Chapter 2850: The Mad Artifact Spirit

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Chapter 2850: The Mad Artifact Spirit

The artifact spirit’s Chaotic Prime level strike that had condensed the entire city’s energy was originally supposed to be directed towards the Two World Mountains under their appeal. That way, it could pave a safe path that led directly to the exit for them.

But in the end, the artifact spirit went against their wishes, sending this startling strike that contained the strength of the entire city towards the capital city of the Darkstar race.

The colossal contrast in actions that had suddenly occurred left everyone in the Hundred Saint City rather stumped.

However, they soon realised the consequences of the artifact spirit’s attack. Everyone began to tremble uncontrollably as their faces became completely gloomy.

The capital city was currently carrying out a great ceremony that was extremely important to the entire Darkstar race. Now that the artifact spirit of the Hundred Saint City had provoked the capital city at such a critical time, they had truly stirred the hornet’s nest.

“We’re done for. We’re done for. We’re completely done for…”

“This damned artifact spirit. It’s sent all of us to our dooms…”

Everyone in the Hundred Saint City was despaired. They had already lost all of their power. Even though they had pills and divine crystals that they could use for recovery, they would struggle to return to peak condition in such a short amount of time. Moreover, the Hundred Saint City had lost all of its defensive countermeasures. They were well and truly exposed to the cultivators of the Darkstar race.

Under these circumstances, what else could they depend on to fend off the five armies outside and the many Godkings?

“Oh no! They’re trying to stop our great ceremony…”

“The power of the strike just then must have reached the legendary Chaotic Prime. The Hundred Saint City has actually used such a terrifying method to attack our capital city. They deserve to die a thousand times over…”

“None of the outsiders can be forgiven…”

Outside the city, furious bellows had also erupted suddenly among the five armies of the Darkstar race. Previously, they had been forced back several dozen kilometers by the pressure and energy on the level of Chaotic Primes.

The artifact spirit’s action had without a doubt crossed the Darkstar race’s bottom line, leading to utter fury and killing intent from every single member of the Darkstar race.

Immediately, the five armies were all mobilised. Everyone rushed towards the Hundred Saint City with surging killing intent.

At the same time, the Grand Exalt’s essence blood was being slowly absorbed by Sacredfeather in the capital city. With each fraction of the energy absorbed, Sacredfeather’s presence became slightly stronger.

The great power in the essence blood was no longer enough to wreak havoc in Sacredfeather’s body now.

Atop the fifth divine hall, Jian Chen’s eyes shone as he suddenly swept his gaze across the sky.

In that moment, he could clearly sense that as the power of the Darkstar race’s bloodline strengthened in Sacredfeather’s body, the sky, or even the world, silently underwent some indescribable and minute changes.

And, he was certain that the reason for these changes arose from the rapidly-strengthening bloodline of the Darkstar race in Sacredfeather.

Is this the residual power of the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race? Or should I say it’s the Grand Exalt’s will? Some kind of indestructible will even upon death?” Jian Chen thought, but at this moment, his eyes suddenly narrowed, and he turned towards another direction, gazing at the horizon in the distance. A smear of surprise appeared in his eyes.

“How dare they!”

At the same time, the Darkstar Emperor who hovered above the Darkstar Divine Hall suddenly changed in expression. His expression that had remained relaxed the entire time immediately became filled with wrath. With a fierce bellow, the Darkstar Emperor’s figure had already vanished, appearing outside the capital city like he had teleported.

It was also at that moment that a speck of light suddenly appeared on the distant horizon. The light expanded at an unbelievable speed, growing to the same intensity as a scorching sun instantly. It hurtled towards the capital city with earth-shaking, terrifying power and speed that was even faster than lightning.

Only powerful Primordial realm experts could vaguely make out that the intense beam of light was a spear completely condensed from energy.

It was over three hundred meters long and radiated with a destructive presence, shooting over from the distance with indescribable speed. In the moment prior, it was on the distant horizon, but a moment later, it had already arrived outside the city.

“W- what is that?”

“Chaotic Prime, t- the strength of the energy has actually reached Chaotic Prime already. Impossible, how can an expert like that appear within our race…”

“It’s the Hundred Saint City. The Hundred Saint City is making trouble behind our back. Damn it, to think that the Hundred Saint City has actually been hiding such an alarming attack. They’re trying to destroy our great ceremony…”

“Bastards, once the great ceremony is over, I will definitely destroy the Hundred Saint City in person…”

“Kun Tian, the only reason why the Hundred Saint City still stands today is because of your protection. You’re definitely liable for this incident…”

The ten divine halls were disturbed too. The various hall masters roared out furiously with twisted faces, and the seventh hall master Getti directed all the blame towards Jian Chen without the slightest hesitation.

Jian Chen’s expression was strange. He completely ignored the accusations from the other hall masters.

Your majesty, please ensure the great ceremony proceeds smoothly, or all the preparations and efforts our race has made through the years will go to waste.” The Virtuous Sage of Heaven’s voice rang out in the Darkstar Emperor’s ear sternly.

The Darkstar Emperor said nothing. His face was stern, and his gaze was extremely cold. With a wave of his hand, a fist-sized seal immediately appeared. The seal expanded in the air, reaching over three hundred meters across in a single moment. It shone brilliantly as it directly collided with the three-hundred-meter-long spear with the might of a god artifact.


With a deafening rumble, the Darkstar Emperor’s seal was knocked away by the spear, but the energy in the spear weakened from the obstruction. However, that was not enough to disperse it.

In particular, the figure of the artifact spirit seemed to appear within the spear. Clearly, its mind had been affected, making it go crazy. It had actually left the Hundred Saint City, personally controlling the spear and charging over without any fear of death, wanting to take out the Darkstar race with it.

“Darkstar race, you deserve only death. Your entire race should go extinct…” the artifact spirit said madly. Its figure grew fainter and fainter as its power melded away, merging into the spear, which actually made the spear become mightier and mightier.

The artifact spirit cannibalised itself regardless of the consequences to temporarily make up for the energy lost during the collision with the seal.

Afterwards, the spear continued onwards without slowing down at all, thrusting towards the Darkstar Emperor blocking its path.

The Darkstar Emperor was stern as his eyes shone with cold killing intent. With a wave of his hand, a colossal, triangular shield descended from above, blocking the spear’s advance.

At the same time, his presence surged madly. Even though he was only a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, he gave off the impression that he was a Chaotic Prime.

He spread his arms and energy immediately gushed out like tidal waves. He used his own energy to construct a powerful, protective barrier outside the capital city to prevent the city from being affected by the residual energies and thus impacting the procession of the great ceremony.

Afterwards, he directly appeared to the side of the triangular shield with a flash, directly sending a palm strike towards the spear like a bolt of lightning.

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