Chapter 2845: Elevation of the Essence Blood (One)

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Chapter 2845: Elevation of the Essence Blood (One)

With that, from the Darkstar Emperor and ten hall masters up above to the common citizens of the Darkstar race, everyone bowed.

This bow was directed towards the ancestor of their Darkstar race!

It was directed to the most powerful person in the history of their Darkstar race!

It was directed to the supreme sovereign of the past!

Before the stone statue of the sovereign, even someone like the Virtuous Sage of Heaven had to cast aside all of his pride, also dropping down on two knees, his face filled with devotion.

This was all because the figure the stone statue depicted had been a supreme Grand Exalt that had basically become an embodiment of the heavenly ways, able to set down laws of the world and even influence the operation of the heavenly ways to a certain degree!

A figure like that was the greatest force and the sturdiest cornerstone of a complete, major world, worshipped by millions. They could not be infringed upon or blasphemed.

Jian Chen also knelt down in that moment. Even though he was rather reluctant inside, he was forced to kneel, or he would stick out.

However, upon remembering how this figure had been a supreme Grand Exalt in the past, he no longer found it so difficult to accept.

“First bow…”

“Second bow…”

“Third bow…”

“Ninth bow…” Only after a total of nine bows did the illusionary Virtuous Sage of Heaven stand up. Afterwards, under his lead, they performed several other sacred and solemn rites. Only four hours later did these tedious rites come to an end.

“With the power of the thirty-six cities as the supplementary force and the power of the ten divine halls as the primary force, activate the sacrificial altar…” The Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s voice rang out again.

Immediately, the power of the thirty-six major cities was activated again. Every single city became an enormous energy reserve in that moment. Not only did the entire city glow, but every single city was hiding a cluster of boundless energy deep underground.

The energy had all been accumulated over countless years as the formations of the cities absorbed the energy of the world such that the energy stored below each city had reached an extremely startling level.

Now, these tremendous amounts of energy that had been set aside for all these years was summoned through the formations assembled out of the thirty-six city lords and their respective thirty-six lords and hundred and eight kings. It crossed through the tremendous space and reached the capital city of the Darkstar race.

This time, they were performing the rite to activate the sacrificial altar. Just the power of the thirty-six cities was clearly nowhere near enough to activate the altar, so they also required the participation of the ten divine halls.

The ten divine halls had assembled a special formation in the air a long time ago. The power of the divine halls weaved together, conjuring some kind of profound law before being sent into the sacrificial altar high in the air with the power of the thirty-six cities. As a result, the sacrificial altar lit up with blinding light in that moment as if it had awakened from a slumbering state. The entire altar seemed to come alive, giving off a bleak presence.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed as he stared straight into the air.

“Sacrifice the divine beast!” The Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s voice rang out.

The eyes of the Darkstar Emperor who sat atop the Darkstar Divine Hall lit up. They were filled with undisguisable excitement and anticipation. He immediately waved his hand and something drifted out of the divine hall hidden in his sleeve, landing directly on the sacrificial altar.

Jian Chen’s emotions also began to heave violently with its appearance. His feelings surged and even his body gave off a visible tremble. Even his presence became rather disorderly.

That was because the thing that had flown out from the divine hall hidden in the Darkstar Emperor’s sleeve was Sacredfeather, the Winged Tiger God of the Tian Yuan Continent, the Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperor.

Sacredfeather seemed to be in an extremely miserable state. He appeared before everyone in his beast form, but he had ceased to possess the same valiance of the past a long time ago.

He was currently matted with dried blood, and his vital energies were on the brink of running out. He was only skin and bones. He basically resembled a dried corpse.

Sacredfeather was already on the verge of death. Each breath he took could easily be his last. If the Darkstar Emperor had not kept his life intact the entire time through heavenly resources, he probably would not have been able to last until now after going through so much inhumane torture.

Sacredfeather!” Jian Chen murmured inside and slowly closed his eyes. Who knew whether it was because he could not bear to see Sacredfeather’s current state, or because he wanted to hide the surging killing intent that had already reached a level that he struggled to keep concealed in his eyes.

Darkstar race, I will definitely make you pay a heavy price!” Jian Chen’s heart tossed and turned like the raging ocean as he secretly swore an oath from the bottom of his heart.

Back on the Tian Yuan Continent, they were already together soon after Sacredfeather had been born, before he had even opened his eyes. Afterwards, just like that, a man and a tiger set off on a small, bumpy path with firm strides, growing up and growing stronger together. Along the way, they had gone through countless setbacks and experienced countless intense battles. They had gone through thick and thin together…

The feelings that existed between him and Sacredfeather could not be understood by regular people.

“The divine beast’s blood!” The Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s voice rang out from the altar.

The Darkstar Emperor waved his hand again, and over a hundred droplets of essence blood flew out. All of the essence blood had come from Sacredfeather. It was equivalent to all of the essence blood his body possessed.

However, the essence blood had ceased to possess Sacredfeather’s presence a long time ago. All of the essence blood had been modified such that they possessed the presence of the Darkstar race.

“Draw out the blood of the myriad!” The Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s voice gradually increased in pitch. With that, the Darkstar Emperor cut open his own finger first, and immediately, a droplet of essence blood that belonged to him flew out.

Every single droplet of essence blood was directly connected to the source of a cultivator’s life. It was a condensation of their vital energies, and it was of utmost importance to them.

Having lost the droplet of essence blood, the Darkstar Emperor’s complexion became visibly paler.

Below, the ten hall masters, vice hall masters, and even the clansmen kneeling on the ground, regardless of their strength, all offered up a droplet of their essence blood as long as they partook in the ceremony.

Jian Chen was no exception either, but the essence blood he offered up was not his own. Instead, it was the blood he had gathered from Kun Tian after killing him.

As a result, his essence blood gave off a pure presence of the Darkstar race. It did not give him away at all.

All of the essence blood slowly drifted into the air under an invisible force, merging with the converted essence blood from Sacredfeather. In the end, the cluster of essence blood reached an extremely large size, becoming a huge cluster of blood over three meters across.

The Virtuous Sage of Heaven stood on the altar as he formed seals with his hands, drawing out the invisible power of the altar and transforming it into an eerie, white flame that engulfed the essence blood before blazing brightly.

In the end, the huge cluster of essence blood from the myriad clansmen of the Darkstar race became smaller and smaller under the flames. However, as it shrank, the essence inside clearly became highly concentrated such that the level of the essence blood increased at a visible rate.

Sacredfeather’s essence blood had been at a very high level of quality in the first place, but through this elevation today, the quality of essence blood immediately became much greater than Sacredfeather’s original essence blood.

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