Chapter 2868: Breakthrough!

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Chapter 2868: Breakthrough!

During the time Jian Chen spent breaking through in the Two World Mountains, it had not been peaceful among the Darkstar race. After learning the fate-changing great ceremony had ended in failure due to the interruption of the outsiders, all members of the Darkstar race became furious. Chants like “Kill all outsiders” or “All outsiders deserve to die” could be heard everywhere in the Darkstar race.

Due to the great ceremony, the hatred and boycotting of the outsiders from the Darkstar race had reached an unprecedented level.

Even some members of the Darkstar race who were originally accepting and tolerant of the outsiders began to hate the outsiders.

The thirty-six majors cities as well as the countless towns and villages scattered through the wilderness were all enveloped in a murderous aura.

“Outsiders, return our divine beast. The divine beast was a sacrifice from our race to our ancestor. What gives you the right to take the divine beast from us…”

“The divine beast belongs to our ancestor. The outsiders are a group of shameless thieves…”

“They’ve stolen our divine beast and obstructed our great ceremony. None of the outsiders can be forgiven…”

“Outsiders, return the divine beast immediately…”

This was the fury of the entire race, as well as the hatred of the entire race.

But very soon, a point of release appeared for their hatred. An ancient technique flowed out from the capital city, spreading the thirty-six major cities and the countless towns and villages scattered everywhere at the same time.

This was the ultimate curse that had been passed down from the predecessors of the Darkstar race. A part of the technique had spread through the entire Darkstar race. The Darkstar Emperor had already passed his orders, about to condense the will of the entire race and unleash the ultimate curse.

As a result, the entire Darkstar race got to work. Endless amounts of blood was transported by the thirty-six major cities, allocated to all the towns and villages in their surroundings.

In that moment, as the surging hatred condensed, the behaviour of the countless members of the Darkstar race had never been so united. Everyone stopped everything they were doing and began using blood as ink, painting glyphs onto their walls at home, the streets and alleyways outside and the walls of every city.

These glyphs were a part of the ultimate curse!

And, the blood used to paint these glyphs all came from the outsiders!

Immediately, a heavy smell of blood filled the thirty-six major cities as well as the numerous towns and villages.

In particular, a faceless statue was erected in the thirty-six major cities!

The Darkstar race was using the power of the entire raise to cast the ultimate curse, so they clearly had to carry out a series of preparations and arrangements. They placed great emphasis to the details, and some arrangements could not be completed immediately.

Similar things unfolded in the capital city. All members of the Darkstar race in the capital city split into two groups. One group was responsible for the repair of the capital city following the battle, while the other used the blood of the outsiders to cover the streets and alleyways and even walls of the entire capital city with similar glyphs.

A faceless statue was also erected in the capital city.

Above the capital city, the ten divine halls had already returned to their positions, but learning from the previous lesson, these ten divine halls had all been switched out already. They were all medium quality god artifacts now.

The Darkstar race had once been a glorious race that birthed a Grand Exalt after all. They had produced countless experts, so there was nothing strange about being able to produce ten medium quality god artifacts.

But without any exceptions, all of the medium quality god artifacts were damaged. Some of them had already undergone some simple repair, while cracks were even visible on the remaining divine halls.

These divine halls had all lost their former glory, but even with that being the case, the toughness of the material that medium quality god artifacts were made from could not be compared to low quality god artifacts.

“Your majesty, the inscriptions have already been completed in the capital city and the thirty-six major cities. However, we’ve come up with numerous ideas, but we can’t find a medium for the ultimate curse to descend upon the outsider. If we can’t lock onto the outsider accurately, then the ultimate curse we cast will have no target.”

In the Darkstar Divine Hall, the Darkstar Emperor sat on his throne calmly as the seventh hall master Getti reported politely below.

The Darkstar Emperor took out a jade bottle from his Space Ring in no hurry with that. The moment the bottle appeared, it became wrapped in an invisible power and slowly drifted before Getti. At the same time, the Darkstar Emperor’s deep voice rang out, “There’s some of the outsider’s flesh and blood in there. Divide the flesh and blood into thirty-seven portions and allocate them to the capital city and the thirty-six major cities. They will serve as the medium of the curse.”

Jian Chen who was breaking through at the entrance of the Two World Mountains had absolutely no idea that the lethal strike where the Darkstar race had rallied all of their clansmen to arrange was already drawing closer. Right now, he had already entered the most important juncture with his breakthrough of the Way of the Sword.

The Laws of the Sword had already manifested around him, condensing into strand upon strand of sword Qi that revolved around him, like little spirits flying around Jian Chen, and radiating with a heavy immortal bearing. Jian Chen’s clothes and hair ruffled despite the absence of wind, making him seem like he was ascending from mortality.

This was the bearing of Sword Immortal. Jian Chen had already reached this realm. Not only did his entire bearing give off a transcendent feeling, even the sword Qi that had condensed out of thin air because of him bore a heavy bearing of immortality.

At that moment, Jian Chen’s presence suddenly swelled drastically. It was also at that moment when the sword Qi around him suddenly glowed brilliantly. All of the sword Qi seemed to grow together in that moment, becoming even stronger and even more dazzling.

It was as if Jian Chen’s sword Qi had leapt up qualitatively in that moment, reaching a new level.

His Way of the Sword had formally broken through, stepping through the minor achievement of Sword Immortal and becoming an expert at the partial achievement of Sword Immortal, which could also be understood as mid Sword Immortal!

With the breakthrough of the Laws of the Sword, Jian Chen immediately felt like a brand-new door had opened up to him. In the door, he could see an even vaster world of the Way of the Sword, as if he had entered an entirely different universe.

That was not all. With his breakthrough of the Way of the Sword, his soul had benefited too, rapidly strengthening and growing at an unbelievable rate. It was unstoppable, tearing through realms one after another, before stopping at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime in the end.

Although it was the Ninth Heavenly Layer, Jian Chen’s soul was different after all. It had once fused with a strand of true Chaotic Force, so his soul had changed long ago. In terms of strength, it had long surpassed those at the same cultivation realm as him.

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