Chapter 2870: The Ultimate Curse

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Chapter 2870: The Ultimate Curse

Jian Chen had already experienced the breakthrough of the Chaotic Body over a dozen times in the past, so it was a piece of cake. Accumulating energy through ingesting God Tier heavenly resources, he shattered his neidan once again and went through another round of torture before finally condensing a chaotic neidan that belonged to the fifteenth layer of the Chaotic Body.

With the breakthrough of the Chaotic Body, his strength increased qualitatively once again. Not only did his Chaotic Force become even stronger, but even his Chaotic Body evolved in all respects.

His body had become even tougher, and the defences of the Chaotic Body had reached an extremely startling level.

The only downside to all of this was that the chaotic neidan in his dantian had shrunken to a fraction of its past size.

Before the breakthrough, his chaotic neidan had already accumulated virtually inexhaustible Chaotic Force. Even if he fought at his full strength, it would take an extremely long time for it to run out.

Now that he had broken through, the tremendous Chaotic Force had been concentrated, reduced to a scant amount. It could not last several battles.

“My grievances with the Darkstar race are still unfinished, and I still have to engage in a violent clash with the Darkstar Emperor later. I need to replenish as much Chaotic Force as possible,” Jian Chen thought. He had to be well-prepared. Although he had already successfully broken through, he did not stop cultivating. Instead, he continued to ingest the remaining God Tier heavenly resources to replenish his Chaotic Force.

However, the Chaotic Force had broken through to the fifteenth layer. Due to the increase in quality, it took Jian Chen much more energy to replenish each strand of Chaotic Force compared to before.

The replenishment of his Chaotic Force became even more difficult.

Several days later, Jian Chen had consumed all the God Tier heavenly resources he had obtained from the Darkstar race’s medicinal garden as long as they could strengthen his cultivation. Despite ingesting so many God Tier heavenly resources, the chaotic neidan in his dantian did not strengthen by too much.

Having run out of cultivation resources, Jian Chen was forced to stop cultivating. He finally opened his tightly-shut eyes slowly.

The moment he opened his eyes, two streaks of sword Qi shot out of his eyes. They were almost tangible, extremely resplendent and blinding. The entire world became brighter with the appearance of the two strands of sword Qi.

Right now, it seemed like Jian Chen’s gaze was extremely sharp, radiating with vigour as if they were hiding surging sword Qi. If weaker cultivators made eye contact with him, they would feel like their eyes had been stabbed by swords, causing them extreme agony.

However, his sharp gaze did not last for too long. Very soon, his gaze returned to normal with Jian Chen’s intentional concealment. He silently sensed his strength after breaking through and could not help but become drastically more confident.

“After breaking through to the fifteenth layer, the Chaotic Force is roughly equivalent to the energy of Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes. As for the Chaotic Body…”

“With the current toughness of my Chaotic Body, attacks below the Eighth Heavenly Layer shouldn’t be able to penetrate my defences. Only attacks at the Eighth Heavenly Layer or above can injure me…”

“Apart from the Darkstar Emperor, there are no other experts who are at the Eighth Heavenly Layer or higher in the current Darkstar race. Even the publicly-recognised greatest expert among the ten divine halls, the first hall master, is only a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.”

“However, the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race all possess greater battle prowess than those from the Saints’ World. The first hall master might be able to breach the defences of my Chaotic Body barely, but it’ll be a few small scratches at most…”

Jian Chen smiled in satisfaction. He knew that right now, there was not a single existence that could threaten him anymore, whether it was from the Two World Mountains or the Darkstar race. Before he knew it, he had already become the greatest expert of this world.

Although he had already made it to the apex, Jian Chen dared not get ahead of himself, not even by a little, as he understood very well how complicated this miniature world was. After all, this was a special place two Grand Exalts created. Even the many Grand Primes of the Saints’ World, the supreme experts who stood at the apex of an entire world, could do nothing to the Darkstar World. As a result, he could not underestimate the Darkstar World.

“It’s time to find the Darkstar Emperor!” Jian Chen stood up, but at this moment, he suddenly frowned. His peaceful heart began to thump violently without any good reason.

An ominous feeling assaulted Jian Chen’s heart, which made him feel like he was facing imminent disaster. It was as if a great danger was currently pressing closer silently.

“It’s the Darkstar race!” His strength had broken through. As a late Infinite Prime, just how sharp were Jian Chen’s senses? With his comprehension of the ways of the world at an even deeper level, he only needed to think about it slightly, and he would get a vague sense of things.

After all, only the Darkstar Emperor’s cultivation realm was slightly higher than his in the Darkstar World. He might not have been able to sense and uncover those stronger than him, but he could sense it very easily if someone far weaker than him targeted him.

The disaster arrived extremely quickly. The moment Jian Chen sensed it, he discovered an invisible, mysterious power shoot through the air, descending above him instantly.

Immediately, Jian Chen felt his chest grow heavy, and his heartbeat came to a standstill. The flow of his Chaotic Force and blood was affected as well, slowing down.

This was not even the most terrifying part. What shocked Jian Chen the most was that he could already clearly sense his body gradually disappearing, starting from his feet. The flesh, tendons, bone, and skin on his feet melted away at a visible rate, constantly destroyed before being reduced to nothingness in the end.

There was no pain, nor was there any sensation. The nervous system connected to the vanished flesh and blood seemed like it had already been severed.

This was a mysterious power Jian Chen had never seen before. He could already predict that if he did not take action and try to save himself, his entire being would completely vanish from the world eventually, which was equivalent to death.

“This is a curse. The Darkstar race has actually unleashed such a terrifying curse. Don’t tell me it’s really like what the Darkstar Emperor has said, and they’ve used the entire race’s power to activate the ultimate curse their ancestor left behind?” Jian Chen’s gaze shone in an extremely shocking manner. He circulated the Chaotic Force in him as hard as possible, opposing the power of the curse with his full strength.

The curse was far too powerful, and it touched on a level simply too high, well beyond Jian Chen’s scope of understanding. As a result, even when he opposed the curse with his full strength, he was unable to stop the power from mercilessly erasing his existence. He could only buy some time at most.

At that moment, Jian Chen’s figure vanished. He had already left the area. He seemed to have fused with space completely, flying through the Two World Mountains swiftly.

He had already pushed the Laws of Space, which had just broken through to the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, to the limit. He was currently crossing through the Two World Mountains as quickly as he could to reach the Darkstar World. He refused to even waste a moment.

With each moment he wasted, the damage he would receive would become even greater and even more parts of him would be completely destroyed.

Before such a powerful curse, the recovery rate of his Chaotic Body that he took pride in was not much use at all.

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CSG will be moving to for good at the end of the month! That means you won’t be able to read it here afterwards, so please switch websites ASAP!

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