Chapter 2860: Going Straight for the Medicinal Garden

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Chapter 2860: Going Straight for the Medicinal Garden

The Darkstar Emperor was indeed shocked. The God Tier Battle Skill he used was a technique of his race that had been passed down through the generations, and its power was otherworldly. This God Tier Battle Skill alone possessed the power to injure opponents at higher cultivation levels.

Originally, the Darkstar Emperor thought it was already overkill for him to use a God Tier Battle Skill against Jian Chen whose cultivation was not even near his. If it were not for the fact that he was helpless against Jian Chen’s Laws of Space, he truly did not want to use a God Tier Battle Skill.

However, never did he imagine that the God Tier Battle Skill he had decided on using after deep contemplation would go from startling powerful to losing all of the might of heaven it had been imbued with in a single moment. As such, the devastatingly-powerful God Tier Battle Skill had been reduced to a clump of the most ordinary energy. It was completely unbelievable.

The Darkstar Emperor understood very well there was nothing wrong with his God Tier Battle Skill. The person before him must have used an inconceivable ability to interrupt his God Tier Battle Skill.

It left him utterly shocked.

Regarding information and news of the Saints’ World, their Darkstar race had learnt quite a lot from the outsiders through their various avenues. The Darkstar race had even grasped some relatively secretive information.

Without any exaggeration, the Darkstar race had been trapped in the Darkstar World for countless years, but they understood the Saints’ World to a certain degree even if they did not understand all of it.

However, Jian Chen’s ability that could render God Tier Battle Skills useless was completely unheard of.

He understood far too well how terrifying something like this was. God Tier Battle Skills could be described as a colossal trump card to any cultivator. They were a last resort, able to save lives when used at critical times.

If he had grasped a method that could ignore God Tier Battle Skills, did that not mean all the experts he confronted from here on out had lost their greatest trump card?

It was far too horrendous of a thought to consider. The Darkstar Emperor finally understood what kind of power this outsider who had destroyed the great ceremony of the Darkstar race had in store.

“He has reached his current realm of cultivation in under a millennium…” Killing intent surged in the Darkstar Emperor’s eyes. Afterwards, he refused to give up. Energy channeled through his body and rapidly leaked out. He used a God Tier Battle Skill again.

The way he interrupts God Tier Battle Skills definitely isn’t as simple and easy as it seems for him. Perhaps it takes a tremendous toll for him to interrupt it each time. I refuse to believe he can interrupt them forever.” The Darkstar Emperor bit the bullet. God Tier Battle Skills caused far too great of a toll, and the God Tier Battle Skills he used were already close to medium quality. Hence, although when the energy he had accumulated within him over countless years had become extremely dense, he could not cast them too many times.

Immediately, a tremendous pressure flooded the surroundings. The Darkstar Emperor’s God Tier Battle Skill immediately finished charging up, but this time, it did not conjure a dark star. Instead, it condensed a sword, shining with blinding light and giving off devastating might.

Jian Chen’s lips curled into a mocking sneer. He immediately condensed a sword with the will of the Ultimate Way of the Sword and slashed down at the obscure connection between the God Tier Battle Skill and the ways of the world.

It was as if a zither string had snapped. Without the connection with the ways of the world, the God Tier Battle Skill immediately lost all of its divine might, and its power plummeted.

“Hmph, I’d like to see how many more times you can destroy them.” The vicious light in the Darkstar Emperor’s eyes shone brightly. He was not discouraged at all. He used a God Tier Battle Skill for the third time.

With the third God Tier Battle Skill, a huge hand of energy appeared in the sky, blotting out the sun as if it could overwhelm the entire world with a flip.

With the fourth God Tier Battle Skill, a colossal eye appeared out of thin air. As the eye opened and closed, it gave off a might that could annihilate everything in existence.

With the fifth God Tier Battle Skill, the Darkstar Emperor summoned the blurry figure of the ancestor of the Darkstar race. Even though he was composed of energy, he was wrapped in the aura of ways, possessing the pressure of the great ways. As such, even the three thousand laws began to pulse at varying degrees.

The appearance of the Grand Exalt’s figure did send a chill down Jian Chen’s spine, but it was still a battle skill after all. It was only borrowing off the various auras that the ways of the world possessed. When Jian Chen severed the connection between the two, the startlingly-powerful God Tier Battle Skill immediately turned into a toothless tiger. It caused a shocking disturbance, but its actual strength had already plummeted.

The Darkstar Emperor used a total of five God Tier Battle Skills, where every single one of them was different. This also left Jian Chen astounded at the number of God Tier Battle Skills the Darkstar Emperor had grasped, and he believed this was not all the God Tier Battle Skills the Darkstar Emperor knew.

The will of his Ultimate Way of the Sword had stopped all five God Tier Battle Skills!

Fortunately, my Ultimate Way of the Sword trumps God Tier Battle Skills, or I really wouldn’t be able to keep the Darkstar Emperor busy,” Jian Chen thought. Through these clashes, he had already understood he could neglect God Tier Battle Skills those below Chaotic Prime used.

He could also nullify God Tier Battle Skills First Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes used.

But as the opponent became stronger, the connection between the God Tier Battle Skill and the ways of the world would definitely become even tougher. By then, whether he could nullify them as easily as now still had to be tested.

“It actually takes no toll on you at all to nullify my God Tier Battle Skills?” The Darkstar Emperor did not continue with his God Tier Battle Skills. The five consecutive uses had taken an extremely great toll on him. Of course, what mattered the most was he discovered that he seemed to be wrong. From Jian Chen’s expression, he could already tell that it did not seem as difficult as he imagined it to be for him to nullify the God Tier Battle Skills.

“The toll it has taken on me is almost negligible. Darkstar Emperor, would you like to try your other God Tier Battle Skills?” The Darkstar Emperor stopped attacking, so Jian Chen stopped too, maintaining his distance from the Darkstar Emperor as he confronted him from afar.

The Darkstar Emperor squinted slightly, producing a chilling light. He said emotionlessly, “If you wanted to leave, I really wouldn’t be able to stop you, but you happened to have chosen to stay, to fight a battle with me here that you have no chance of winning. You’re buying time.”

The Darkstar Emperor guessing his objective did not surprise Jian Chen. He said ambiguously, “Darkstar Emperor, aren’t you interested in why I’m opposing your Darkstar race?”

“I will naturally get to the bottom of this, but I can’t let your scheme succeed. You’re keeping me busy probably because you’ve already accelerated the growth of the Fruit of Nurturing Ways with the thirty pieces of jade with the Laws of Time. Kun Tian, oh Kun Tian, you really have hidden your intentions well. When I first heard that you obtained the thirty pieces of jade, I actually believed you, thinking you had collected them with intentions of researching them. Never did I expect your final objective would be connected to the Fruit of Nurturing Ways our race had tended to for countless years.”

“Hmph, since our race cannot use the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, then I won’t let anyone else take advantage of it even if I have to destroy it.” With that, the Darkstar Emperor turned into a streak of light, rushing towards the medicinal garden with great speed, completely ignoring Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s expression changed suddenly. The worst-case scenario he had been worrying about still ended up happening.

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