Chapter 2849: The Strike of a Chaotic Prime

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Chapter 2849: The Strike of a Chaotic Prime

Not only did the prodigies channel all of their power into the Hundred Saint City, even the sacrificial Godkings and the many cultivators they had recruited from the Saints’ World poured all of their energy into the Hundred Saint City as quickly as they could.

Facing a matter of life or death, none of them held back. They ate various pills like candy to recover as they poured everything that they had into the city.

The formation that the Darkstar race had cast above the city had already struck fear into everyone’s hearts. In particular, the miserable situation of having seventy percent of their power and life force drained away in such a short time made them lose all trust in the Darkstar race.

They no longer believed the promise that the fifth hall master could protect them.

Nor did they trust the Darkstar Emperor’s promise that they would leave here alive.

As a result, the artifact spirit of the Hundred Saint City that had suddenly sprung into existence today became their only hope of escape.

As everyone poured their energies into the city, the Hundred Saint City gradually shone with a special glow that had never appeared before.

The reason why it was special was because in the past, the city felt extremely inflexible no matter what formations they activated. Yet now, the circulation and mobilisation of the energy in the city had an additional flexibility and smoothness to it.

Ancient inscriptions appeared on the walls of the Hundred Saint City, gathering all the energy the cultivators had channeled in.

As the strongest organisation composed of outsiders, the Darkstar race obviously took precautions towards the Hundred Saint City. As a result, the armies stationed here had already increased to five.

Apart from the five armies, there were a large number of Godkings mobilised from the thirty-six major cities. As a result, the forces gathered outside the Hundred Saint City had reached a level that they no longer feared the Primordial realm formations at all.

After all, the might of the Primordial realm unleashed by the formations assembled from Godkings was not truly at the Primordial realm. If they assembled a similar number of Godkings into formations, these Primordial realm formations were not unstoppable.

The commanders of the five armies were currently gathered together as they sternly stared at the majestic city within arm’s reach.

They could obviously sense the startlingly tremendous energy from the Hundred Saint City. As a result, their hearts all sank, and they could tell that something was going wrong.

“Looks like these outsiders aren’t harbouring any good intentions. They want to make some trouble for us in the rear while we’re carrying out the great ceremony…”

“The greatest function of the Hundred Saint City is protection. The greatest threat that these outsiders can pose to us does not come from the city, but from the formations assembled from the many Godkings. So logically speaking, no matter how alarming the energy in the city is, it can only strengthen their defences, yet why do I feel all jumpy right now…”

The five commanders stared at the Hundred Saint City and all frowned. They became slightly uneasy.

Several vice commanders rushed over from various places, assembling behind the five commanders and giving suggestions.

“Commander, the Hundred Saint City might be doing something unexpected. It’s best if we report this to the higher-ups…”

“The Hundred Saint City is clearly behaving rather abnormally right now. Perhaps we’ve never truly understood the Hundred Saint City despite all these years. Perhaps the Hundred Saint City is still hiding some kind of impressive trump card…”

“We have to report this to the emperor as soon as possible…”

The vice commanders voiced their thoughts. Stationed here, their primary purpose was to stop the outsiders from charging out of the city, yet from the alarmingly great energy that the city currently gave off, they felt like the situation was about to spiral out of their control.

After all, the powerful, defensive barrier of the Hundred Saint City remained. It was so powerful that even Primordial realm experts struggled to get through it, let alone them, a group of Godkings.

As a result, even if they knew the Hundred Saint City was doing something, all they could do was watch on helplessly as long as the outsiders did not leave the city. There was nothing they could do about it.

“The emperor is currently presiding over the ceremony. He’s far too busy, and he cannot be disturbed. The ten divine halls are no different. Let’s just wait a little longer…” a commander said sternly.


However, right as he spoke, the Hundred Saint City produced a heavy rumble, like a clap of thunder in the air. The ground shook and space ruptured.

That was because in that moment, the colossal energy reserve hidden deep under the city seemed to break free from all of its restraints. It surged out from underground crazily like a wild horse free from its reins, gathering above the city rapidly.

As for the defensive formation of the city, it had also vanished all of a sudden. As if it had run out of its supply of energy, the formation collapsed on itself.

An illusionary, spiritual figure vaguely appeared where the energy gathered. That was the artifact spirit of the Hundred Saint City. It controlled all the energy in the city, prepared to pour the strength of the entire city into a startling strike.

The defensive formations of the city were gone already, yet the armies outside the city retreated instead of advancing. They retreated again and again until they reached several dozen kilometers away. Fear filled everyone’s faces.

In that moment, the energy and pressure the city erupted with had already reached a level where even Primordial realm experts would lose their composure, let alone Godkings.

Before the tremendous energy and pressure, they could not even approach the city, let alone attack the place.

“T- this power… i- it has already surpassed- it has already surpassed Infinite Prime…”

“C- Chaotic Prime… I- Is this the power of legendary Chaotic Primes…”

“That’s impossible. That’s impossible. The Hundred Saint City can’t be this powerful…”

The five commanders became pale-white from shock.

“Artifact spirit, attack the Two World Mountains quickly. Carve out a safe passageway in the Two World Mountains and escort us out of here…”

The cultivators within the city were not particularly affected due to the artifact spirit’s precise control as a few prodigies called out excitedly.

In the air, the indistinct artifact spirit seemed to hear everyone’s wishes. It could not help but look towards the Two World Mountains.

But soon afterwards, conflict and struggle suddenly appeared in the artifact spirit’s gaze. Specks of green appeared from the depths of its eyes.

“T- the presence of the ancestor of the Wood Spirits is there. I- I’m a wood spirit. I- I can’t disrespect the ancestor…” the artifact spirit murmured with a voice only it could here as the green colour in its eyes flickered and pulsed. Its internal struggle became stronger and stronger.

In the end, the green colour vanished from its eyes. Its gaze became as clear as it was before as it murmured, “No, I’m not a wood spirit. I’m merely the artifact spirit born from this city. When I was born, my master who refined me merged the memories of a wood spirit into my intelligence. I’m not a wood spirit. I’m just the artifact spirit born in this city…”

“No, I’m not an artifact spirit. I’m a wood spirit…” Very soon, the artifact spirit’s eyes became filled with green again. This time, the colour was so strong that it completely annihilated all of its free will from before.

In the next moment, the artifact spirit suddenly looked into the distance, gazing in the direction of the distant capital city. It said with an icy-cold voice, “It’s the Darkstar race. It’s actually the Darkstar race. The Darkstar race must all die. They deserve to die again and again…” The light in the artifact spirit’s eyes sank into madness. In the next moment, it merged its body with the energy of the Hundred Saint City, forming a spear over three hundred meters across, which shot towards the capital city with surging pulses of energy.

The spear was condensed from the energy of all the cultivators in the Hundred Saint City, as well as the tremendous energy reserve built up over countless years beneath the city. The end result was that the might of the spear directly surpassed Infinite Prime, reaching the level of the First Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime.

And, it was at the peak of the First Heavenly Layer. It was a single step away from the Second Heavenly layer of Chaotic Prime.

The spear pierced through the air as it produced a monstrous disturbance. The space of the entire Darkstar World shook violently. Wherever it passed by, space was cut open. A long crack extended over the sky.

In the Hundred Saint City, every outsider had lost all of their energy. They laid on the ground powerlessly as they watched the huge spear hurtle off in the direction of the capital city. They were all dumbfounded.

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