Chapter 2867: Consuming the Fruit of Nurturing Ways

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Chapter 2867: Consuming the Fruit of Nurturing Ways

Not only would he be breaking through with the Way of the Sword this time, he was breaking through with the Chaotic Body as well. If he broke through consecutively, even he had no idea whether he would make a great disturbance or not, so he had to find a place of absolute safety.

The territory of the Darkstar race was definitely off limits. He could be discovered at any time. If he managed to draw over the Darkstar Emperor when he was at a critical juncture, the consequences would be unthinkable.

On the other hand, the Two World Mountains seemed like a good choice. The Darkstar race was not bold enough to set foot in here. In particular, the territory under the control of the huge, golden eagle could even deter many Life-devouring Beasts from disturbing him.

However, he was also worried that if his breakthrough caused too great of a disturbance, it would attract all the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts in the Two World Mountains. The huge eagle was also at the Primordial realm, but it had only just broken through to the First Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime. It could not stop the other Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts.

No matter how I think about it, the safest place is the entrance to the passageway connecting the Spirits’ World and the Darkstar World, as that is located in the depths of the Two World Mountains, and it’s enveloped in a powerful barrier, where no Life-devouring Beast can pass through. Even members of the Darkstar race won’t be able to reach there.

That place is a special zone that only outsiders can set foot in,” Jian Chen thought. However, the only issue was that he did not know where the entrance was located. After all, the Two World Mountains were far too big, almost the same size as the territory under the Darkstar race’s control. And, the terrain here constantly changed. If he travelled in a straight line, he would discover in the end that he had been walking in circles.

As a result, if he did not have an accurate, fixed location, it went without saying how difficult it would be to find the direction of the entrance in such a large region.

In the Two World Mountains, Jian Chen was not afraid of being unable to find the Darkstar World. After all, he had stayed in the Darkstar World for such a long time. He had left behind more than one marker in various places long ago. He only had to sense the location of the markers, and he could make his way out very easily.

However, he had not left behind any location markers at the entrance to the passageway between the two worlds, as he was uncertain about the situation when he first arrived in this place.

When Jian Chen unconsciously glanced past the huge eagle, his eyes immediately lit up. Not only was the huge eagle a Life-devouring Beast that had been born and raised in the Two World Mountains, it had also reached the Primordial realm and become one of the many regional kings of the Two World Mountains. It even possessed its own territory, so Jian Chen wondered if it knew the direction to the entrance.

He took action as soon as he thought of it. Jian Chen immediately began communicating with the huge eagle, but due to the fact that the huge eagle was a Life-devouring Beast, it was not particularly clever despite possessing some intelligence. There was great trouble in communicating with it.

In the end, Jian Chen tried various methods and used tremendous effort before finally getting the huge eagle to understand what he was saying.

The huge eagle raised his head as if it was in thought before suddenly producing a clear cry a while later, telling Jian Chen to climb onto its back. It immediately took off with Jian Chen. With a powerful pressure, its colossal figure vanished into the thick mist instantly.

The huge eagle soared through the thick mist, moving extremely quickly. It constantly changed directions, avoiding the territories of other Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts and rapidly approaching the central region of the Two World Mountains.

In the end, after who knew how many kilometers, the huge eagle stopped in a region with thinner mist. It stared ahead with evident fear in its gaze, afraid to advance any further.

I didn’t think it would find this place so quickly. Looks like I hadn’t given the brains of the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast away for nothing.” Jian Chen eased up. The sense of his soul surged out, having sensed the existence of the barrier a hundred kilometers away already. Within the barrier was the passageway between the two worlds.

Jian Chen leapt off the huge eagle’s back. After bidding farewell to the eagle, he crossed the distance in a single step and appeared before the barrier instantly.

The barrier blocked all Life-devouring Beasts and the mist, but it was useless against outsiders.

Jian Chen passed through the barrier and noticed the huge swirl of energy hanging in the air a hundred kilometers away at first glance.

That was the passageway between the two worlds. Only by passing through the vortex of energy would he directly reach the Spirits’ World.

Only outsiders can set foot in here, but the outsiders who enter this world are only at Godking at most, so choosing to break through here is the safest,” Jian Chen thought. He did not approach the barrier, instead finding an extremely remote place near the edge of the barrier and casting down a spatial barrier.

The spatial barrier had a certain level of defence, and it could block off the senses of the soul below the Primordial realm. Of course, its greatest use was refracting light, so it could fool the naked eye.

The moment the spatial barrier was created, Jian Chen immediately vanished. The light near the region where he stood had already been refracted. With that, if any outsiders passed through the passageway, they would not be able to see Jian Chen with their naked eyes.

The spatial barrier could block off the senses of the soul. Although it was useless against Primordial realm experts, it was more than enough for Godkings. The barrier that enveloped this entire region could block off the senses of the soul, and Jian Chen was located near the barrier.

Just like that, even if the spatial barrier blocked a Godking’s senses, they would mistake it to be the barrier around the region.

Jian Chen sat down in the spatial barrier, continuing with his healing. Before he consumed the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, he had to ensure he was at his peak condition so that he would be on the safe side of things.

Several days later, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. His wounds had already recovered completely, and even the power of the soul consumed from using the Profound Sword Qi had been completely replenished through ingesting some God Tier heavenly resources from the Darkstar race.

“It’s time for me to begin my breakthrough!” Jian Chen took in a deep breath, and with a flip of his hand, the high grade God Tier Fruit of Nurturing Ways appeared. The moment it appeared, the laws and ways immediately manifested, coiling around the fruit.

In that moment, Jian Chen immediately felt like he had spent most of his time hiding away in the very depths of a certain mist. The order of ways that was very difficult to grasp immediately became much clearer, allowing people to see through them easier.

With the Fruit of Nurturing Ways in hand, even if he did not directly consume it, merely cultivating with it by his side would make it easier to comprehend the laws and ways.

As he gazed at the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, Jian Chen could not help but become rather excited before wolfing down the entire thing in a few bites.

The moment the Fruit of Nurturing Ways reached his belly, it turned into an extremely-dense presence of ways and pervaded. Jian Chen immediately felt like he resided in a sea of laws, where the endless power of laws wrapped around him and completely submerged him.

Residing in the sea of laws, the profound ways that he normally struggled to see clearly, struggled to comprehend, and struggled to understand immediately became extremely clear. As he comprehended them, achieving twice the results with half the effort could no longer describe his current speed.

Normally, the areas that obstructed Jian Chen’s advance, that Jian Chen was unable to understand thoroughly, only required a slight comprehension now. With that, he would immediately feel like he had achieved enlightenment, rigorously understanding every part of them.

Right now, without any exaggeration, Jian Chen’s comprehension of the Laws of the Sword increased evidently with each passing second.

The distance between breaking through the minor achievement of Sword Immortal and reaching the partial achievement of Sword Immortal was becoming shorter and shorter. He could basically touch the invisible membrane between the realms already.

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