Chapter 2865: Meeting the Huge Eagle Again

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Chapter 2865: Meeting the Huge Eagle Again

Afterwards, the Darkstar Emperor entered seclusion in the Darkstar Divine Hall. The ten divine halls personally set out to closely interrogate the remaining survivors of the Hundred Saint City, collecting everything that they could and finding all possible clues and evidence.

The tenth hall master Feng Xue even called the second hall master Arna to search the Land of Soul Destruction with her.

However, under their close interrogation, they failed to lock down on Jian Chen’s true identity, but they did find a few potential suspects.

These suspects were the young master of the Dire Wolf clan, Jin Hong, the young sect master of the Five Point sect, the Scion of Five Point, Yang Yutian of the Heavenly Crane clan, and Gu Qi who had appeared for a brief moment in the Darknight City, kicking up a great stir before completely vanishing with no traces left behind.

In the Darkstar World, the outsiders were primarily Gods and Overgods. As for Godkings, it was possible to tally them all up, basically all possessing great origins. After all, cultivators who could reach Godking without a thousand years were dazzling figures even in the Saints’ World.

The Darkstar race basically had tabs on all figures like that. After eliminating the Godkings the Darkstar race had captured so far, there were not a lot of people remaining.

And, among these handful of Godkings, finding the most powerful, most outstanding, and also missing Godkings was obviously a piece of cake.

“Among the four of them, Jin Hong has already left the Hundred Saint City, and he possesses the bloodline of the Wolf clan. Moreover, he has appeared at the same time as Kun Tian, so we can basically eliminate him. All that remains now are Gu Qi, Yang Yutian, and the Scion of Five Point who are the most suspicious…”

“Gu Qi grasps the Laws of Strength, and the citizens of Darknight City have all asserted that he had broken through on the spot in Darknight City, so it’s unlikely to be him…”

“The Scion of Five Point grasps the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time. He comes from a large sect in the Saints’ World, and he can be clearly traced back to it. However, the person who impersonated Kun Tian also grasped the Laws of Space, and the laws had already reached the Primordial realm. Though, the Scion of Five Point doesn’t seem to have grasped the Laws of the Sword…”

“As for the last suspect, Yang Yutian, he comprehends the Laws of the Sword, and he’s quite skilled with them. He also dabbles in the Laws of Space, and his strength is extraordinary. Moreover, his origins are unknown. He claims to be an independent cultivator, and he had once separated from the group in the Two World Mountains before crossing through the entire Two World Mountains alone. His whereabouts are extremely mysterious too. Even when five prodigies from the Hundred Saint City assembled formations and unleashed power at the Primordial realm, they had failed to kill him. In the end, he killed the five prodigies before going missing for some reason…”

After a delicate investigation where they spared no detail, the ten divine halls finally found something. Even though they knew finding the true identity of Kun Tian’s imposter would be of no practical use, they felt extremely humiliated as soon as they remembered how the imposter had once utterly fooled them. He had even tricked them out of many stalks of high grade Godking grass and other precious items like Ancestral Sacred Earth.

If they could not even find the true identity of Kun Tian’s imposter, then the Darkstar race would come off as simply too useless.

As a result, the upper echelon of the Darkstar race had already sworn they would get to the bottom of the imposter’s true identity.

“This independent cultivator by the name of Yang Yutian once crossed through the Two World Mountains alone. He spent an extremely lengthy time in the Two World Mountains, and he mysteriously vanished soon after he appeared, potentially entering the Two World Mountains again…”

“And, he had entered the Two World Mountains to complete ‘Kun Tian’s’ request, which was to hunt down large numbers of Godking Life-devouring Beasts…”

For a moment, basically all ten divine halls placed great focus on the name of Yang Yutian.

“Kun Tian’s imposter once entered the Two World Mountains under Kun Tian’s identity. Sen Ran had also died then. The coincidence is when Yang Yutian appeared in the Hundred Saint City, Kun Tian just happened to be in the Two World Mountains.”

“Afterwards, when Yang Yutian killed the prodigies of the five organistions and vanished, Kun Tian happened to be found. Basically only Kun Tian or Yang Yutian appear at one time, but not both. When one appears, the other vanishes. When one vanishes, the other appears. This is far too great of a coincidence…”

The ten divine halls began to develop a sense of suspicion before carrying out a full-blown collection of everything related to Yang Yutian. The prodigies of the Hundred Saint City had also been interrogated countless times. In the end, they linked together all the clues, allowing the ten divine halls to finally confirm Kun Tian’s true identity.

All of these events pointed to the fact that Kun Tian’s imposter was Yang Yutian!

“Yang Yutian, I’m going to kill you. And the Heavenly Crane clan, I’ll never spare you…” Feng Xue lost control. Killing intent surged from her body as she exclaimed in a shrill manner. Her heart had already become embedded with bone-deep hatred.

“What? The fifth hall master Kun Tian had always been impersonated by Yang Yutian?” When the surviving prodigies of the fifty-two organisations learnt about this conclusion, they were all dumbfounded. They were clueless.

In the depths of the Two World Mountains, the thick, white mist shrouded everything, covering almost half of the Darkstar World.

Within the thick, white mist, there was a huge eagle whose feathers shone with golden light. It stood over three hundred meters tall. Currently, it soared through the air with its wings unfurled, gazing down and scanning around, like a lord touring and surveilling his territory.

This great, golden eagle happened to be a Life-devouring Beast. Its eyes shone with a certain light, which proved it already possessed a certain level of intelligence. The presence it gave off had already reached the Primordial realm. The shrouding mist could obscure the vision of all cultivators, but it seemed transparent in the eyes of the huge eagle. Its gaze passed through the mist with ease, clearly seeing extremely far away.

At this moment, in a lush bush below, a certain region caught the huge eagle’s attention, as a dead tree actually appeared among the verdant vegetation.

The tree was a dark grey. In a sea of vegetation that stretched as far as the eye could see, it seemed especially jarring. It was difficult not to see it.

The golden eagle flapped its huge wings violently and immediately changed directions, flying over with great gusts of wind.

At the same time, underneath the dead tree, Jian Chen, who was wrapped up in layers of withered branches, snapped open his eyes. His gaze seemed to pass through the numerous branches and the thick mist, seeing the huge, golden eagle that rapidly flew towards him in the distant sky.

A Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast?” Jian Chen took note of it and immediately sensed the Life-devouring Beast’s strength. Afterwards, he shuddered gently, and the branches around him immediately broke away.

I’ve erased my presence, so it’s impossible for the Life-devouring Beast to discover me. The dead tree behind me has probably caught its attention.” Jian Chen stood up. Even though he could easily kill a measly First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Life-devouring Beast, he only wanted to find a safe place to recover and then ingest the Fruit of Nurturing Ways to breakthrough. He had no interest in any unnecessary trouble.

Right when he was about to leave, his expression suddenly changed, and a smear of surprise appeared in his eyes. He contemplated quickly before giving up on the thought of leaving. His presence changed and so did his appearance, now resembling Yang Yutian.

At this moment, tremendous air pressure descended from above. Within the churning mist, a massive creature landed on the ground. A pair of hooked talons shining with a metallic lustre dug into the soil. The huge, golden eagle had already landed before Jian Chen.

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