Chapter 2863: A Pursuit of Great Lengths

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Chapter 2863: A Pursuit of Great Lengths

Through the connection established with the seal, the Darkstar Emperor could clearly sense that his seal had struck Jian Chen. He had not fled with the Laws of Space, which finally brought him some relief.

Only now did he jerk to his senses and notice that his killing intent towards the outsider had actually become so urgent, rising to a level where he was restless. This was not simply because of the crimes that the outsider had committed by disrupting the great ceremony.

The Darkstar Emperor gained a deep understanding over how difficult of an opponent the outsider was and how difficult he was to kill through their battle. He was clearly nowhere near as strong as him, yet he could last such a long time in a battle against him.

Apart from that, he also possessed some strange secret techniques. Not only could he destroy his God Tier Battle Skills, reducing the God Tier Battle Skills he had spent eons comprehending to nothing, but he also possessed some kind of sword Qi that could directly ignore all of his protective measures and appear within his body.

Every single technique and method possessed mysterious power. Now that they all gathered on a single person, it directly made the outsider so frightening that even the Darkstar Emperor felt alarmed, giving him a sense of unprecedented threat.

“Fortunately, he still ended up dying.” The Darkstar Emperor exhaled deeply. However, he soon remembered Jian Chen’s undying special characteristic and immediately lost confidence. During the battle, there had been several times when Jian Chen sustained unimaginable damage, where even his skull was broken. He had once received several wounds that the Darkstar Emperor believed would surely take his life.

Yet, what happened in the end?

In the end, he reappeared right in front of him before long. His life force was far too tenacious, basically miraculous.

As he thought about that, the Darkstar Emperor who had let out a sigh of relief suddenly lost all of his confidence again, while his heart that had settled down leapt into his throat once more. Afterwards, without the slightest hesitation, he turned into a blur and shot off in the direction of the medicinal garden at full speed.

By now, the medicinal garden that spanned a hundred kilometers across had already become a great, pitch-black, bottomless pit. The Darkstar Emperor had awakened the seal’s former might through the price of a droplet of his essence blood, making the seal stretch a hundred kilometers across and envelop the entire medicinal garden to launch an indiscriminate attack.

Looking at it now, the medicinal garden of the past no longer existed. Not even a trace remained behind in the end. The seal had mercilessly buried it all into the bottomless pit.

Very soon, the Darkstar Emperor appeared above the medicinal garden. The destruction of the medicinal garden did not make him feel pained at all. All he cared about was the fate of the outsider.

He has already taken the Fruit of Nurturing Ways. If he manages to escape successfully this time and then use the Fruit of Nurturing Ways to increase his strength and oppose our race, the consequences will be unthinkable. I can no longer sense his presence underground. Has he already died?” the Darkstar Emperor thought. Right now, he was stern, and his nerves were tense as if he was confronting a powerful enemy. He dared not be careless at all. He had also expanded the senses of his soul as much as possible, carrying out a fine search over the ground below and the depths underground, sweeping past again and again.

But at this moment, soil suddenly flung into the air over a hundred kilometers away. A figure covered in blood rushed out of the ground, moving extremely quickly and rising to an altitude of a thousand meters in the blink of an eye.

“He’s actually still alive!” The Darkstar Emperor panicked inside. Seeing the presence-less figure that even the senses of his soul could not detect, he immediately began grinding his teeth.

With a wave of his hand, the seal that had sunken into the depths of the earth immediately flew out. The Darkstar Emperor could no longer care about his consumption of essence blood. He ignited his essence blood once again to use the secret technique and awaken the past might of the seal.

In the next moment, the seal rushed over, arriving above Jian Chen’s head instantly while exerting tremendous pressure.

But this time, the seal was a step too late. The Laws of Space pulsed around Jian Chen, and he had already left, making the seal miss.

Now, the Darkstar Emperor was unable to sense Jian Chen’s presence at all. Unless he used his eyes, he was unable to detect Jian Chen anymore, and this made the Darkstar Emperor panic. His soul sense immediately flooded through the surroundings, grasping at any traces present. At the same time, he rose up to a high altitude and quickly glanced around from above.

Finally, he discovered Jian Chen’s traces several hundred thousand kilometers away with his eyes. He immediately shot off like a bolt of lightning, igniting droplet after droplet of essence blood at the same time and awakening the past might of the seal again and again, launching lightning-fast attacks at Jian Chen from afar.

He had no other choice. In terms of speed, it was impossible for him to be faster than Jian Chen who comprehended the Laws of Space. Jian Chen had also obtained the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, so he definitely could not let him leave here alive. As a result, the Darkstar Emperor could only use the seal’s momentary burst of speed to hunt him down from afar.

But now, Jian Chen was the proactive one, and the Darkstar Emperor was the reactive one. Killing him with the seal from so far away was obviously difficult to achieve.

Jian Chen frequently changed directions as he advanced, making his movements unpredictable, while the Darkstar Emperor had to find Jian Chen before sending the seal over, which cost him the advantage of acting first. With this delay, Jian Chen basically managed to leave one step earlier every single time when the seal appeared over his head.

The Darkstar Emperor’s face had paled from anger, tailing behind Jian Chen closely and refusing to give up. He ignited his essence blood again and again, and the seal demonstrated its might as a medium quality god artifact time and time again. As this went on, even the Darkstar Emperor struggled to cope with it despite his strength.

After all, he had already used six God Tier Battle Skills earlier. He had already exhausted his body to a great extent, so the Darkstar Emperor finally began to feel feeble after burning his essence blood and wielding the seal at full strength so many times.

But even with that, the Darkstar Emperor had no intentions of giving up. He followed behind, crossing through quite a large part of the Darkstar World through the use of the traces Jian Chen left behind as he fled. Only when they were about to enter the depths of the Two World Mountains did he come to a halt.

Outside the Two World Mountains, the Darkstar Emperor’s presence rushed into the clouds as his raging anger burned like fire. His eyes stared firmly at the mist-shrouded Two World Mountains, shining with bone-deep hatred.

The Two World Mountains were not peaceful either. Sensing the Darkstar Emperor’s presence, all of the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts produced earth-shaking roars. The ground shook as the mist churned. Powerful Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts had already emerged from the depths, rushing towards the Darkstar Emperor in resentment.

The Darkstar Emperor stood before the Two World Mountains and stared deeply into this special region enshrouded by mist. For the first time since he was born, he experienced a sense of powerlessness deep within his heart.

“Sigh!” In the end, the Darkstar Emperor let out a long sigh. He still ended up stopping before the Two World Mountains without arbitrarily intruding upon the place, as he was unable to sense Jian Chen’s presence at all anymore. If he wanted to find him, he could only look for him with his eyes.

However, mist surged through the Two World Mountains, obscuring his vision. Not only would it be extremely difficult to look for him, but he would also have to face the attack of so many Life-devouring Beasts, which was extremely disadvantageous to him.

The Darkstar Emperor retreated, returning to the capital city of the Darkstar race once again.

The capital city had already been reduced to ruins. There were countless injured people as howls and wails filled the air. More than half of the ten divine halls that hovered in the air and symbolised authority and status had been destroyed. Only the Darkstar Divine Hall remained in perfect condition.

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