Chapter 2846: Elevation of the Essence Blood (Two)

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Chapter 2846: Elevation of the Essence Blood (Two)

Jian Chen stared straight at the sky, gazing at the cluster of essence blood undergoing refinement. He felt lacking in confidence.

He was familiar with the process of the great ceremony. The Darkstar race would merge the blood of the myriad with the white tiger’s essence blood first, increasing its quality for the final objective of elevating the power of Sacredfeather’s bloodline to a level as close as possible to the bloodline of a Grand Exalt.

Of course, by as close as possible, it was only equivalent to the first generation of descendants of a Grand Exalt. It would not truly reach the level of a Grand Exalt’s bloodline.

The Darkstar race wanted to elevate Sacredfeather’s bloodline to the level that belonged to a first-generation descendant of the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race. Even though it would not be from a true descendant, nor would it truly possess the bloodline of the Grand Exalt, it could resonate with the lingering powers of the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race to a certain degree. The degree of resonance and the level of compatibility would be well beyond what any member of the Darkstar race could achieve.

Even the Darkstar Emperor could not achieve something like that.

As a result, not only would Sacredfeather’s chances at activating the Grand Exalt’s remaining powers increase, but the amount of power he could activate would become greater too.

“Can the level of a bloodline really be elevated this easily?” Jian Chen asked himself. He was also a Primordial realm expert, and he was quite knowledgeable after spending so many years in the Saints’ World. He had never seen or heard of a method similar to how the Darkstar race used so much mixed essence blood to strengthen Sacredfeather’s bloodline.

As a result, when he saw the quality of the cluster of essence blood elevate under the scorching of the Darkstar race’s secret technique, he became worried. He was worried about whether this would lead to any side-effects for Sacredfeather.

Otherwise, if the level of bloodlines could be elevated so easily, impressive bloodlines would be everywhere in the Saints’ World that was littered with experts.

Although the Virtuous Sage of Heaven has told us the process of the great ceremony in detail, I still feel like I’m lacking some critical information. I should wait a little longer,” thought Jian Chen. He forcefully held back his urge to take action as he observed the developments of the great ceremony closely. The Darkstar race was a race that had produced a Grand Exalt in the past after all. Perhaps they possessed some wondrous techniques that even a few peak clans renowned throughout the Saints’ World were not in possession of.

Two hours later, the huge cluster of essence blood, over three meters across, had finally shrunken to the size of a fist under the refinement of the formation, while the quantity of essence blood went from several hundreds of thousand droplets, or even over a million droplets, to less than two hundred droplets.

This quantity was roughly equivalent to how much essence blood they had drawn from Sacredfeather.

The only difference was the cluster of essence blood had clearly exceeded Sacredfeather’s essence blood in terms of quality.

But to Jian Chen, even though the quality of the essence blood had increased drastically, it was still worlds apart from the level of a Grand Exalt’s bloodline.

Afterwards, under the Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s control, the fist-sized cluster of essence blood turned into a trickling stream and flowed to Sacredfeather’s heart, slowly channelling into his body.

Immediately, Sacredfeather’s body that was as shriveled as withered wood seemed to receive tremendous amounts of nourishment. It began to swell bit by bit as his withered flesh and blood recovered at a visible rate.

Sacredfeather slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were dim and lifeless, filled with a sensation of weakness. He could obviously sense his body recovering, but the recovery did not bring any signs of his condition taking a turn for the better. Instead, pain appeared in his eyes.

He felt like he was undergoing a painful torture that a divine beast that had reached Godking like him struggled to endure.


Suddenly, there was a crisp sound, and Sacredfeather’s flesh that had just recovered suddenly ruptured. It also seemed like he had become a piece of pottery, and that pottery had cracked.

With the constant cracks, more and more parts of his body ruptured. The cracks constantly expanded, covering his entire body very soon. It really seemed like his entire body had shattered.

This was the result of incompatible essence blood. Because Sacredfeather’s essence blood had already been converted, now contaminated with the presence of the Darkstar race, the essence blood no longer belonged to him from a certain perspective. Forcefully merging it with him would obviously lead to problems.

At the same time, the strength of the essence blood had completely exceeded the limits of what he could withstand. These two issues appeared at the same time, leading to this.

However, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven who stood on the sacrificial altar was unfazed as if he had been expecting this. He formed a seal with his fingers and curled it towards him.

In the next moment, colossal formations slowly appeared on the ground of the thirty-six major cities as if they were linked to the entire city. Supported by the tremendous energy reserves accumulated over all these years, the entire formation was suddenly activated.


“W- wh- what’s happening? My vitality, the powers of my soul, and my vital energies are all being drawn away rapidly…”

“Oh no, my cultivation is leaking away…”

“It’s the formation below us. Damn it, the Darkstar race really was harbouring no good intentions by trapping us here. They’re draining our lives through the formation…”

As soon as the formations were activated, wails immediately filled the thirty-six major cities. The wails were filled with raging fury and hatred, as the outsiders trapped in the cities were all being robbed mercilessly of the power of their cultivations, the power of their souls, their vitality, and even the tremendous life force in their bodies. It gathered together from various locations in the city before being transported to the distant capital city through the formation.

It was not only the thirty-six major cities. The Hundred Saint City fell victim to the same situation. Even though no formations appeared on the ground inside the Hundred Saint City, the same formation as the thirty-six major cities appeared in the sky outside the barrier, operating automatically by absorbing the energy of the world. It also devoured the power of cultivations, the power of souls, and the vitality and tremendous life force of all cultivators in the Hundred Saint City.

“The Darkstar race are a group of bastards. They had actually cast down such a vicious formation in secret a long time ago. They’re trying to sacrifice us. Let’s go! Let’s go quickly! We need to get out of here…”

“Go to the teleportation formation and pull out of the Hundred Saint City immediately…”

The faces of the prodigies all changed drastically in the Hundred Saint City. They all rushed towards the teleportation formation frantically and fearfully like they were fleeing for their lives.

However, at this very moment, there was a great rumble, and the teleportation formation established in the Hundred Saint City that served as their only path of escape suddenly exploded. The entire teleportation formation was blasted to pieces.

“Ahhhh! Noooo!”

Immediately, prodigies cried out miserably. Their faces immediately paled, filled with despair.

This was because all of the power in their bodies was rapidly flowing away as they stood in the devouring formation, making them become weaker and weaker. If this continued, they would not be able to last very long before they died from running out of life force.

Countless cultivators roared and shrieked out in despair in the thirty-six major cities. They wanted to resist, but they discovered that as the formation operated beneath their feet, as their power and life force rapidly leaked away, they became weaker and weaker. Let alone resist, they could not even hover in the air anymore.

The devouring force was far too great, much more powerful than what Life-devouring Beasts could achieve. And, it did not simply devour their life force, but the power of their cultivations, souls, and so on.

“Darkstar race, how diabolical of you. You actually want to sacrifice so many of us…”

“Darkstar race, even if I become a ghost, I won’t spare you…”

“There will be retribution for your diabolical actions. Our sects in the Saints’ World will never spare you…”

Within the capital city of the Darkstar race, a total of thirty-seven flows of energy containing a mix of the power of cultivations, souls, and lives enveloped Sacredfeather as bands of colourful light. As the different powers were drained from the outsiders and channeled into Sacredfeather, he immediately underwent a transformation inside and out, with all aspects being elevated.

When the formations in the cities absorbed the various powers, they also refined it, and because the outsiders were not too powerful, the refinement was completed in an extremely short amount of time, turning it into an extremely pure and masterless energy with all impurities removed.

The various pure, masterless powers were obviously very easy to absorb. As a result, when the bands of light enveloped Sacredfeather, his soul, cultivation, vital energy, and even his life force recovered at an extremely terrifying rate.

The disadvantage that came from being overly frail and unable to endure the essence blood was eliminated very quickly, as the tremendous life force from thousands of cultivators rapidly healed his wounds. It had completely caught up to the rate at which the essence blood wreaked havoc.

And, the power from the vital energy of countless cultivators rapidly strengthened Sacredfeather’s body.

The power of souls from countless cultivators also rapidly strengthened Sacredfeather’s soul.

In short, the Sacredfeather right now basically seemed like he had consumed some ultimate, nourishing medicine. From inside to out, every single aspect of him was growing and being elevated.

This elevation of all aspects could be described as a form of evolution!

That was because he was also merging with the essence blood the Darkstar race had refined with their secret technique. The speed at which it merged was not particularly fast, and the essence blood contaminated with the Darkstar race’s presence was not particularly compatible with Sacredfeather’s body, resulting in signs of rejection, but the power of Sacredfeather’s bloodline still grew in quality by a visible amount.

Jian Chen sat atop the fifth divine hall and paid close attention to Sacredfeather’s condition. He had already poised himself for battle in secret a long time ago, ready to take action at any time.

Everything unfolding on Sacredfeather right now had already exceeded his understanding to a certain degree, as it involved far too much uncertainty, as well as many absurd methods he had never even heard of in the Saints’ World.

“With the world as the furnace and the great ways as the flame, the myriad blood merges as one!” At this moment, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven called out, and a huge, illusionary furnace appeared out of nowhere, wrapping around Sacredfeather. Afterwards, the ways and laws appeared, turning into an invisible flame and carrying out a second refinement of Sacredfeather.

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