Chapter 2830: The Deadline Approaches

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Chapter 2830: The Deadline Approaches

I never thought the Darkstar race would actually have someone like the Virtuous Sage of Heaven. Looks like I need to be careful in the future.

But most importantly, I don’t know if the Virtuous Sage of Heaven has seen through my identity. He shouldn’t have, or he wouldn’t have been so calm if he suddenly discovered the fifth hall master was no longer the same person as before.

Jian Chen thought to himself. Back in the Darkstar Divine Hall, he had been paying attention to every single action from the Virtuous Sage of Heaven the entire time. Now that he recalled it, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven had remained extremely calm the entire time in the Darkstar Divine Hall. He showed no signs of any emotional reaction.

The mask that senior Mo Tianyun gave me is extraordinary. As long as I wear the mask, even Grand Primes can’t see through my true identity. The mask only loses its function before peak figures who have reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime. The origins of the Virtuous Sage of Heaven and what he’s capable of might be a mystery, but it’s impossible for him to be an expert like that.

That’s because this is the Darkstar World, a special place where Chaotic Primes cannot appear as of right now.

Thinking up to this, Jian Chen’s nervous heart finally settled down. He eased up by quite a lot.

Of course, the thing that gave him the greatest confidence was still his strength. Right now within the Darkstar race, no one could threaten him apart from the Darkstar Emperor.

However, after learning about the existence of the Virtuous Sage of Heaven, Jian Chen also understood something. The Darkstar race might have been puny, but they still had a glorious past after all. Even though they had declined, they still could not be underestimated.

Who knew whether there were any more special, unknown existences like the Virtuous Sage of Heaven hiding in the Darkstar World? Who knew how many more of them existed?

This made him develop a little more caution towards the Darkstar race, a race that was technically still very weak.

Jian Chen had no idea that as he remained in the secret room of the fifth divine hall, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven who existed as an illusionary figure stood in the imperial palace above the ten divine halls silently like a ghost. His eyes that were hidden in the mist, such that no one could see them, were currently fixed in the direction of the fifth divine hall.

His gaze seemed to be able to lock onto Jian Chen’s current position with great accuracy. He actually stared straight at the location of the secret room with perfect precision.

“Jian Chen, oh Jian Chen. You’ve really run around in the Darkstar race lately, haven’t you? The strange mask you brought prevents anyone in the Darkstar race from seeing through your true identity apart from me, and behaving as an amnesiac also provides a suitable cover for anything that can lead to misgivings, but you shouldn’t treat the upper echelon of the Darkstar race as brainless idiots that you can simply fool around with.”

“If it’s just once or twice, then so be it, but if this becomes a habit, you will give yourself away someday.”

“It doesn’t matter if you give yourself away, but if you get in the way of my business, then you truly deserve to die. Though, you still can’t die in the Darkstar World.”

“I hope my appearance will make you raise your guard. Don’t be so reckless again. Since you’ve chosen the identity of Kun Tian, then you should act out the role of Kun Tian to the end.”

The Virtuous Sage of Heaven hovered in the air like a ghost. No one could discover his existence as he said with a voice that only he could hear.

During the next few days, Jian Chen did not leave the fifth divine hall again. On the surface, the reason was to study high grade Godking grass as if he was currently investigating and experimenting with the method to make use of the energy in Godking grass, but in reality, he was coming up with countermeasures for the various situations he could potentially encounter.

The Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s existence forced Jian Chen to make early preparations for the worst-case scenario.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Today was the final deadline Jian Chen had given the Hundred Saint City to gather divine crystals.

Three days have already passed. I wonder how the divine crystal gathering process has been going with the Hundred Saint City.” Jian Chen emerged from the secret room after three days. He handed the waste from the several hundred stalks of high grade Godking grass he had destroyed during the three days to a servant before leaving once again with Bing Yuan.

The Darkstar Emperor learnt about what happened in the Hundred Saint City pretty quickly. He’s already been paying attention to the situation there. He might have already planted people there. Combined with the mysterious and strange Virtuous Sage of Heaven, it looks like I need to be a little more careful in the Hundred Saint City, Jian Chen thought. His visit to the Darkstar Divine Hall had made him extremely cautious.

In the Pantheon Divine Hall, all the organisations stationed in the Hundred Saint City had already gathered together. Everyone sat around the large discussion table silently, uneasy and nervous, which made the atmosphere of the Pantheon Divine Hall extremely heavy.

A single sentence echoed through their heads, which was about the fifty places the fifth hall master had offered three days ago.

The end result of these fifty places directly made them grow more nervous and uneasy each time they looked around the table.

That was because while there were not a hundred organisations in the Hundred Saint City, there were still around eighty to ninety of them. That also meant over a third of the organisations would not be permitted to remain in the Hundred Saint City any longer.

That was far too high of a rejection rate, so high that everyone present felt threatened.

“Has the clan still not answered?” Lei Yun of the Heavenly Lightning asked the servant beside him again and again. He could be described as the most nervous and anxious person present, as basically all the prodigies from the other organisations had gathered enough divine crystals, while his Heavenly Lightning clan had remained silent the entire time.

The servant shook his head. He also felt extremely uneasy. Had the Heavenly Lightning clan given up on their business in the Darkstar race already?

“The fifth hall master arrives!”

At this moment, a resonant voice rang out outside the Pantheon Divine Hall. The prodigies seated around the table all leapt to their feet. They all bowed sternly and solemnly towards the fifth hall master at exactly the same time as he strode in.

Jian Chen directly made his way over to the seat of honour and sat down, while Bing Yuan stood to one side silently. However, his eyes shone slightly, hiding a hint of eagerness in his gaze towards the prodigies.

That was because their fifth divine hall would also run out of divine crystals too. Even though they had already purchased a large quantity of divine crystals, it was still not enough. Whether they could resolve the issue of divine crystals would all be up to today.

“Everyone, you must all know why I’ve come already. Since that’s the case, I’ll get right to the point. The deadline of three days is up. What is everyone planning to do?” Jian Chen cut right to the chase as soon as he spoke, looking at everyone with brimming interest.

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