Chapter 2842: A Terrifying Theory

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Chapter 2842: A Terrifying Theory

“No wonder I always found the Virtuous Sage of Heaven unfathomable and completely unreadable. So he’s always been a supreme expert.” Jian Chen’s heart thumped violently. He recalled everything that had happened when he first met the Virtuous Sage of Heaven and could not help but suspect whether his identity had been seen through by the Virtuous Sage of Heaven again.

His mask was not truly fool-proof. Those who reached the zenith of cultivation would all see through the mask and see his true appearance.

What if the Virtuous Sage of Heaven was an expert like that?

After all, not only was the Virtuous Sage of Heaven the most outstanding member of the Darkstar race back then, but the fortune of the entire Darkstar race was condensed on him too. He had undergone rebirth again and again under the protection of the residual powers of the Darkstar race’s Grand Exalt.

These inconceivable matters could converge on any regular person and they would undergo a fate-changing metamorphosis, let alone the Virtuous Sage of Heaven. After all, he had been extraordinary in the first place.

As a result, after a lengthy period of cultivation and possessing the experience from his many lives as the fortune of the Darkstar race, it would be no surprise that the Virtuous Sage of Heaven could reach a level like that.

For a moment, Jian Chen felt rather unsettled.

Apart from the Virtuous Sage of Heaven, the Darkstar race also has a Virtuous Sage of Earth in the Saints’ World. The Virtuous Sage of Earth’s cultivation must be extremely terrifying too. Yet, I’ve infiltrated the Darkstar race this time under the request of the Myriad Bone Guild’s Heartless Child. I’ve come to stop the Darkstar race’s great ceremony.

The Heartless Child has gone as far as to personally escort me to the ruins of the Spirits’ World just so that I can enter the Darkstar World and stop the great ceremony. I can tell that obstructing the great ceremony is extremely important to the Heartless Child.

But why doesn’t the Heartless Child want the Darkstar race’s great ceremony to succeed? What’s he worrying about? With his cultivation at the very apex, even if the Darkstar race does break free, destroying the entire race will only take a flick of his hand.” At this moment, Jian Chen thought of a few problems he had never considered. The more he thought, the more doubtful and confused he became.

Or perhaps, the Heartless Child is the Virtuous Sage of Earth among the Darkstar race?” Suddenly, Jian Chen thought of a ridiculous theory. However, as soon as he thought of that, a few doubts he could not explain were immediately resolved in the process.

The Virtuous Sage of Heaven and the Virtuous Sage of Earth were originally together. If the Heartless Child is the Virtuous Sage of Earth, then he should share the same origins as the Virtuous Sage of Heaven standing before me. If that’s the case, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven will obviously know too that the Heartless Child has sent me to stop the Darkstar race’s great ceremony, The Virtuous Sage of Heaven clearly knows I’m working against the Darkstar race, yet he just refuses to stop me, feigning ignorance instead. All of this points to the conclusion that stopping the Darkstar race’s great ceremony is not just the will of the Heartless Child, but also the will of the Virtuous Sage of Heaven…

If it really is like what I theorise, then it perfectly explains why the Virtuous Sage of Heaven remained silent despite finding out about my identity. That’s because the Virtuous Sage of Heaven doesn’t want the great ceremony of the Darkstar race to succeed either…

Jian Chen thought rapidly as more and more terrifying ideas appeared in his head. Even he himself found these ideas to be absurd and highly unlikely, but after connecting these points, he discovered many things now made perfect sense. He felt like he had peeled away the mist and realised the truth.

Why does the Heartless Child want to stop the great ceremony of the Darkstar race? And why doesn’t the Virtuous Sage of Heaven hope the great ceremony succeeds either? Weren’t they members of the Darkstar race…

And with the terrifying cultivations of the two virtuous sages, let alone reaching Chaotic Prime, even if the Darkstar Emperor reaches Grand Prime, he will probably still be as puny as an ant before the Heartless Child…

And the Virtuous Sage of Heaven. He’s presiding over the great ceremony this time. If he doesn’t wish for the ceremony to succeed, he’s had far, far too many opportunities to stop it. Why does he need an outsider like me to carry this out?” Many questions appeared in Jian Chen’s mind. After realising the Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s identity and intentions, it also brought him even more doubts and questions.

Suddenly, he remembered how the Virtuous Sage of Heaven behaved like a subject in front of the Darkstar Emperor the other day. A realisation flashed through his head, and he suddenly saw the light.

Don’t tell me the Virtuous Sages of Heaven and Earth were also bound by some kind of oath when they were sent out back then? Such that they can’t do anything detrimental to the Darkstar race? Which is why they’re forced to go to such great lengths and have others complete certain tasks for them?

And their final objective is not to actually destroy the entire Darkstar race, but just like what the Heartless Child said, just to stop the great ceremony so that Chaotic Primes cannot appear within the Darkstar race. The stronger the Darkstar race becomes, the greater the chance they have of breaking free. Once the Darkstar race actually manages to break out of here, the Virtuous Sages of Heaven and Earth who possess unrivalled power and influence in the Saints’ World will be reduced to mere subjects…

If that’s the case, then all of the questions and mysteries can be explained…

As the analysis became clearer and clearer, Jian Chen instead calmed down. However, this calmness did not last for too long. He soon remembered something else, and an undetectable gleam of cold light flashed through his eyes immediately.

“I’ve already said everything I needed to say. Please commit this to heart. We cannot allow anything to go wrong in the great ceremony this time.” The Virtuous Sage of Heaven spoke for half a day and only then did he finish up with the entire process and all the details, as well as some matters that required special attention regarding the great ceremony.

“You have nothing to worry about, Virtuous Sage of Heaven. The great ceremony impacts the fate of our entire race. If any of us makes any mistake, we’ll obviously be offenders of the entire race,” the second hall master Arna clasped his hand with undisguisable respect as he said to the Virtuous Sage of Heaven.

“Please do not worry, Virtuous Sage of Heaven. We will do everything we can to…” After Arna, the many hall masters and vice hall masters all spoke up too and basically swore oaths.

After dispersing, Jian Chen returned to the fifth divine hall. He sat back on the fifth hall master’s throne and sank into his thoughts.

He had already grasped the detailed process and undertaking of the great ceremony. Now, he was contemplating when he should strike.

Merging with the blood of the myriad and being tempered with ancient secret techniques. The great ceremony is clearly a fortuitous encounter for Sacredfeather, but the slightest carelessness can doom him for good,” Jian Chen sighed inside. Then he vanished from the throne with a flash, arriving in the secret room he used for secluded cultivation.

Behind the shut doors, Jian Chen activated all the isolating formations of the secret room before casting down a few formations himself. He behaved secretively, very cautious and careful.

Only after completing everything did he sit down on the ground, taking out Kun Tian’s God Tier sword. He pointed the sharp tip of the sword at his abdomen before plunging it in viciously.

Under his full strength, the powerful Chaotic Body was pierced with difficulty. A smear of red immediately appeared on his abdomen. The sharp tip had already stabbed into his body, leaving behind a two inch long wound.

Afterwards, Jian Chen stuck a finger into the wound and pulled out a jade bottle he had sealed inside his own flesh.

The jade bottle was not big, only the size of a little finger. However, that was not the case inside. It hid quite a large space.

“Back then, I specially kept some of Kun Tian’s blood just in case. Now, I finally have a use for it.” Jian Chen murmured as he gazed at the tiny bottle in his hand.

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