Chapter 2866: Giving Back

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Chapter 2866: Giving Back

The huge eagle landed on the ground and discovered Jian Chen standing before the dead tree at first glance. Its gaze from its huge, eagle eyes landed on Jian Chen naturally, staring straight at him.

Jian Chen hovered in the air, reaching the same level as the huge eagle. He stared at the eagle with a hint of surprise as he smiled faintly. “I didn’t think I’d see you again, and you’d make a breakthrough and reach the Primordial realm. I don’t know if you still remember me.” Gazing at the golden eagle, Jian Chen could not help but think about the Godking Life-devouring Beast he had once tamed to serve as his mount. They had met after he separated from the group when he first set foot in the Two World Mountains.

That Godking Life-devouring Beast was the huge, golden eagle right before him.

Now that they met again, the huge eagle had already stepped into the Primordial realm, which left Jian Chen amazed.

The huge eagle did not disappoint Jian Chen. It recognised the human expert that had helped it in the past very soon. If it were not for the brains of the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast Jian Chen had bestowed upon it, it definitely could not have reached the Primordial realm so soon.

In the next moment, the huge eagle let out a long cry, filled with joy. Its head that was several times larger than Jian Chen approached him slowly, nudging against him softly.

Jian Chen revealed a rare smile. He used his hand to stroke the eagle’s head. The golden feathers gave off a metallic feeling. They were extremely tough. “I didn’t think you’d still remember me.”

The huge eagle let out a clear cry as if it was communicating using its own language. Then, it abruptly turned around with its colossal body and immediately appeared below Jian Chen’s feet. Afterwards, without Jian Chen’s approval, it flapped its wings, and a powerful pressure filled the surroundings. It soared off into the sky with Jian Chen on its back.

The huge eagle soared happily through the mist-shrouded skies. It scanned the mountainous landscape below proudly in a surveilling manner. It let out clear cries again and again as if it was introducing its territory to Jian Chen through a language he could not understand.

Along the way, it unleashed its Primordial realm pressure. Wherever it passed by, all the Life-devouring Beasts trembled on the ground as if they were performing the most noble gesture towards their king.

Jian Chen sat on the eagle’s wide back and smiled faintly. He had tamed the huge eagle as his mount on a whim in the past. Afterwards, when he killed the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast and gave the eagle its brains, he had not thought too much about it. However, he never thought his actions of the past would create a regional king in the Two World Mountains in such a short time.

In the end, the huge eagle brought Jian Chen back to its nest. It was an extremely large tree crown, and the tree was also a Life-devouring Beast. It had already reached peak Godking.

The huge eagle landed on the tree crown naturally. Soon afterwards, countless branches of the tree danced around. Each branch ensnared several weaker Life-devouring Beasts, which were all delivered to the eagle’s mouth.

These were all the huge eagle’s food!

The huge eagle opened its mouth and sucked in all of the food, showing satisfaction. Afterwards, it seemed to remember something and removed the cover over a certain corner of its nest with its beak, revealing a small puddle of green liquid that radiated with dense life force. It used its head to push Jian Chen on the back towards the puddle of green liquid.

Jian Chen obviously recognised the green liquid. It was Water of Life condensed from extremely dense life force. It had miraculous effects whether it was for healing or alchemy, and it was something that all outsiders gathered.

Water of Life was a special product of the Darkstar World, but it would only appear in the Two World Mountains, a region where the Darkstar race had no control over.

As he gazed at the puddle of Water of Life and analysed the huge eagle’s actions, Jian Chen understood its intentions very quickly. He could not help but smile and gesture about. “You want to give me the Water of Life?”

The eagle did not seem to understand Jian Chen’s words, but it did understand Jian Chen’s gestures, so it nodded immediately.

“Alright, then I’ll accept the Water of Life.” Jian Chen did not hold back. He immediately took out a jade bottle and stored the Water of Life away. There was not a lot of Water of Life, only around one to one and a half litres, but it could fetch an impressive price.

The presence of life is too dense. It’ll probably be very difficult to find such high quality Water of Life in the Saints’ World. Probably only the Two World Mountains the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits created can produce such high quality Water of Life,” Jian Chen thought. He understood exactly how rare and precious this Water of Life would be in the Saints’ World.

In the Saints’ World, Water of Life was rare but not impossible to find. As a matter of fact, some experts who grasped the corresponding laws could produce the Water of Life with their powers. However, rarely would it reach the same quality as what was found in the Two World Mountains.

Afterwards, Jian Chen sent the senses of his soul into the divine hall he carried on him to inspect Sacredfeather’s wounds. He frowned very soon.

Sacredfeather currently laid in the divine hall, unconscious. Jian Chen could clearly sense the powers of two completely different bloodlines clashing and waging war against one another.

One of the bloodlines came from the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race’s essence blood. Right now, the power of the Darkstar race’s bloodline from the droplet of essence blood was especially powerful, virtually claiming ninety-nine percent of Sacredfeather.

As for the other bloodline, it belonged to Sacredfeather, which should be the bloodline of the Winged Tiger God. However, compared to the bloodline of the Darkstar race, the bloodline of the Winged Tiger God was much weaker. It seemed like a skiff in the raging ocean before the bloodline of the Darkstar race, insignificant and in great danger.

However, while this bloodline that belonged to Sacredfeather was very weak, it demonstrated unimaginable tenacity. Under the powerful suppression and assimilation of the Darkstar race’s bloodline, it was like a candle in the wind, about to extinguish at any time, but it continued to hold on.

“This makes no sense. Back then when the Darkstar race held the great ceremony, the power of Sacredfeather’s bloodline had already assimilated away completely. I could sense it very clearly when I saved Sacredfeather. The power of his original bloodline shouldn’t exist.” Jian Chen was taken aback. He immediately began to study Sacredfeather closely, discovering very soon in surprise that Sacredfeather’s flesh, blood, organs, tendons, bones, and even skin—in short, every part of him—seemed to have mysterious vital energy surging out from the hidden, deepest depths. It gathered together strand by strand, sliver by sliver, before forming that weak power of bloodline in Sacredfeather’s body.

This was the power that belonged to Sacredfeather’s original bloodline!

“A droplet of essence blood from the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race actually can’t completely erase Sacredfeather’s bloodline?” Jian Chen was deeply surprised, but even with his discovery, he was helpless over Sacredfeather’s current situation.

Afterwards, Jian Chen inspected Sacredfeather’s soul, only to find that it was a mess. Jian Chen was not particularly accomplished with souls either, so he was unable to determine the exact situation immediately.

“Looks like all I can do is ask some Chaotic Primes or even Grand Primes to take a look once I get out.” There was nothing Jian Chen could do. Even though he had already saved Sacredfeather, he was powerless over Sacredfeather’s current situation.

After all, this touched on the bloodline of Grand Exalts. It required far too high of a level of understanding. It was not something an Infinite Prime like him could meddle with yet.

Afterwards, Jian Chen began to consider the upcoming problems. Most of his wounds had already healed. Although he had not made a full recovery yet, he was close. Right now, he needed to consider finding a place to break through.

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