Chapter 2861: All-out Obstruction

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Chapter 2861: All-out Obstruction

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways is only a short moment away from ripening. I have to stop him,” Jian Chen thought. Resolve filled his eyes, and he suddenly vanished.

The Darkstar Emperor was very fast, but he was still no comparison to Jian Chen with his Laws of Space.

The power of space pulsed, and Jian Chen had already crossed a vast distance, appearing before the Darkstar Emperor like he had teleported. As soon as he appeared, he condensed a powerful strand of sword Qi and stabbed out violently.

The Darkstar Emperor already understood Jian Chen’s objectives. He did not slow down at all. His fists were unstoppable, directly throwing a punch at the sword Qi

As for Jian Chen, he had already changed his position through the Laws of Space in the moment the Darkstar Emperor struck out. He silently appeared behind the Darkstar Emperor, and with a flash, another strand of sword Qi slashed out.

As soon as the Darkstar Emperor punched through Jian Chen’s first strand of sword Qi, he sensed the attack from behind. Without any hesitation, his dense, protective energy erupted, encapsulating him in a sturdy barrier.

When the sword Qi came into contact with the barrier, it immediately slowed down. Even though it had only slowed down for a moment, it earned the Darkstar Emperor, who had been travelling at full speed and fought in a hurry, a moment to catch his breath. He immediately threw a punch backwards, shattering the sword Qi behind him too.

However, when he smashed through the second strand of sword Qi, the Darkstar Emperor’s heart skipped a beat from a sense of danger. To his side, a strand of sword Qi appeared silently, stabbing out towards him with lightning speed like a nimble snake’s forked tongue.


The sword Qi penetrated the Darkstar Emperor’s protective energy, leaving behind a bone-deep wound on his waist. Bright-red blood flowed out.

The Darkstar Emperor completely ignored the wound on his waist. He let out a violent growl and slammed his hand against the space forcefully, causing a large area of it to shatter. However, he did not find a single trace of Jian Chen.

Suddenly, the feeling of danger appeared again. Above the Darkstar Emperor, a strand of resplendent sword Qi emerged from space, stabbing down towards the top of his head.

The Darkstar Emperor was unable to contain his anger. He had never thought this outsider who could not even withstand a strike from him would actually injure him while he was distracted from travelling at full speed.

Who was he? He was the Darkstar Emperor, a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, publicly-recognised as the greatest within the Darkstar race, an existence that could rival Chaotic Primes in battle prowess. Despite that, someone whose cultivation was well below his had injured him. This was definitely the greatest humiliation the Darkstar Emperor had ever experienced in his life.

That was because he was the embodiment of invincibility!

However, right when the Darkstar Emperor wanted to throw up a punch and crush the sword Qi from overhead, his expression changed drastically, and he could not help but spurt with blood from his mouth. The blood was mixed with many pieces of his organs.

The strange strand of sword Qi he had experienced in the capital city had burst through all of his defences and silently appeared in his body again, directly assaulting his organs.

Just what is this ability!?” The Darkstar Emperor was shocked. He truly was helpless against the sword Qi that suddenly appeared in his body. He could not come up with any countermeasures at all, as the strand of sword Qi could ignore all energy protection and protective treasures. It was as if it had emerged from another space, appearing in his body right from the beginning. There were no prior signs, catching him off-guard completely.

The Darkstar Emperor had already become quite fearful of Jian Chen’s Shadowless Lifetaking Strike, as he understood that while the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike was unable to cause him too much harm, the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike would definitely grow in power as Jian Chen became stronger. Given time, Jian Chen would reach the same realm of cultivation as him. By then, could he still endure the attack of the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike?

Delayed, the strand of sword Qi that appeared above the Darkstar Emperor had already fallen down. It was only a foot away from the top of the Darkstar Emperor’s head.

Just when the sword Qi would land on the Darkstar Emperor’s head at any time, the seal that had shrunk to the size of a fist appeared. The seal hovered over the Darkstar Emperor’s head, blocking the sword Qi’s path.

With a boom, the sword Qi struck the seal. The seal did not even waver, while the sword Qi collapsed automatically.

Jian Chen’s figure appeared in front of the Darkstar Emperor. His body seemed to be permanently merged with space, making him fade in and out of visibility. Sometimes, he was clear, and other times, he was illusionary. He felt like a wisp of smoke, like he could disperse at any time.

His usage of the Laws of Space had already neared perfection. He had not developed this through training and effort. Instead, he was endowed with this advantage after absorbing the Spatial Insect Emperor’s beast soul.

It’s a pity that my comprehension of the Laws of Space is far too low. And, the many attacks and ways to use the Laws of Space are completely useless against the Darkstar Emperor,” Jian Chen thought. His current comprehension of the Laws of Space remained around the Second Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, which was why he could only use the Laws of Space to change position and combine it with the Laws of the Sword to launch attacks against the Darkstar Emperor who was on par with a Chaotic Prime.

The Laws of Space were his most powerful method of attack right now.

If his Laws of Space surpassed the Darkstar Emperor’s cultivation, then he only had to change the spatial distance between them. That would be enough to trap the Darkstar Emperor almost permanently. He could not cross the distance even if he spent a few years travelling.

“Darkstar Emperor, you can’t become distracted when you’re facing someone in battle, alright? I might not be as strong as you, but I can still injure you. If you continue like this, I might even have a sliver of a chance to kill- you- here-” Jian Chen blocked the Darkstar Emperor’s path and smiled faintly, but when he reached the last few words, his tone became especially frigid. His eyes surged with killing intent.

At this moment, a powerful pulse of laws and ways appeared from the medicinal garden far away. Gazing into the distance, it was even possible to see the sky there become a deep blue.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways is about to ripen!” Jian Chen and the Darkstar Emperor both took note of this phenomenon, and they thought of the same thing.

“Hmph, just by you? You better piss off!” The Darkstar Emperor wasted no more time. He let out a furious roar and made the shrunken seal hover over his head before summoning out a triangular shield that hovered behind him. He directly lunged towards Jian Chen like a vicious tiger.

“Stay right here!” Jian Chen bellowed out as well. The Fruit of Nurturing Ways was about to ripen. Every moment counted now.

Afterwards, his figure separated from the space. He exploded with light, and Chaotic Force surged violently through his body as he turned himself into a huge sword. He thrusted towards the Darkstar Emperor madly as he radiated with sword Qi.

The Darkstar Emperor threw a punch, clashing violently with the sword Qi. The sound of a clap of thunder immediately erupted in space.

This time was one of the few times Jian Chen had used his full strength to directly confront the Darkstar Emperor ever since they began fighting. Just the collision this time made space shatter and the surroundings collapse. Violent energy spewed out into the world, destroying all.

The Darkstar Emperor’s punch sent Jian Chen flying. The glow he gave off dimmed as blood spurted out of his mouth, already heavily injured.

The Darkstar Emperor who had originally been speeding towards the medicinal garden came to a forceful halt. He took three steps back uncontrollably as surprise filled his face. “What a tough body and what a rapid recovery rate. With what you’re capable of, you’re definitely not some nobody in the Saints’ World. Just who are you exactly?”

But soon afterwards, the Darkstar Emperor shook his head and said coldly, “No matter who you are, none of it is important anymore. You’ve obstructed our great ceremony. You cannot be forgiven. Once I destroy the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, I’ll completely wipe you from existence even if I have to rally the entire race to cast the ultimate curse the ancestor left behind.”

“An expert who can enter the Darkstar World, so powerful and so difficult to kill, is enough for our race to pay a great price and cast the ultimate curse…”

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