Chapter 2856: Unstoppable

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Chapter 2856: Unstoppable

Sensing Arna who charged towards him with hostility, a sliver of hesitance flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. Jian Chen did feel reluctance over attacking this person who had once stood on his side to contend against the five divine halls.

But very soon, his hesitation vanished completely, replaced by coldness.

He would never forget how the Darkstar race had treated Sacredfeather. Not only had they drained all of his essence blood, but they even wanted to sacrifice his life in the end. And, it was just so that they had a chance at breaking through to a higher realm of cultivation.

In Jian Chen’s eyes, they were already unforgivable for these actions. Even if he slaughtered them all and destroyed the entire Darkstar race, he did not think it would be overkill.

With that, Jian Chen’s eyes immediately became filled with killing intent. With a wave of his hand, another strand of sharp sword Qi shot out, stabbing towards Arna mercilessly.

With a boom, Jian Chen’s sword Qi forced Arna back. He flew backwards, directly smashing into the second divine hall. His face became bright red.

After repelling Arna, Jian Chen arrived before the teleportation formation of the second divine hall. With a palm strike, tremendous power surged out and smashed the teleportation formation to pieces.

At the same time, there was a great boom from the teleportation formations of the third, fourth, ninth, and tenth divine halls. The sword Qi Jian Chen shot out had destroyed them all.

Only the sixth and seventh divine halls remained fine. Under the full strength of their respective hall masters, they had managed to block Jian Chen’s sword Qi in the end.

The teleportation formation of the eighth divine hall was the only place Jian Chen had not attacked.

“Die, bastard!” The Darkstar Emperor had already exploded with fury. He approached Jian Chen quickly. Right when he was about to strike, he never expected Jian Chen to have no interest in becoming caught up with him at all. The Laws of Space pulsed around Jian Chen; he had already vanished like he had teleported, arriving above the fourth divine hall in an instant.

The moment he appeared, before the sixth hall master could even respond, he directly struck out, sending a palm strike towards the teleportation formation!


The teleportation formation of the sixth divine hall had also been destroyed.

Seeing how Jian Chen had destroyed teleportation formation upon teleportation formation and collapsed divine hall after divine hall right under his watch, the Darkstar Emperor immediately became frantic and seething with fury. With a wave of his hand, the seal flew up from underground, hovering over the capital city with an endless power of restraint as if he wanted to seal up the entire city and lock up the region of space, limiting Jian Chen’s Laws of Space.

Immediately, the space thickened like paste. Everyone felt like they were stuck in mud when they tried to move around. Everything became inconvenient.

The Laws of Space were also affected to a certain degree.

However, this effect was so light that it was negligible to Jian Chen, as his Laws of Space did not come from his own comprehension, but the Spatial Insect Emperor. As a result, his usage and grasp over the Laws of Space had already surpassed those Primordial realm experts who comprehended the Laws of Space by themselves.

Spatial Insects were exotic beasts born in space. They possessed a natural control over space, and Spatial Insect Emperors were the monarchs among Spatial Insects.

Jian Chen had absorbed the beast soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor. Although his grasp over space had yet to reach the same level as the Spatial Insect Emperor, it did bear some resemblance at the very least, so his compatibility with space was extremely high.

Silently, Jian Chen vanished once again, leaving where he was instantly through the Laws of Space. The endless power of restraint from the seal in the air was unable to hinder him at all.

In the next moment, a great rumble rang out from the seventh divine hall too. The elusive Jian Chen had easily destroyed the teleportation formation there.

“Bastard, die! The Bell of Suppression!”

The seventh hall master bellowed out. He seemed to have anticipated that Jian Chen would appear here, so he stopped caring about the condition of the teleportation formation. Instead, he had secretly begun preparing a powerful secret technique right from the beginning.

As a result, the moment the teleportation formation was destroyed was also the moment when the Bell of Suppression was formed. It loomed over Jian Chen so fast that he was unable to react to it.

This was the second time Jian Chen had witnessed the power of the Bell of Suppression. The first time was when he fought with Getti under the identity of Kun Tian. Back then, because he had to hide his strength, he put on the act that the Bell of Suppression had momentarily trapped him.

As for now…

Jian Chen pointed at the sky and emitted a streak of light with destructive Chaotic Force, which collided with the Bell of Suppression.

This time, the Bell of Suppression was like a clay pot, cut to pieces by Jian Chen’s strand of sword Qi.

Afterwards, Jian Chen arrived before Getti instantly with the Laws of Space. With a flash of light, he stabbed at Getti mercilessly.

Getti was clad in god artifact armour and wielded a god artifact in hand. He was in his strongest state. Dazzling, golden light and surging flames poured out from his body. He used the Laws of Metal and Laws of Fire simultaneously, launching a strike as hard as he could.


With a great rumble, the Laws of Metal on Getti collapsed immediately, while the roaring Laws of Fire turned into sparks, scattering across the sky.

Spurt! Getti’s face paled as he spat out a mouthful of blood, staggering backwards. Each step bore tremendous weight, causing the seventh divine hall to shake endlessly.

“He has the Laws of Space. Let’s pin him down together so that he can’t escape!” The first hall master called out. A presence that belonged to a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime erupted at full strength, crushing down on Jian Chen aggressively.

He could already tell that after having lost his god artifact, Jian Chen’s battle prowess had fallen. His strength was no longer beyond his reach.

Immediately, the second hall master Arna and the sixth hall master Irvin charged towards Jian Chen with the first hall master, forming an encirclement with the seventh hall master Getti. They wanted to restrain Jian Chen and buy some time for the Darkstar Emperor.

The powerful presences and pressures from three Sixth Heavenly Layer and one Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime crushed down on Jian Chen without holding back at all. The colossal pressure and energy stirred up the space as much as possible, wanting to obstruct Jian Chen’s Laws of Space.

“Tell me, where is Kun Tian exactly—” The tenth hall master Feng Xue also charged towards Jian Chen without any regard in sorrow.

At that moment, all of the hall masters from the ten divine halls had taken action, as they all detected that Jian Chen’s battle prowess had already plummeted by quite a bit after losing his god artifact. Even though they were still not his opponent if they fought alone, they could still put up a fight with so many people throwing themselves at him.

At worst, they could delay him and prevent him from using the Laws of Space in time.

However, they had completely underestimated Jian Chen’s compatibility with the Laws of Space. Even though they did everything they could to disturb the space there, even making the space ripple and show signs of instability from their combined efforts, it was still not enough to prevent Jian Chen from using the Laws of Space.

Jian Chen vanished eerily once more, changing the battlefield with the Laws of Space and avoiding contact with them.

When he reappeared, he was already standing in front of the eighth divine hall’s teleportation formation.

“You’ve finally come here. I haven’t specially waited for you here in vain.” But at this very moment, the Darkstar Emperor’s cold voice rang out. His figure appeared in front of the teleportation formation too, within arm’s reach of Jian Chen.

Now, this was the actual Darkstar Emperor. The Darkstar Emperor had used a secret technique to conceal himself as early as when Jian Chen went out of his way to destroy the teleportation formations, lying in ambush near the teleportation formation of the eighth divine hall.

As for the other figure that stood before everyone, that was equivalent to a clone.

Now, the clone was currently dissolving.

“Who are you exactly? An outsider? No matter who you are, I’ll tear your flesh from your bones,” the Darkstar Emperor said with a bone-chilling voice. He struck out with his empty palm. The power of a Chaotic Prime filled the attack, directly freezing up space and trapping Jian Chen there.

“How presumptuous. Did you really think I didn’t know you were lurking here?” Jian Chen said coldly. He wielded his fingers like a sword and stabbed out.

The moment he stabbed out, his vital energies and even his entire being seemed to meld into the space, merging as one perfectly. A small part of his arm, as well as the resplendent sword Qi, seemed to stab into space. However, it also seemed like they had entered another world, no longer present here.

The Shadowless Lifetaking Strike!

The Darkstar Emperor’s face changed abruptly. In that moment, he discovered to his shock that a powerful strand of sword Qi had actually wormed into his body without any signs at all before slashing down viciously!

Immediately, powerful sword Qi erupted, and the Darkstar Emperor’s organs instantly became heavily damaged. His vitality surged violently as sharp strands of sword Qi penetrated his flesh and pierced through his skin from inside out, shooting out of his body.

Immediately, the Darkstar Emperor’s body seemed to become pregnant with countless strands of sword Qi. They shot out of his body endlessly, and he trembled violently, his face filled with disbelief.


Finally, the Darkstar Emperor coughed up a mouthful of blood. The strike had injured him!

“W- what is this ability?” the Darkstar Emperor exclaimed. Shock filled his face as his heart surged violently. He even staggered back in retreat. The energy behind his palm strike towards Jian Chen had been interrupted due to suddenly becoming heavily injured, which he withdrew.

It was far too strange and far too wondrous. The sword Qi had actually ignored all of his protective measures, as well as the difference in cultivation and comprehension. It seemed to have come from another space, directly appearing in his body and catching him off-guard.

Although the Darkstar Emperor had coughed up blood, Jian Chen felt no joy at all. Instead, he sighed gloomily inside, as he knew that while he had managed to heavily injure the Darkstar Emperor with the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike, this injury was not fatal to the Darkstar Emperor.

With my current strength, it’s still not enough to shake up Chaotic Primes!” Jian Chen sighed inside. The Darkstar Emperor was far too powerful. If he had been some other Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, he would have sustained unimaginably heavy injuries even if he managed to survive the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike.

However, the Darkstar Emperor had only sustained a mild wound.

“Darkstar Emperor, I will return. My grievances with your Darkstar race aren’t over,” Jian Chen said to the Darkstar Emperor coldly and flatly.

Tossing that out, he turned around and vanished into the teleportation formation. Afterwards, the space around the teleportation formation trembled violently. Chaotic powers of space wreaked havoc, and the entire region suddenly collapsed. The teleportation formation of the eighth divine hall had also been completely obliterated in the collapsing space.

All of the teleportation formations, from the ten divine halls to even the Darkstar Divine Hall, had already been destroyed.

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