Chapter 2834: Lying Low

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Chapter 2834: Lying Low

If a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime ingests a high grade Fruit of Nurturing Ways, they have an eighty percent chance at reaching Chaotic Prime.

A high grade Fruit of Nurturing Ways is enough to produce a Chaotic Prime. Right now, the Fruit of Nurturing Ways is at mid grade, so it can only allow a peak Godking to reach Infinite Prime. With my current realm of cultivation, I’m still quite a far bit off from Chaotic Prime. If I want to make a breakthrough with my Way of the Sword, a mid grade Fruit of Nurturing Ways might still not be enough…

As a result, I can only wait until the Fruit of Nurturing Ways completely reaches high grade. Only then will I have absolute confidence in breaking through…

In Jian Chen’s eyes, the Fruit of Nurturing Ways that the Darkstar race had tended to for tens of millions of years was already his. A powerful formation with a warning function enveloped it, where it could alert the Darkstar Emperor immediately as soon as it was attacked or tampered with.

However, it would still take time for the Darkstar Emperor to hurry over here from the capital city. Even though this would not take too long, Jian Chen could easily tear through the formation forcefully and harvest the Fruit of Nurturing Ways before the Darkstar Emperor had arrived.

Darkstar race, since you’ve drained Sacredfeather of his essence blood so ruthlessly, even planning on sacrificing him, don’t blame me for being ruthless too,” Jian Chen thought. A sliver of cold light flashed through his eyes in that moment.

Afterwards, Jian Chen stopped caring about the Hundred Saint City. With He Qianqian, Jin Hong, and the people of the Hao family all evacuated from the city, he was no longer concerned about it.

As for the divine halls that opposed Jian Chen, they were unable to order the Hundred Saint City around either, as all of the hall masters had already realized how determined Kun Tian was to protect the Hundred Saint City. Without any benefits large enough to make them lose their minds, none of them were willing to anger the fifth hall master over some divine crystals before becoming locked in a pointless battle to the death with the enraged fifth hall master.

Moreover, the current Kun Tian had already surpassed most of the hall masters in terms of strength. Basically no one could hold him off with absolute confidence anymore apart from the first hall master who was at the Seventh Heavenly Layer.

During the next few days, Jian Chen locked himself in the secret room. He did nothing else apart from acting like he was studying the high grade Godking grass. In the past, he had demanded large quantities of high grade Godking grass from the ten divine halls under the guise of research. In order to avoid any suspicion, he obviously had to keep up the act.

Otherwise, if he held onto the Godking grass and Ancestral Sacred Earth from the ten divine halls and did nothing, it would be as clear as day that he was running a scam. It would be very easy for him to attract suspicion.

Of course, he did contact the other divine halls again for even more Ancestral Sacred Earth.

However, Ancestral Sacred Earth was different from high grade Godking grass. High grade Godking grass could not be sold to the outsiders, and the ten divine halls did not have much use for them either, so tossing it all to him was no loss to them.

Ancestral Sacred Earth was different. Not only was it much more scarce than Godking grass, but the ten divine halls could often earn a tremendous sum of supreme grade divine crystals when they sold them to the outsiders. If a few divine halls were lacking sufficient divine crystals for the medicinal garden, they could basically all exchange away some Ancestral Sacred Earth.

“Bing Yuan, inform all the divine halls that I require large quantities of Ancestral Sacred Earth to research Godking grass. We’ll purchase it from them at a price of half a billion supreme grade divine crystals per tael.” With no other choice, all Jian Chen could do was purchase it with divine crystals.

He had only recently obtained a tremendous amount of supreme grade divine crystals from the Hundred Saint City. He was truly wealthy. Even after fulfilling the needs of the medicinal garden for three divine halls, he still had quite a large amount remaining.

Moreover, these divine crystals only fetched an unimaginable price within the Darkstar race when they experienced a shortage of divine crystals. Once he brought them back to the Saints’ World, their value would sharply decline.

That was because many precious heavenly resources could not be purchased using divine crystals in the Saints’ World. Basically all of them were exchanged for with items of equal value. Ancestral Sacred Earth happened to be one of those precious items.

Even if he could purchase them with divine crystals, they would mostly be exchanged for coloured divine crystals, which were also extremely precious.

Bing Yuan conveyed Jian Chen’s message to the nine other divine halls quickly. Basically all of them, apart from the fourth and seventh divine halls that were no longer bothered by the supply of energy to the medicinal garden, had exchanged some Ancestral Sacred Earth with Jian Chen.

The seven divine halls each offered up a different amount of Ancestral Sacred Earth, but in total, there were thirty-five taels.

“Only thirty-five taels? This is nowhere near enough. Looks like they value the Ancestral Sacred Earth well beyond Godking grass.” Jian Chen was dissatisfied with this result, as the supply of the fifth divine hall was a catty and a half. The seven other divine halls had only earned him three and a half catties, which was nowhere close to what he had been expecting.

“Bing Yuan, tell the other divine halls that the emperor has personally ordered for the ten divine halls to provide full support for my research of Godking grass. I need vast quantities of Ancestral Sacred Earth for researching Godking grass, so this is nowhere near enough.”

“I’m only willing to exchange divine crystals with them in consideration of their urgent need for divine crystals for the Fruit of Nurturing Ways. If they miss out on today, then they won’t be receiving a single divine crystal if they provide Ancestral Sacred Earth to me in the future. Don’t let them miss out on such a great opportunity.”

“The fourth and seventh divine halls too. They also have to provide me with some Ancestral Sacred Earth. The research of Godking grass is something major that has to do with the entire upper echelon of our race. No one can remain uninvolved. Everyone needs to help out…”

“Yes, hall master. I’ll tell the nine other divine halls right now.” Accepting the order, Bing Yuan immediately backed away.

After Bing Yuan had left, Jian Chen became rather worried as he sat in the secret room. He suddenly remembered how the Darkstar race possessed an unfathomable Virtuous Sage of Heaven. He wondered whether his actions would attract the Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s attention.

“It is a little risky, but something as precious as Ancestral Sacred Earth is worth this risk. Also, so many days have passed already, but the Darkstar Emperor remains silent. The Virtuous Sage of Heaven is nowhere to be seen either, so they shouldn’t know about my true identity,” thought Jian Chen. At the same time, he made up his mind to lay low until the day of the great ceremony arrived.

Two days later, Jian Chen had exchanged for a total of six catties of Ancestral Sacred Earth from the nine divine halls at the price of half a billion supreme grade divine crystals for a tael. For this, he had paid out thirty five billion supreme grade divine crystals. The additional five billion all ended up in the tenth hall master Feng Xue’s hands.

Now, the Ancestral Sacred Earth in Jian Chen’s possession had reached seven and a half catties, which finally left Jian Chen satisfied.

Of course, Ancestral Sacred Earth and high grade Godking grass were not the only rare items within the Darkstar race. There were a few other precious materials that only the Darkstar race produced, but they paled in comparison to the Ancestral Sacred Earth.

In order to avoid suspicion, Jian Chen began to lie low after gathering enough Ancestral Sacred Earth. He did not set his eyes on any other rare materials.

“The resources I’ve obtained are all renewable in the Darkstar race. The treasures of truly alarming value are all in the Darkstar Emperor’s hands.” Jian Chen looked at the ceiling. His gaze seemed to pass through the obstruction of the secret room and land on the Darkstar Divine Hall hovered above. He could clearly sense the Darkstar Emperor’s presence that was as vast as the boundless ocean.

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