Chapter 2871: Threat of Extinction (One)

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Chapter 2871: Threat of Extinction (One)

Currently, the Two World Mountains that could make all the outsiders pale when they heard it, that the Darkstar race had deemed as a forbidden danger zone, where even the ten hall masters would not easily set foot in, seemed to become Jian Chen’s back garden.

His body merged with space, moving in a completely straight trajectory as he hurried towards the capital city as quickly as he could by following the numerous markers he had left down in the past. Along the way, even if he encountered the territories of Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts, he would pass through them fearlessly.

At this moment, he happened to appear above a Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast as he teleported through space.

Because the arrival of the curse had caught Jian Chen slightly off-guard, he was travelling at full speed, so he could not conceal his presence very well. As a result, the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast below immediately discovered him the moment he appeared.

The Life-devouring Beast immediately snapped open its eyes and raised his huge head suddenly. However, right when it opened its mouth and wanted to let out a furious roar, it suddenly blanked out.

It had clearly sensed an intruder suddenly appear right above it, but it found nothing at all when it raised its head. It was unable to sense anything either. The intruder’s presence had only appeared for an instant before vanishing completely again.

The Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast that did not possess much intelligence did not seem to understand what had happened. It stared at the empty sky blankly for quite a long while before shaking its head viciously, just treating it as a false impression as it stopped thinking about it.

As Jian Chen crossed through the Two World Mountains at full speed, the Darkstar race had already condensed the will of their entire race. Right now, in the capital city, the thirty-six major cities, and the many towns and villages, the members of the Darkstar race had all gathered on the streets, sitting on the ground and forming seals with both hands. They changed the seals rhythmically at exactly the same time as they chanted as if it was some sort of incantation.

The cold streets and walls in the surroundings were all covered with glyphs drawn with blood, thickly-dotted and innumerable.

As the members of the Darkstar race chanted, as their seals changed, the glyphs and inscriptions on the ground and walls began to light up as if it had established some sort of indescribable connection with these people of the Darkstar race.

The glyphs possessed wondrous power. As the people of the Darkstar race focused on chanting, the glyphs united their wills, which gathered towards the thirty-six major cities.

In the thirty-six major cities, thirty-six faceless statues stood at the centre of the cities. A chunk of a flesh and blood that belonged to Jian Chen was sealed within each statue.

As a result, the thirty-six faceless statues possessed some of Jian Chen’s presence to a certain degree.

Meanwhile, the power of the curse condensed from the will of the entire Darkstar race turned into an invisible, annihilating force that enveloped these faceless statues, using the presence of the flesh and blood as a medium to kill through space!

The thirty-six major cities and the capital city were all like this!

Throughout the entire Darkstar World, all members of the Darkstar race, whether old or young, took part in this process, becoming a part of the will and silently offering up their power.

At this very moment, Jian Chen could truly be regarded as opposing the entire Darkstar race. All of their citizens wanted to wipe him from existence.

Every single member of the Darkstar race had become Jian Chen’s enemy. They had become a part of the power that wanted to erase Jian Chen.

Within the capital city, the Darkstar Emperor and the ten hall masters did not participate in the curse. Currently, they all remained in their respective divine halls, ready for battle. They were stern and solemn.

Secretly, they had already cast down formations, and they had woven up powerful killing formations upon killing formations, each of which could be regarded as the ultimate trap in the eyes of the hall masters.

None of them knew whether the outsider who impersonated Kun Tian and disrupted their great ceremony would come, but they had already made preparations for any emergencies.

“Hall master Sen Ran, do you see this? We’ve already condensed the power of the entire race to cast the ultimate curse. The strength of our race is nowhere close to even a fraction of what we possessed during our prime, such that we can’t unleash the limits of the power of the ultimate curse, but this curse is enough to kill any Chaotic Prime once it’s used. You will be avenged soon,” the eighth hall master who had just ascended to the position murmured softly in the eighth divine hall.

He was originally a vice hall master of the eighth divine hall, a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

Now, he had become one of the ten hall masters!

The weakest of the ten hall masters!

“Kun Tian, you can rest in peace. Your murderer won’t be able to live for much longer…” In the tenth divine hall, Feng Xue sat in the hall master’s throne dejectedly. Her face was filled with sorrow as she murmured softly as well.

At this very moment, the space above the capital city suddenly twisted. In the next moment, extremely powerful sword intent spread out, flooding the surroundings and enveloping the entire capital city in a single moment.

Jian Chen’s figure had already appeared silently in the capital city.

But right now, his feet had already vanished. Beneath his knees, half of his lower legs had already been completely annihilated.

As he moved through space, the powerful curse followed him like his shadow, locking onto him firmly like a parasite. He was unable to break free from it no matter what.

Jian Chen did not conceal himself at all this time. A presence that belonged to the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime completely erupted, causing winds to surge through the surroundings. The many members of the Darkstar race performing the incantations immediately felt like their breaths had been sucked away under the pressure.

With the pause, the power of the curse from the capital city immediately weakened evidently.

“The ultimate curse that condenses the will of the entire race. I see now.” With Jian Chen’s insight, he only needed a single glance at the situation below to understand the composition of the curse.

At the same time, the Darkstar Emperor’s presence erupted suddenly from the Darkstar Divine Hall, appearing in the distance instantly and facing him in a stalemate.

With the Darkstar Emperor’s appearance, a triangular shield also emerged from thin air, immediately expanding in size. It turned into a colossal shield that enveloped the entire capital city, protecting the countless clansmen below.

As he stared at Jian Chen, the Darkstar Emperor’s expression became as ugly as it could get. The last thing he wished to see still ended up happening. The outsider who had destroyed all the hope of his race had still ended up breaking through with the Fruit of Nurturing Ways. His strength had already increased in an overwhelming manner.

Before breaking through, the tenacious life force he demonstrated already made him very difficult to kill. Now that his strength had increased drastically, the Darkstar Emperor saw even less chance at being able to kill him.

Behind the Darkstar Emperor, the ten divine halls glided around quickly, casting down formations upon formations instantly. At the same time, countless formations were activated in the capital city, sealing up the entire region and producing powerful pulses of energy.

When these formations enveloped the entire capital city, they also encapsulated Jian Chen.

The Darkstar race clearly knew what Jian Chen was capable of. In order to prevent Jian Chen from escaping, they had really gone to great lengths. They went as far as to include the entire capital city just to trap Jian Chen here.

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CSG will be moving to for good at the end of the month! That means you won’t be able to read it here afterwards, so please switch websites ASAP!

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