Chapter 2862: Finally Obtained

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Chapter 2862: Finally Obtained

After the murmur, the Darkstar Emperor continued flying towards the medicinal garden without any regard over whether his punch had sent Jian Chen flying or not, as he knew that Jian Chen’s Laws of Space were wondrous. Even if he chased after him while possessing the upper hand, he could slip away with the Laws of Space.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways was what mattered. He knew exactly what its effects were. A high grade God Tier Fruit of Nurturing Ways that had evolved perfectly could not end up in this outsider’s hands no matter what.

To the other side, Jian Chen’s figure that had been launched away suddenly vanished. When he reappeared, most of his wounds had already recovered. He continued his charge towards the Darkstar Emperor while wrapped in sword Qi, wanting to slow down the Darkstar Emperor and buy time for the Fruit of Nurturing Ways.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways was still in the process of evolving and had not completely ripened yet. However, with the temporal acceleration of the thirty pieces of jade, the time it spent evolving had been minimised.

As a result, he only had to keep the Darkstar Emperor busy for a moment.

When the colour reflected in the sky in the distance became an extremely gorgeous array of colours, it would be when the Fruit of Nurturing Ways had truly ripened.

“You overestimate yourself! This is all but a futile effort!” the Darkstar Emperor called out. Immediately, the seal over his head flew out to receive Jian Chen. However, right when the seal was about to strike Jian Chen, Jian Chen suddenly changed his position and appeared elsewhere, forcing the Darkstar Emperor to fight back with punches.

Bang! With that, the sword Qi shattered from the Darkstar Emperor’s punch, but it was only sword Qi this time. Jian Chen was not present.

In the next moment, Jian Chen emerged from space in another direction, striking out like a venomous snake.

The Darkstar Emperor punched out again and again. As he shattered Jian Chen’s attack, he also launched Jian Chen far away.

This sight repeated again and again. The Fruit of Nurturing Ways was about to ripen, and Jian Chen could no longer care about the cost either. He was completely paying with his body to delay the Darkstar Emperor.

Even he had no idea how many attacks from the Darkstar Emperor he had endured. The Darkstar Emperor’s attacks were far too violent, where every strike could cause him heavy injuries. If it were not for the extreme defences and startling recovery of his Chaotic Body, he probably never could have lasted until now.

However, the effects he had achieved through paying such great costs were extremely evident. The Darkstar Emperor’s advance had slowed down.

The Darkstar Emperor was irritated, feeling more and more shocked by the strength of the Chaotic Body on the inside. Currently, Jian Chen was basically unkillable in his eyes. He would not die no matter how he beat him up. Regardless of how severe his wounds were, he could recover rapidly. Whenever he thought he could not last much longer, he could always appear right in front of him again with the Laws of Space, and his battle prowess did not plummet much at all. If the Darkstar Emperor did not block, Jian Chen could even threaten him to a certain degree.

During this time, the Darkstar Emperor even used another God Tier Battle Skill instantly, thinking that Jian Chen was already heavily injured and probably lacked the ability to disrupt his God Tier Battle Skill.

However, the end result left the Darkstar Emperor disappointed. The God Tier Battle Skill he used to deal with Jian Chen when he was heavily injured failed to achieve anything. The moment the God Tier Battle Skill appeared, it immediately deflated like a balloon, losing all of its power.

Instead, he was heavily exhausted because of using God Tier Battle Skills consecutively.

He had also tried using the seal and the triangular shield to block Jian Chen and prevent him from obstructing his advance, but Jian Chen’s Laws of Space were far too elusive. The two god artifacts were unable to cover his entire body, so openings always existed. In the end, Jian Chen would merely target these openings with his attacks, forcing the Darkstar Emperor to block.

Jian Chen’s wounds became more and more severe. Most of his flesh had vanished. As such, only his skeleton was visible for the upper half of his body, and many of the bones had already shattered completely.

His injuries were far too severe, already reaching a level where it was horrendous to behold. The recovery rate of his Chaotic Body had completely fallen behind the rate at which he was injured, while the Darkstar Emperor inched closer to the medicinal garden.

He was unable to stop the Darkstar Emperor’s advance completely. He could only temporarily slow him down.

Eight million kilometers…

Five million kilometers…

The Darkstar Emperor got closer and closer to the medicinal garden. He approached two million kilometers away very soon.

With the Darkstar Emperor’s battle prowess at Chaotic Prime, he only needed to be a million kilometers away, and he could use his great energy to destroy the medicinal garden from afar.

As he watched the Darkstar Emperor gradually approach the medicinal garden in an unstoppable manner, Jian Chen’s heart sank slightly. If the Fruit of Nurturing Ways were not evolving, he could directly pluck it and go. Although mid grade was not as great as high grade, it would still be of extremely great assistance to him.

However, the Fruit of Nurturing Ways was already evolving when he discovered it. Once the evolution process began, it was a path of no return. It was either success or destruction.

This was like an expert breaking through a major realm. Once an external force disturbed them during the breakthrough, they would suffer a tremendous backlash and incur unimaginable damage. It might even seal their fates.

At this moment, colourful light suddenly rushed into the air near the medicinal garden in the distance. The surroundings turned into a multi-coloured, gorgeous world.

Within the hazy light circulated the extremely pure power of ways. It was like it was resonating with the three thousand ways in the surroundings, making them materialise and weave together like chains of order. At the same time, it produced a booming sound of ways. It was wondrous and mysterious.

“The Fruit of Nurturing Ways has ripened!” Seeing the colourful light in the horizon, Jian Chen’s face lit up. This moment had finally arrived. Soon afterwards, he immediately abandoned the Darkstar Emperor without the slightest hesitation. He flashed several times, where he teleported with each flicker. He crossed a vast distance with each flash, currently moving at top speed with the Laws of Space.

However, he was still two million kilometers away from the medicinal garden. Even if Jian Chen travelled at top speed with the Laws of Space, it would take him around fifteen seconds to cross this distance.

Oh no. I can’t let the Fruit of Nurturing Ways fall into this person’s hands.” The Darkstar Emperor’s expression changed drastically. He knew it was very difficult for him to reach the Fruit of Nurturing Ways before an expert skilled in the Laws of Space. With no other choice, all he could do was grit his teeth and steel his resolve.

In the next moment, his essence blood began to burn. He had finally made up his mind to injure himself and burn his essence blood to use a special method to awaken the seal’s former glory. He formed seals with both hands as a blood-red streak of light spurted out of his mouth, dyeing the fist-sized seal completely red.

The seal was a medium quality god artifact, but it had been heavily damaged in the past. Not only did less than a tenth of its power remain, even its artifact spirit had vanished.

When the Darkstar Emperor sprayed out with a mouthful of essence blood and the seals he formed with his hands vanished into the seal, the seal seemed to awaken from a slumber. It immediately erupted with light as powerful energy directly tore through space, reducing the surroundings to darkness.

At that moment, the seal seemed to return to its former, glorious state when it was in perfect condition after absorbing the Darkstar Emperor’s essence blood. It glowed with light unique to a medium quality god artifact, illuminating the entire world.

Medium quality god artifacts were already god artifacts Chaotic Primes used. Even some relatively less wealthy Grand Primes still wielded medium quality god artifacts.

“I didn’t think I’d actually be forced to take such measures against someone.” The Darkstar Emperor sighed gently. Having lost his essence blood, hints of exhaustion appeared on his face. Afterwards, he extended a finger, and the shining seal vanished immediately.

No, the seal did not vanish. Instead, it moved through the air with speed that surpassed Jian Chen’s, rushing straight towards the medicinal garden.

The speed that the seal currently displayed was truly like a living Chaotic Prime’s. It crossed tremendous distances with each flash, reaching the utmost limits of speed.

Even when Jian Chen travelled at full speed with the Laws of Space, he was nowhere near as fast as a Chaotic Prime. He was overtaken instantly.

Chaotic Primes were figures who had stepped into a higher realm of cultivation after all. These figures underwent a qualitative leap in all aspects after breaking through. In the vast outer space, Chaotic Primes could even catch up to spaceships when travelling alone.

Although the Darkstar Emperor possessed the battle prowess of a Chaotic Prime, that was only his battle prowess. The Darkstar Emperor possessed none of the various abilities and skills that Chaotic Primes had grasped.

For example, the comprehension of ways. The Darkstar Emperor still remained at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, and the strength of his cultivation also remained at the Ninth Heavenly Layer. His speed and vitality was obviously no different.

As a result, he was nowhere near as fast as Jian Chen.

However, that was a different case with Chaotic Primes!

In merely ten seconds, the seal overtook Jian Chen and arrived above the medicinal garden first. It turned into a colossal mountain instantly and fell down towards the ground with devastating power, crushing space to the point where it cracked.

Jian Chen pushed his Laws of Space to the limit, hurrying towards the medicinal garden with lightning speed. At the same time, he shot out strands of sword Qi that pierced through space, striking the seal extremely quickly in an attempt to delay the seal’s fall.

However, the seal possessed the might of a medium quality god artifact after all. Medium quality god artifacts were still not things Jian Chen could deflect or impact right now, so his sword Qi was completely useless.

As the seal fell rapidly, the tremendous pressure it gave off made all the plants in the medicinal garden bend downwards.

With its speed, it was impossible for Jian Chen to reach the medicinal garden before the seal.

At this critical moment, the third strand of Profound Sword Qi appeared near his forehead. Jian Chen had no idea whether the Profound Sword Qi would be effective, but all he could do was try.

With the appearance of the Profound Sword Qi, sword intent immediately filled the surroundings. Then, it turned into a streak of light and overcame the bounds of space and time, ignoring the distance between them and striking the seal immediately.

The seal immediately trembled violently. Its glow flickered rapidly as it rocked around wildly in the air. The Darkstar Emperor who was still two million kilometers felt his head ring as if an invisible hammer had struck him. His connection with the seal actually became extremely fragile in that moment as if it could be severed at any moment.

But fortunately, this state only lasted for a single moment before recovering.

But within that moment, Jian Chen had already entered the medicinal garden successfully. With a wave of his hand, the Fruit of Nurturing Ways fell into his hands and vanished in the next moment, having been stowed away in his Space Ring already.


With a great rumble, the world shook. The moment Jian Chen stowed the Fruit of Nurturing Ways away, he plunged into the ground with the seal.

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