Chapter 2854: Who Are You Exactly?

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Chapter 2854: Who Are You Exactly?

Jian Chen frowned. He gazed at the bronze lamp hovering above the Darkstar Emperor and felt it was quite the pity.

Ever since he refined the Profound Sword Qi, they had never failed him, succeeding every single time. There had never been any opponent who managed to withstand it.

Even experts an entire major cultivation realm higher than him were powerless before the Profound Sword Qi, forced to endure it.

Yet today, before the Darkstar Emperor, his Profound Sword Qi had been blocked for the first time, and that was when he used two strands at the same time.

Logically speaking, two strands of Profound Sword Qi were already enough to injure the souls of any First Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, let alone the Darkstar Emperor who had never truly reached Chaotic Prime and was still a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

However, in Jian Chen’s eyes right now, the Darkstar Emperor’s soul could basically be described as unfazed. He had only been slightly affected.

He actually possesses a god artifact that can block soul attacks on him?” Jian Chen could not help but grow stern. He could already tell that the Darkstar Emperor’s bronze lamp was very special and unique. It only seemed to have one function, which was to protect the soul and block all attacks that targeted the soul.

The Profound Sword Qi was obviously also a form of soul attack.

With the protection of the bronze lamp, Jian Chen’s Profound Sword Qi was immediately rendered useless.

And, he could tell that the bronze lamp had already merged with the Darkstar Emperor’s soul. As long as the bronze lamp remained, the Darkstar Emperor’s soul would never perish. The bronze lamp and him basically coexisted.

If the lamp was present, then he was present. If the lamp was destroyed, then he would be dead!

The bronze lamp is actually a high quality god artifact. If I want to destroy this high quality god artifact, then let alone using two strands of Profound Sword Qi, even if I use all four strands of Profound Sword Qi, I won’t even be able to make it shake. The level of my Profound Sword Qi is far too low right now. It’s just the four strands I condensed when I was at Sword Spirit…

Only when my comprehension of the Way of the Sword reaches the major achievement or great perfection of Sword Sage and I condense the seventh or even eighth strand of Profound Sword Qi can these attacks bypass the defence of the bronze lamp. After all, a high quality god artifact can only be destroyed by Grand Primes, and stronger Grand Primes at that,” Jian Chen thought as his face became ugly.

The existence of the bronze lamp had already made him understand he was unable to kill the Darkstar Emperor no matter what. At most, he could destroy his body, but not his soul.

To think that a measly Infinite Prime has such an unbelievable life-saving measure. Just this bronze lamp alone is enough to drive the Grand Primes of the Saints’ World into a frenzy. They truly are a race that produced a Grand Exalt. Sure enough, their heritage runs deep.” In that moment, even Jian Chen became rather envious of the Darkstar race.

To the other side, the Darkstar Emperor stared straight at Jian Chen. His eyes were filled with shock, disbelief, and surging anger. He said with an icy voice, basically squeezing each word through his teeth, “You’re not Kun Tian at all. Tell me, just- who- are- you- exactly…”

“Who are you exactly…”

“Who are you exactly…”

“Who are you exactly…”

When the Darkstar Emperor said the last “who are you exactly”, he had completely roared it out. Sound waves swept out, rumbling like thunder as it echoed through the surroundings and the capital city.

Not only was there surging fury in the voice, but there was also a sense of utter madness.

The mighty fifth hall master, a great figure of imposing authority only second to him in the Darkstar race, had actually been replaced and imitated by someone alone, and this person had maintained this disguise for such a long time right before him without being discovered. This had far too great of an impact on the Darkstar Emperor.

Aside from that, because Jian Chen had saved Sacredfeather and moved him into a divine hall he carried on him, Sacredfeather’s presence vanished from the world that belonged to the Darkstar race.

Without Sacredfeather’s presence for interaction and resonance, the residual powers of the Grand Exalt hidden in the space of the Darkstar World were gradually fading away.

Having reached this point, the great ceremony could be described as mostly failed already.

This series of events drove the Darkstar Emperor mad, and the rage he experienced surged endlessly, enough to make him destroy worlds and blind his eyes.

“What? He’s not Kun Tian?”

“Kun Tian right now isn’t Kun Tian. H- How is that possible…”

“Impossible. That’s impossible. If he’s not Kun Tian, then who is he? Even an outsider who entered the Darkstar World can’t be this strong…”

In the capital city, everyone was thrown into chaos because of what the Darkstar Emperor said. In particular, the hall masters and vice hall masters who had interacted with Jian Chen multiple times were all filled with disbelief.

The impact of what the Darkstar Emperor had said was like being struck by a bolt of lightning to them, jolting them to the point where they blanked out.

“He really can’t be Kun Tian. Kun Tian isn’t this powerful, and Kun Tian’s Way of the Sword is nowhere near as strong or as sharp as this person’s. Most importantly, the startling sword intent that suddenly appeared just then has completely exceeded all of our understanding. It’s impossible for Kun Tian to know something like that, as such a powerful secret technique does not exist within our Darkstar race,” said the first hall master. His face was extremely ugly, and his voice was exceedingly stern. The gaze from his old eyes was extremely shocking as if he was trying to strip down Jian Chen. He barked coldly, “State your true identity! Just who are you exactly!?”

The eight other hall masters all remained silent. Their expressions changed rapidly. Actually, with the first hall master’s analysis and upon considering Kun Tian’s behaviour recently, they had basically confirmed that the person before them was not Kun Tian.

“Who are you exactly? Who are you exactly? Why do you have Kun Tian’s god artifacts? What have you done to Kun Tian? Tell me, what have you done to Kun Tian exactly? Where is the real Kun Tian…” The tenth hall master Feng Xue shuddered violently. Her face was filled with gloom and despair. She seemed to have lost her mind. With a sharp scream, she charged towards Jian Chen in the air madly.

“No matter who you are, hand over the divine beast!” It was also at this moment that the Darkstar Emperor called out. The malice from his body rose up as his killing intent surged towards the sky, directly unleashing his swiftest attack at Jian Chen.

He launched a punch, unleashing his battle prowess at Chaotic Prime to shatter space. The punch was vicious and brutal, arriving before Jian Chen in a single instant.

At the same time, a seal also flew into the air, turning into the size of a small mountain as it hovered in the sky. It gave off a startling aura as it fell from above Jian Chen’s head.

Jian Chen had experienced the power of the seal once before, but this time, the feeling that the seal gave him was completely different. Last time, the Darkstar Emperor had no intention of harming anyone, so he had controlled the power of the seal perfectly. When he suppressed Jian Chen, he had not caused him the slightest injury.

But this time, Jian Chen could sense a tremendous might of lethality from the seal. This was a power out to kill. As the seal fell, the space below was unable to endure this great power and began to shatter and collapse in large swathes.

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