an increase.

After all, with his current cultivation and the strength of his soul, strengthening it again was anything but easy. Yet, this pill managed to achieve that, which was more than enough to demonstrate its value.

They said that the ancestor of the Jade Pill sect personally refined this pill. It truly is a God Tier pill produced in the hands of a supreme expert. Even under such strict conditions to deliver it into the Darkstar World, he still managed to refine a pill with such startling effects. If it were the Saints’ World instead, the effects of the pill will definitely be even more startling. Jian Chen was secretly filled with admiration.

Although he had basically scammed the Jade Pill sect with this, their ancestor truly approached perfection with his mastery over the Way of Alchemy.

Before long, the effects of the pill gradually subsided, but the Virtuous Sage of Heaven that Jian Chen had been secretly guarding against the entire time did not do anything. Jian Chen had not even sensed a sliver of the senses of the soul.

He could not help but grow suspicious. Was the Virtuous Sage of Heaven really someone that the Darkstar Emperor had sent to assist him?

If he were supposed to provide assistance, why had he done nothing?

“Kun Tian, you can take your leave for now,” the Virtuous Sage of Heaven said all of a sudden. That immediately made Jian Chen’s heart shudder as he remained in the same meditative pose, acting as if he were still in a state of recovery.

In that moment, he felt a sliver of shock.

That was because he had done nothing after ingesting the God Tier pill. He had remained in the same posture like a statue, yet the Virtuous Sage of Heaven was able to detect the effects of the God Tier pill had already subsided without even releasing the senses of his soul. How could he not be shocked?

“Virtuous Sage of Heaven, you mean?” A sliver of shock appeared in the Darkstar Emperor’s eyes. His gaze rested on Kun Tian hesitantly. He was unable to tell whether Kun Tian had roused either. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Kun Tian, have you recovered your memories?”

Jian Chen opened his eyes and did not disguise his disappointment. He stood up and clasped his fist at the Darkstar Emperor. “I’ve disappointed your majesty. I haven’t recovered my memories.”

The uncertainty in the Darkstar Emperor’s eyes grew heavier. Kun Tian had not recovered. He was even prepared to use the Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures, which was something rare that could greatly benefit the soul, so why did the Virtuous Sage of Heaven send Kun Tian away?

The Virtuous Sage of Heaven did not give him an answer. Instead, he continued to say to Jian Chen, “Kun Tian, you have no business here anymore. You should go for now.”

The Darkstar Emperor was filled with doubt, but due to his absolute trust in the Virtuous Sage of Heaven, he followed his instructions and sent Jian Chen away.

“Virtuous Sage of Heaven, could you relieve me of my confusion?” the Darkstar Emperor asked the Virtuous Sage of Heaven after Jian Chen had left.

“Your majesty, I failed to sense any damage to Kun Tian’s soul. If that’s true, then it would mean his injuries are already beyond my capabilities. Please forgive me for being unable to do anything,” the Virtuous Sage of Heaven said calmly.

The Darkstar Emperor furrowed his brows firmly. “No damage? If there’s no damage, then why hasn’t Kun Tian’s memories recovered yet?”

“Perhaps it’s because of the Land of Soul Destruction. That’s one of the forbidden zones created when the planetary beast died back then after all. As long as it touches on matters or items at the planetary beast’s level, it isn’t strange for it to be unexplainable,” said the Virtuous Sage of Heaven.

The Darkstar Emperor nodded in agreement. He understood the Land of Soul Destruction better than anyone, as he had once remained in there for a lengthy period of time. He had been through the various dangers there a long time ago.

As a result, the Darkstar Emperor believed the fact that Kun Tian’s soul had already recovered, yet his memories were still missing, did not make absolutely no sense.

After all, matters regarding the Land of Soul Destruction touched on a level that was simply too high.

“Virtuous Sage of Heaven, is there really nothing else we can do? If Kun Tian doesn’t recover his memories, it’ll definitely affect the great ceremony drastically.” The Darkstar Emperor still refused to give up on even the slightest hope. After all, this would impact the great ceremony. With something that could decide the fate of the entire race at stake, he could not allow for any carelessness, much less any mistakes.

The Virtuous Sage of Heaven shook his head and said nothing else.

The Darkstar Emperor could not help but sigh. “Looks like all we can do is look for another way…”

Elsewhere, Jian Chen locked himself up in a secret room the moment he returned to the fifth divine hall.

Within the dim room, Jian Chen shut his eyes and sat with his legs crossed. His expression was peaceful and tranquil, but in reality, his heart was like a stormy sea, kicking up great waves of shock.

The various scenes he had gone through in the Darkstar Divine Hall earlier replayed through his head constantly. The mysterious Virtuous Sage of Heaven made him feel an unprecedentedly-great threat.

The threat might not be tied to his life, but it did tie into his true identity.

That was because he had clearly sensed that the Virtuous Sage of Heaven had done absolutely nothing earlier. He had not even expanded a sliver of the senses of his soul, yet he was able to accurately determine that the effects of the God Tier pill had subsided in his body.

To be able to achieve this, this meant the Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s strength had already reached an extremely terrifying level.

Of course, if that were all, it was possible to interpret it as the Virtuous Sage of Heaven possessing some other kind of special ability, allowing him to ignore the difference in cultivations and closely detect any changes regarding pills.

The Darkstar Emperor had originally prepared the Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures to recover Kun Tian’s memories in case the God Tier pill failed. Yet towards the end, when the effects of the pill wore off, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven showed no intentions for Jian Chen to continue with ingesting the Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures. Instead, he directly told him to leave.

It was as if he were certain that even if Jian Chen ingested the Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures, it would have absolutely no effect at all. In other words, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven wanted to conserve the Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures. He did not wish to see something as precious as the Spiritual Fluid of Nine Apertures being used on Jian Chen.

However, regardless of the conclusions Jian Chen had reached from these, he felt greatly threatened. He was extremely worried over whether the Virtuous Sage of Heaven had seen through his identity or not.

Or perhaps the Virtuous Sage of Heaven had already seen through him?

Various thoughts flashed through Jian Chen’s head, which made him uneasy.

He was not attached to this identity, but without this identity, saving Sacredfeather would become much more difficult.

And, he had even promised the Heartless Child to destroy the Darkstar race’s great ceremony.

Whether it was saving Sacredfeather or destroying the ceremony, his disguise as Kun Tian would make it all much easier.

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