Chapter 2831: The Places Confirmed

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Chapter 2831: The Places Confirmed

“Esteemed hall master, our Greenfields clan has prepared five billion supreme grade divine crystals. We hope to obtain five centuries of protection from you…”

“Our Heaven’s sect has also prepared five billion supreme grade divine crystals to offer up to you…”

The representatives of the various organisations had been waiting for Jian Chen to bring this up, so as soon as Jian Chen spoke, all the organisations gathered in the Pantheon Divine Hall took out their prepared Space Rings.

Each Space Ring was filled with five billion supreme grade divine crystals, and that only served as the bare minimum. When Jian Chen scanned around with the senses of his soul, he even discovered over seven billion divine crystals prepared in a few Space Rings.

That was over two billion more than what he had asked for!

The meaning behind this additional sum was self-explanatory.

However, the fact that made Jian Chen sigh was that one of these Space Rings with over seven billion divine crystals happened to be from He Qianqian.

Very clearly, the Heavenly Crane clan had truly attached extremely great importance to certain rare resources unique to the Darkstar World. They were unable to bring in any God Tier heavenly resources or pills that could heal the soul, nor could they pay the tremendous price that Getti demanded, ten billion supreme grade divine crystals per century, but the Heavenly Crane clan was actually willing to go above and beyond the required price of Jian Chen’s offer, a billion divine crystals per century, just to earn one of the fifty spots available.

As Jian Chen sighed inside, he also became rather reluctant to turn them down.

After all, he was still technically a member of the Heavenly Crane clan as long as he remained in the Darkstar World. Moreover, He Qianqian had treated him quite well during the time he had spent in the Darkstar World. He had already begun treating He Qianqian as a friend.

It was a pity that he had to make He Qianqian leave the Darkstar World, as that was a form of protection for her!

All protective formations had been removed from the Space Rings, so Bing Yuan could also detect the sum of divine crystals in each Space Ring from Jian Chen’s side. He immediately gasped because of this before becoming completely flushed.

Every single organisation had prepared five billion at the very least, with no one offering up less than five billion. If this were summed up across the several dozen organisations present, the amount of divine crystals present would truly reach an astronomical figure.

Because of the evolution of the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, the Darkstar race’s demand for energy had increased by several dozen fold or even over a hundred fold. As a result, the entire Darkstar race experienced a severe shortage of divine crystals. If they could obtain so many divine crystals, they would definitely be able to deal with the urgent issue at hand.

Jian Chen revealed a satisfied smile too. “Very good, very good. Since you’ve all fulfilled my request in time, I will obviously uphold my word and protect fifty organisations among you. You can now place your Space Rings on the table, and I will choose fifty of them.”

As a result, all the prodigies placed their Space Rings onto the discussion table excitedly and uneasily.

However, Jian Chen sank into his thoughts as if he was considering who to protect among them. In the end, after several seconds of hesitation, he chose the first organisation.

With a flick of his finger, a single Space Ring immediately hovered up from all the Space Rings on the table, arriving before him.

This meant he would be accepting this Space Ring, and the owner of the Space Ring and their organisation would receive five centuries of protection from here on out.

Of course, the protection would be carried out under the name of the fifth hall master Kun Tian!

As for the organisation that had been chosen, they all became overjoyed. Their tense hearts finally settled down.

After all, there were only fifty places, and there were as many as seventy or eighty organisations gathered in the Pantheon Divine Hall. At least a third of them would be eliminated.

Afterwards, Jian Chen moved faster and faster. Space Rings hovered before him one by one. All the organisations that were chosen became overjoyed as if a heavy burden had been lifted from their shoulders, while the organisations that had not been chosen became more and more nervous.

In particular, when Jian Chen reached forty Space Rings, a few prodigies were unable to keep their composure anymore. Nervousness and worry appeared on their faces, and thin beads of sweat had even covered the foreheads of some.

He Qianqian was one of them. Even her alluring face became slightly pale.

The Hao family of the Prosper Plane also felt extremely unsettled. Even though the Hao family was extremely powerful and influential in the Saints’ World, they still struggled to collect certain rare resources. If they lost the unique resources of the Darkstar World, it would have a similarly great impact on the nurturing of future talents for the Hao family.

Very soon, the number of Space Rings hovering before Jian Chen reached forty-nine. Only a single spot remained.

As for the remaining third of organisations that had not been chosen, most of them had already become despaired. They all seemed like they were close to losing their wits.

Finally, He Qianqian was unable to hold back her anxiety and said, “Fifth hall master, our Heavenly Crane clan has prepared seven and a half billion supreme grade divine crystals, and this is only the first payment. A second payment will be delivered later on, so please…”

“Stop talking!”

The reply she received was Jian Chen’s icy voice and cold glare. Jian Chen directly interrupted her, saying coldly, “I don’t need you to tell me what choice I’m supposed to make.”

He Qianqian’s expression immediately sank before paling. She shut up instantly. She had already realised that by speaking rashly, she had angered the fifth hall master, potentially leaving behind a bad impression in his eyes.

With He Qianqian as an example, the remaining organisations that had not been chosen immediately shut their mouths obediently. They knew the fifth hall master had a short-temper and was very easily angered. As a result, they all remained silent, waiting for the confirmation of the final spot eagerly and nervously.

Jian Chen was clearly quite hesitant with the final spot, but he did not hesitate for too long. He finally made a decision in the end and chose the Heaven’s sect!

The Heaven’s sect was the overlord of planet Cangmang among the eighty-one major planets of the Saints’ World. Their strongest ancestor was the planet lord of Cangmang. Without any exaggeration, the status of the Heaven’s sect was equivalent to an imperial clan’s on planet Cangmang.

With the fifty places determined and confirmed, the chosen organisations all smiled victoriously, while those that were not had extremely ugly expressions.

He Qianqian was devastated, but she was also filled with doubt at the same time. Their Heavenly Crane clan was definitely one of the organisations that provided the most divine crystals. She struggled to understand why the fifth hall master would rather choose organisations that only provided five billion divine crystals instead of the Heavenly Crane clan that provided over seven billion divine crystals.

Was it because I overspoke? He Qianqian asked herself.

“How has your Heavenly Lightning clan been going about preparing what I want?” In the end, Jian Chen’s gaze landed on Lei Yun of the Heavenly Lightning clan.

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