Chapter 2832: The Deal with the Seventh Divine Hall

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Chapter 2832: The Deal with the Seventh Divine Hall

Lei Yun’s forehead immediately became laced with cold sweat. He said in a hurry, “Esteemed hall master, the pieces of jade you require are completely different from supreme grade divine crystals. Actually, the reason why everyone present could gather so many divine crystals in merely three days was because none of these divine crystals came from their organisations in the Saints’ World. Instead, they had been borrowed from various organisations in the remnants of the Spirits’ World. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to offer up five billion supreme grade divine crystals in three days.”

“As for the jade that the hall master requires, I may not know their exact value, but they’re definitely something extremely precious. Even our Heavenly Lightning clan does not possess something like that. The seniors of our clan only obtained it through other means. As a result, if our clan wants to gather the thirty pieces of jade that the hall master requires, we’ll definitely need some time. I hope the senior can extend the deadline by a few days.”

It made sense to Jian Chen. He knew exactly how far the remnants of the Spirits’ World was from the Saints’ World. Even if he ignored everything else, travelling through the passageway between the remnants of the Spirits’ World and the Saints’ World would take quite some time.

Moreover, they would still have to travel across the Saints’ World that was even vaster to return to their clans. It would also take a certain period of time.

Back then, the Heartless Child had brought him here. With the Heartless Child’s supreme cultivation that he could only look up to, he had basically reached a terrifying realm where he could ignore spatial distances to a certain degree when he traveled. That was why the journey had not taken him too long.

However, not everyone possessed the same, peak-level cultivation as the Heartless Child. As a result, getting the Heavenly Lightning clan to complete this task in three days was clearly rather unrealistic.

Thinking up to there, Jian Chen did not urge the Heavenly Lightning clan. He said, “Then I’ll give you another seven days. In seven days’ time, whether your Heavenly Lightning clan stays or leaves will be completely up to you.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen mentioned a few other convenient matters with the prodigies before leaving the Hundred Saint City with Bing Yuan.

At the same time, he took the fifty Space Rings with him.

Every single Space Ring contained at least five billion supreme grade divine crystals. There were even quite a few with a surplus of a few hundred million or a billion. This was a rather colossal sum to the Darkstar race, enough to cover the shortage of the medicinal garden completely.

Bing Yuan wanted to speak up by Jian Chen’s side, but he faltered. He simply could not understand why his hall master had not accepted all the divine crystals.

Was there any difference between protecting fifty organisations and protecting all of them? They could obtain over a hundred billion supreme grade divine crystals without any additional effort. Just who was willing to let such a great opportunity slip by in the Darkstar race?

However, upon considering how his hall master had become extremely irritable under the influence of the planetary beast ever since his visit to the Two World Mountains, Bing Yuan held back his urge in the end and did not speak up. He only felt pity over all the divine crystals that had been within arm’s reach.

Jian Chen and Bing Yuan returned to the fifth divine hall. As he sat on the fifth hall master’s throne, the light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered before looking over in the direction of the seventh divine hall. He released the senses of his soul and extended it towards the seventh divine hall without the slightest attempt at concealment.

In the seventh divine hall, the seventh hall master Getti also sat boldly on his throne, hesitating over something with a frown.

He had already learnt about what had happened in the Hundred Saint City, and he also knew that there were several dozen organisations in the Hundred Saint City that Kun Tian had turned down right now with over a hundred billion divine crystals at hand, seeking protection.

Even Getti struggled to keep his composure before such a tremendous sum of divine crystals. He was extremely tempted because if the seventh divine hall possessed such a sum of divine crystals, it would be more than enough to resolve the urgent issues they were facing right now.

However, he had already become fearful of Kun Tian. In particular, ever since the clash between Kun Tian and Irvin three days ago, this fear became even more intense.

Suddenly, Getti’s face changed and immediately coldened. He said to the space before him coldly, “Kun Tian, you’ve intruded upon my seventh divine hall with the senses of your soul for no good reason, so what do you want?”

“I’ve come obviously to propose a deal with you.” The senses of Jian Chen’s soul arrived in the seventh divine hall and directly communicated with Getti.

“A deal? What deal can we even discuss between us?” Getti’s face was cold, and his tone was extremely icy as if he was completely unapproachable.

It was true. Only conflict ever existed between their fifth and seventh divine halls. The overt and covert struggle had already continued for countless years. Never did the concept of a deal exist between the two divine halls.

Of course. I know your seventh divine hall will run out of divine crystals to support the medicinal garden in merely a few days. Once you are unable to meet the medicinal garden’s demand and impact the evolution of the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, that’s not a consequence your seventh divine hall can bear,” Jian Chen said at a leisurely pace.

Getti frowned heavily and snorted coldly. “Our seventh divine hall might not have a large supply of divine crystals remaining, but it’s nowhere close to the level where we can’t even meet the demands of the medicinal garden. And, the organisations cooperating with our seventh divine hall have been delivering divine crystals to us daily. Our region of the medicinal garden hasn’t reached the level where we need you to tell us what to do.”

Those divine crystals will be nowhere near enough to provide the Fruit of Nurturing Ways with the energy it requires when it evolves. Getti, just stop trying to convince yourself otherwise.” Jian Chen smiled faintly and said, “Though, there is an opportunity now that can relieve your seventh divine hall of all worries regarding insufficient divine crystals. From today onwards, our fifth divine hall can take full responsibility over all the divine crystals your seventh divine hall must provide to the medicinal garden until the Fruit of Nurturing Ways truly ripens.

Getti’s eyes lit up. This time, he did not turn down Jian Chen’s suggestion immediately. Instead, he sat on his throne and ruminated for a while. In the end, he said nonchalantly, “Then what kind of price do you want us to pay?”

“Price? It’s nothing like that. To you, it’s merely the matter of a single statement. You don’t need to pay anything…”

Jian Chen retracted the senses of his soul. As he sat on the fifth hall master’s throne, he could not help but smile mysteriously. He said to Bing Yuan below, “From today onwards, the divine crystals for the region of the medicinal garden that the seventh divine hall is responsible for will be completely covered by us.”

“Ah! W- what?” Below, Bing Yuan was stunned. His face was filled with disbelief.

At the same time, the seventh hall master issued an order. He sent the Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime vice hall master, An Lie, to personally lead two armies of the Darkstar race to the Hundred Saint City in a vigorous manner.

The armies did not advance particularly quickly, so the Hundred Saint City learnt about it before they had even arrived. It immediately filled the people of the city with fear.

“Oh no, oh no. The Darkstar race is carrying out a large-scale attack against us. This time, they’re being led by a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime…”

“They’re from the seventh divine hall. We’re done for. Are they planning on destroying our Hundred Saint City…”

“Don’t fret. We’re already under the protection of the fifth divine hall. Immediately send people to seek assistance from the fifth hall master…”

The protective formations of the Hundred Saint City activated at full strength once again, and the entire city was on guard. At the same time, the organisations under the fifth divine hall’s protection began sending people to the capital city to contact the fifth divine hall.

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