Chapter 2837: Fear-stricken

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Chapter 2837: Fear-stricken

Afterwards, everyone began to gather and tally the Life-devouring Beasts in their Space Rings. After a count, the several dozen Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race had killed over fifty thousand Godking Life-devouring Beasts in seven days.

On average, basically everyone had killed over a thousand.

Of course, this was only an average. In reality, the hall masters killed the most, as not only were they the strongest, but the senses of their souls enveloped a larger region too. They possessed an advantage whether it was for searching or for hunting.

The other, weaker vice hall masters, such as weaker First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes like Bing Yuan, obviously hunted down fewer Life-devouring Beasts.

As a matter of fact, there were a few vice hall masters who became no stronger than peak Godking Life-devouring Beasts after the suppression from the Two World Mountains due to how weak they were. After seven days of killing and fighting, they had received a few wounds that were not particularly heavy.

Even a small fraction of their life force had been devoured.

“Over fifty thousand. That’s enough…” the Darkstar Emperor said in thought before bringing everyone back to the capital city of the Darkstar race.

As soon as they returned to the capital city, all the hall masters and vice hall masters, including the Darkstar Emperor, entered seclusion immediately.

During the seven days of hunting in the Two World Mountains, they were unable to recover any energy, which took an extremely great toll on them. They were aiming for a full recovery now.

But even after leaving, the Two World Mountains still had not settled down. Perhaps due to losing far too many Godking Life-devouring Beasts this time, the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts of the Two World Mountains gathered at the boundary of the Darkstar World and refused to leave. Their colossal figures shimmered in the dense mist as they constantly let out furious roars at the outside world, striking fear into the hearts of all nearby outsiders and members of the Darkstar race, as if they were afraid these terrifying Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts would charge out and massacre them.

This matter led to a great uproar within the Darkstar World. Members of the Darkstar race unaware of the reason behind this even reported these abnormal movements to the ten divine halls fearfully.

Only after seven whole days did the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts at the boundary of the Two World Mountains finally disperse. Very soon, the Two World Mountains recovered its peace again.

However, on the next day after settling down, the supreme expert of the Darkstar race, the Darkstar Emperor, silently entered the depths with his presence concealed.

Before long, there was a miserable howl from the depths, filled with despair and fear, like the sound produced during a final struggle before death.

With the howl was the powerful presence of the Darkstar race that rapidly expanded through the Two World Mountains, enveloping the entire place in a single moment.

Immediately, the Two World Mountains that had recently settled down were thrown into chaos again. The Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts hidden throughout let out angry roars, converging from all directions with absolute fury.

However, by the time they arrived at the location of the incident, the owner of the territory had already vanished. All that was left was a ground covered in green blood.

As the day of the great ceremony drew closer and closer, the entire Darkstar race became visibly busier than before. People with sharper senses would even notice that a solemn and holy atmosphere had silently enveloped the entire capital city.

The day of the great ceremony required various preparations and the Darkstar Divine Hall specially assigned people to handle them. This included constructing the altar, preparing the sacrifices, and so on. These matters could only be regarded as miscellaneous and negligible, without needing to involve the ten divine halls.

The several tens of thousand Godking Life-devouring Beasts they had hunted had all been taken away. The people planning the ceremony would further handle them.

That was not all. Even the droplets of divine beast essence blood allocated to the ten divine halls and the various cities in the Darkstar race had been collected under the Darkstar Emperor’s orders after being completely converted, set aside for the day of the great ceremony.

The Hundred Saint City and all the outsiders were all placed under the close supervision of the Darkstar race. Among the ten armies of the Darkstar race, one of them was personally stationed in the Hundred Saint City, containing everyone within the city and forbidding anyone from leaving.

This time, as the protector of the Hundred Saint City, the fifth hall master did not stand up for them, as this order originated from the Darkstar Emperor.

Very clearly, even though it seemed impossible for the Hundred Saint City and its puny strength to interfere with the great ceremony in the Darkstar Emperor’s eyes, the great ceremony was far too important. He could not allow anything to go wrong during the process. The Darkstar Emperor had clearly done this to eliminate all problems that could potentially exist.

Apart from the Hundred Saint City, all the outsiders active in the Darkstar World had been locked up in their respective cities. The Darkstar race had basically placed them under house arrest. From now onwards until the end of the great ceremony, no outsiders were allowed to leave their cities.

And, the Darkstar race had even sent out many Godkings, forming patrol groups to keep watch of the entire territory of the Darkstar race. As soon as they discovered any outsiders out in the wilderness, they would forcefully imprison them in the nearby city. Anyone who refused to cooperate would be executed without mercy.

The Darkstar race’s actions immediately filled all the outsiders with fear. Even though the outsiders placed under house arrest could move around in their cities, none of them were at ease. They were unsettled inside, unsure about what had happened within the Darkstar race.

Even the few well-informed outsiders struggled to find peace after learning about how the Darkstar race was currently preparing for a great ceremony. They were rather unsure whether the Darkstar race had placed them under house arrest to prevent them from making trouble or for some other reason.

“I’ve heard that some demonic cultivators of the Saints’ World will often slaughter large numbers of living creatures when they hold certain ceremonies and rituals…”

“Surely the Darkstar race hasn’t trapped us in the city one by one for these demonic purposes so that they can sacrifice all of us…”

As more rumors arose, combined with the various means the Darkstar race used to keep them under custody, more and more people believed the Darkstar race wanted to sacrifice them.

This immediately filled all the outsiders with despair. They felt like they were done for.

However, not everyone accepted their fate so willingly. As the saying went, repression led to resistance. After the Darkstar race imprisoned them like criminals, a few outsiders finally banded together and prepared for a counterattack.

This immediately caused a headache for the various city lords. Most of these outsiders were not particularly powerful, with Godkings occupying an extremely small amount, but there were a lot of them. Even if they banded together, they still could not pose a threat to the force of suppression from the city, but it was still trouble.

Normally, something as small like this would be no trouble at all. They could suppress the resistance with a flick of the hand, but the critical day of the great ceremony was now approaching. During these sensitive times, any factors of unpredictability could be enlarged indefinitely.

“The emperor has strict orders to kill no outsiders within the city. If not for that, it’s really tempting to slaughter all of these outsiders and make things right once and for all.” Many city lords sighed within the thirty-six cities of the Darkstar race.

The seventh divine hall responsible for handling all the matters of the race, regardless of size and importance, obviously found out about the situation of the outsiders beginning to spiral out of control in the cities. The seventh hall master even personally visited the Darkstar Divine Hall to see the Darkstar Emperor, proposing to slaughter all of the outsiders and remove all potential trouble for good.

“Getti, we can’t kill the outsiders. They still have their uses. The reason why they’re uneasy is all because they’re worried we’ll sacrifice their lives. You can pass on my word personally to all the outsiders that I, the emperor of the Darkstar race, will promise to all of them that we, the Darkstar race, will not touch anyone’s lives. All of them will leave here alive in the end,” the Darkstar Emperor’s flat yet dignified voice rang out.

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