Chapter 2833: Revisiting the Medicinal Garden

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Chapter 2833: Revisiting the Medicinal Garden

The entire Hundred Saint City was enveloped in a heavy atmosphere. Even the organisations under the protection of the Fifth Divine Hall were unsettled. They began to wonder whether something had actually happened among the upper echelon of the Darkstar race, which would invalidate the fifth divine hall’s protection. Otherwise, why would a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime vice hall master personally lead two armies with him towards the Hundred Saint City in an aggressive manner?

With the Hundred Saint City on full alert, the two armies An Lie led finally arrived. The armies then began to separate, forming a huge enclosure around the entire city.

The organisations in the Hundred Saint City all changed in expression when they saw the Darkstar race’s behaviour. The two armies had actually surrounded the Hundred Saint City. They were clearly planning to round them up and prevent anyone from escaping.

The current situation was extremely disadvantageous to the Hundred Saint City.

They were facing a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime after all. Before such an expert, the defensive formation of the city could only last for a few days at most. Once it ran out of energy, the Hundred Saint City would collapse on itself.

On the tall walls of the Hundred Saint City, the prodigies all stood in a row, and the prodigy from the Jade Pill sect who had been promised eternal protection from the fifth hall master was the most confident out of them all. He stood proudly as he called out, “Vice hall master An Lie, hall master Kun Tian of the fifth divine hall has already promised to protect us such that we won’t be stigmatised or abused by any organisation of the Darkstar race. However, seeing how you’ve encircled us with your armies, may I ask what vice hall master An Lie is planning?”

An Lie hovered in the air at an altitude several dozen meters higher than the walls, looking down on the city below. The commanders of the two armies stood politely behind him.

Hearing the prodigy of the Jade Pill sect’s words, a warm smile appeared on An Lie’s face. He said, “You have nothing to worry about. We naturally will not touch a single hair on the organisations under the protection of the fifth hall master, but not all organisations in the Hundred Saint City are under the fifth hall master’s protection.”

With that, the organisations under protection immediately let out a sigh of relief, while the unprotected organisations became rather pale. They had already realised the seventh divine hall had mobilised such a great force clearly to target them.

At this moment, An Lie’s voice sounded out again, “Many of our clansmen have died to your hands. This is a grudge so great that even if we slaughter you all, it won’t even nearly be enough. However, since some of you are under the protection of the fifth hall master, we obviously need to show the fifth hall master some respect. We won’t touch you in the next five centuries. However, our seventh divine hall will never spare the others.”

“I’ll give you three days to consider. If you don’t remove the formations in three days’ time, then the only thing I can do is personally destroy the defensive formation. Our seventh divine hall will have shown sufficient respect to the fifth hall master too. Though, if you really force me to take personal action because of your defensive formations, then even if the fifth hall master comes in person, he’ll have nothing to say…”

The two armies of the Darkstar race encircled the Hundred Saint City for three only days. During the final moments before the third day ended, the Hundred Saint City finally removed their defensive formation. The entire city was completely vulnerable.

However, when Getti led his army into the city, the organisations stationed in the Hundred Saint City had already reduced by a third. Only the fifty-one organisations under the fifth hall master’s protection remained behind, while the other organisations, including the Heavenly Lightning clan, had all pulled out already, leaving the place through the teleportation formation established in the city.

An Lie had clearly been expecting this, so he was not surprised at all. He had only paid a visit to the Hundred Saint City symbolically before leaving. However, before he left, he did wonder to himself, “Just what is Kun Tian planning? His thoughts really are becoming harder and harder to grasp now.

The fifth divine hall.

“Hall master, vice hall master An Lie of the seventh divine hall has already led his soldiers into the Hundred Saint City, but the organisations that are not under your protection had left a long time ago, so vice hall master An Lie gained nothing. He’s currently returning with his troops…” a Godking knelt in front of the throne with his head lowered to the ground as he said politely.

“You can go!” Jian Chen said gently on the throne.

“Yes, hall master!”

After his subordinate had left, Jian Chen let out a long sigh of relief and murmured to himself, “I’ve finally gotten them to leave. This is good. It’ll reduce a lot of my worries. The seventh divine hall sure upholds their word. Oh, the region of the medicinal garden under the seventh divine hall’s management has almost run out of divine crystals. The sixth divine hall has too. I need to go replenish them.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen left through the teleportation formation to the medicinal garden without bringing anyone with him.

The medicinal garden was a secret among the Darkstar race. Only Primordial realm experts had a right to learn of its existence, and all the divine crystals the Darkstar race had obtained from the outsiders were for sustaining the medicinal garden.

Arriving in the medicinal garden, Jian Chen discovered that basically the entire garden was drizzling. The rain was not the kind of rain that naturally formed in the atmosphere. Instead, it was completely condensed from pure energy.

The current density of energy in the garden was over a hundred times greater than when he had visited last time, or even more than that.

Of course, the dense energy was only scattered around the edges of the medicinal garden. The closer to the centre, the thinner the energy became.

The centre was where the Fruit of Nurturing Ways grew. As it seemed right now, the region around the Fruit of Nurturing Ways had already been emptied out. There was not a single shred of energy that would remain there for even a split second.

It was currently in a critical phase of its evolution to a high grade God Tier heavenly resource. The amount of energy it required when evolving was tremendous, and it also absorbed the energy at an extremely alarming rate. It had sucked the energy in the region dry a long time ago, without even leaving behind a drop to spare. Even though new energy constantly surged in from all directions, it would be sucked clean instantly.

Jian Chen visited the regions under the fifth, sixth, and seventh divine hall’s responsibility first, using up several tens of billion supreme grade divine crystals in one go and filling the three regions to the brim. Only then did he stop and observe the situation of the Fruit of Nurturing Ways from afar.

An even stronger formation protected the central region where the Fruit of Nurturing Ways grew. The Darkstar Emperor had personally assembled the formation. It was more than enough to block the attacks of Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

Of course, due to the limited supply of energy, if an expert at that level really attacked it, the formation would not be able to withstand many strikes.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways should be close to fully ripening. It’s just a pity that I can’t accurately predict when it’ll ripen with my ability. I just wonder whether the Heavenly Lightning clan can provide me with the thirty pieces of jade that contain the Laws of Time or not. If I have those pieces of jade, when the Fruit of Nurturing Ways ripens will be completely under my control.” Jian Chen stared at the Fruit of Nurturing Ways as his eyes blazed with undisguisable desire.

Once the Fruit of Nurturing Ways became a high grade God Tier heavenly resource, he would definitely be able to step into the next realm after he ingested it!

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