Chapter 2859: Buying Time

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Chapter 2859: Buying Time

The Darkstar Emperor did not hold back at all, using his full strength right off the bat. His battle prowess on par with Chaotic Primes erupted in the surroundings. Every single move and strike from him could be described as devastating.

In a direct confrontation with the Darkstar Emperor, Jian Chen completely lost the upper hand. He was not the Darkstar Emperor’s opponent at all. A single punch from the Darkstar Emperor smashed apart the sword Qi he had condensed. Afterwards, their punches collided in the air, like the collision between two planets, producing a deafening rumble. Even large swathes of space collapsed.

Jian Chen’s right sleeve was immediately reduced to tatters. His entire right arm spasmed in an extremely abnormal way before rapidly turning red. Blood that possessed the presence of Chaotic Force oozed out of his pores.

The Darkstar Emperor’s punch was far too powerful. An attack at the First Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime was still not something Jian Chen could handle right now. The forceful clash had shaken all of Jian Chen’s flesh in his right arm to pieces. His blood vessels were severed, and even the bones in his hand became cracked. The great force threw him away.

The Darkstar Emperor remained as still as a mountain. He was imposing and unstoppable. He immediately pursued after Jian Chen, throwing a punch at the empty air. The destructive attack directly approached Jian Chen.

This time, Jian Chen did not choose to receive it forcefully. He vanished extremely suddenly, directly ignoring the restraint the seal had placed over the space.

At the same time, the Chaotic Force in his body channeled madly into his right arm, completely unleashing the extraordinary recovery rate of the Chaotic Body. His heavily-damaged right arm immediately began to recover at an unbelievable speed.

Afterwards, the space around him pulsed gently, and he used the Laws of Space again, changing position like he had teleported.

Basically in the moment Jian Chen vanished, the space he lingered in suddenly collapsed. All of the space within thirty meters shattered instantly. The Darkstar Emperor’s figure gradually appeared in the shattered space, his face pale from anger.

Afterwards, the Darkstar Emperor unleashed a storm-like barrage of attacks. He punched out again and again, piercing the sky with great force and making the entire region shake.

As for Jian Chen, he used the Laws of Space and constantly changed position elusively, maneuvering around the Darkstar Emperor.

He understood extremely well how great of a difference existed between him and the Darkstar Emperor. The Profound Sword Qi was useless against the Darkstar Emperor, while the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike could only cause some mild injuries. In short, none of the techniques and methods he possessed right now posed any threat to the Darkstar Emperor.

As he maneuvered about, Jian Chen pushed the Laws of Space to the limit. Against the Darkstar Emperor, the Laws of Space instead became when he relied on the most.

Fortunately, my Laws of Space came from the Spatial Insect Emperor, so they’re highly compatible with space. Otherwise, if I had been some other Primordial realm expert who comprehended the Laws of Space, there’ll probably be nothing that I can do in this region filled with storms of energy. My usage of space would definitely be severely obstructed,” Jian Chen thought. His primary objective was not to defeat the Darkstar Emperor, but to keep him busy for a while

But even with that being the case, he faced danger several times when the Darkstar Emperor intercepted him and forced them to clash. Every single clash would cause Jian Chen rather heavy wounds.

As for the Darkstar Emperor, he became more and more furious, gradually losing patience against Jian Chen who was as slippery as a fish, using the Laws of Space to run around and avoid capture no matter what he did.

Suddenly, the Darkstar Emperor stopped chasing Jian Chen around everywhere. Instead, he stood where he was and formed seals with both hands, using a powerful secret technique.

Immediately, the tremendous aura of the world appeared. The energy of the entire Darkstar World gathered over wildly. Jian Chen even felt that the might of the heavens had already locked onto his presence, something he could not avoid.

A God Tier Battle Skill!” Jian Chen’s face lit up, and his eyes immediately flashed. A God Tier Battle Skill an expert on par with a Chaotic Prime cast would have unimaginably great power. The Darkstar Emperor had only done this because he was helpless against Jian Chen’s Laws of Space. As a result, he was forced to use a God Tier Battle Skill despite the absolute difference in strength. He wanted to lock onto Jian Chen with the pressure of the God Tier Battle Skill so that he could not escape.

If he were in the capital city, the Darkstar Emperor never would have dared to use a God Tier Battle Skill, as the power was far too great. Once he used it, the entire capital city would be flattened to the ground. Now that he resided in the wilderness, this obviously was not something he had to consider.

“Do you think you can do whatever you want in front of me just with the Laws of Space?” The Darkstar Emperor ground his teeth. At that moment, the might of the heavens surged, and energy flooded out. The Darkstar World’s entire sky began to twist violently as the God Tier Battle Skill charged up.

Finally, the Darkstar Emperor unleashed the God Tier Battle Skill. It condensed into a huge, dark star in the sky, radiating with a colossal pressure. It directly smashed towards Jian Chen as if it contained the power of ways.

The dark star had already locked onto Jian Chen’s presence. He was unable to avoid its pursuit even with the Laws of Space. It was truly undodgeable and unavoidable. Only a single path lay ahead of him, which was to receive it forcefully.

However, if he were to take on a God Tier Battle Skill from a Chaotic Prime with his current level of strength, even the Chaotic Body could not withstand it. Even if he managed to escape with his life intact, it would still cost him.

However, Jian Chen did not panic at all. His eyes became extremely bright as he stared straight at the dark star that hurtled over with a devastating pressure. His lips curled into a mysterious smile.

“God Tier Battle Skills are useless against me,” Jian Chen murmured softly. The will of the Ultimate Way of the Sword rushed into the air, instantly sensing the connection between the God Tier Battle Skill and the ways of the world.

The connection established between the Darkstar Emperor’s God Tier Battle Skill and the ways of the world is clearly much stronger than Kun Tian’s. This should be due to his strength. However, that’s still not a problem for me.” Jian Chen’s ultimate will immediately turned into a sharp edge, severing the connection between the God Tier Battle Skill and the ways of the world without the slightest hesitation.

Immediately, the dark star the Darkstar Emperor conjured deflated like a balloon. All of its pressure vanished instantly, turning into a cluster of pure energy in the end, reduced to the most ordinary attack.

Even though the cluster of energy was still formidable, it had lost the various presence of ways that belonged to a God Tier Battle Skill, nowhere near enough to threaten Jian Chen anymore.

Most importantly, Jian Chen had broken free from the God Tier Battle Skill locking onto him.

With a flash, Jian Chen had already changed his position with the Laws of Space. The dark star that had lost its power as a God Tier Battle Skill struck the ground heavily. The energy at the level of Chaotic Primes erupted, shaking up the surroundings.

“What exactly did you do to my God Tier Battle Skill? Why has the power of my God Tier Battle Skill plummeted, no longer possessing the might of the heavens?” The Darkstar Emperor’s eyes widened as he stared at Jian Chen in disbelief.

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