Chapter 2872: Threat of Extinction (Two)

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Chapter 2872: Threat of Extinction (Two)

“Everyone, keep him busy and use the power of the curse to kill him. He won’t be able to live for much longer!” the Darkstar Emperor ordered coldly. He had realised Jian Chen’s strength had increased drastically, and he had become even more difficult to kill. All they could do now was buy time and let the power of the curse play its role slowly.

“Hahahaha…” When he heard the Darkstar Emperor, Jian Chen could not help but laugh aloud. “Darkstar race, you’ve actually mobilised the entire race, condensing the will of the entire race to deal with me. What drastic measures you’ve taken. However, you’re still far too naive. Do you really think you can deal with me with something like this?”

“Darkstar race, since you’re using all your clansmen against me, you better not blame me for being merciless and annihilating your entire race.”

Towards the end, a hint of viciousness immediately flashed across Jian Chen’s expression. As long as the power of the curse remained, the wounds he incurred would grow more severe with each passing second. This was the situation he was in. He had no other choice.

In the next moment, Jian Chen used the ultimate will, and in that moment, the region within a hundred and twenty thousand kilometers around him all fell under his control. He became the ruler of the region, such that he could determine the fate of everything at whim.

After breaking through with the Ways of the Sword, the range of his ultimate will had grown from the original hundred thousand kilometers to one hundred and twenty thousand kilometers.

Jian Chen did not even move. He simply used his will, and in the next moment, something that struck utter terror into the hearts of the Darkstar Emperor and the ten hall masters happened.

The bodies of their numerous, chanting clansmen in the capital city rapidly collapsed, wiped from existence in the blink of an eye. Not even a single trace was left behind.

An invisible force had killed them all, leaving behind a ground splattered with blood.

The capital city instantly became a sea of blood.

After breaking through with the Laws of the Sword, Jian Chen’s ultimate sword intent had drastically strengthened. Although he was still unable to kill Infinite Primes, it was much stronger than the past. Now, when he used his ultimate will to kill Godhood cultivators, he could already achieve wiping their bodies entirely from the world.

In the blink of an eye, the capital city of the Darkstar race became a ghost city. The countless clansmen of the Darkstar race chanting along did not even manage to wail out before they vanished from the world.

In the air, the eyes of the Darkstar Emperor and all the Primordial realm experts in the capital city widened. They stared at the ground in shock and disbelief as they blanked out.

There were several tens of million people gathered in the capital city. A total of several tens of million members of the Darkstar race had been wiped from existence right under their watch just like that. This strange sight had already surpassed everyone’s imaginations, even overturning their understanding of the world.

Even someone as powerful as the Darkstar Emperor became utterly stunned in that moment, unable to return to his senses.

“W- where did you hide our clansmen…” At this moment, a vice hall master bellowed out viciously. His mind shook as his body trembled, utterly unable to accept what had unfolded before him. He was unable to face the reality that several tens of million clansmen had died already.

However, the sea of blood that flowed through the capital city and the reeking of blood that filled the surroundings bombarded their senses again and again as if it was firm evidence presenting the horrific truth right before their eyes.

“Y- y- you k- k- killed them all…” The Darkstar Emperor slowly returned to his senses. He was utterly overwhelmed as he spoke with a trembling voice as if Jian Chen had just dealt a great blow to him.

Jian Chen’s response was the exact opposite to the Darkstar race’s. There was a smear of joy on his face, as he could clearly sense that sure enough, the power of the curse on him had weakened drastically after killing the members of the Darkstar race in the capital city.

Although this had come at the cost of sacrificing tens of million members of the Darkstar race, Jian Chen did not regret it at all, nor did he feel any guilt.

After all, the great curse had been activated using the will of the Darkstar race. If he did not kill these people, the dead one in the end would just be him.

“Darkstar Emperor, with your level of cultivation, do you still need to ask me a question like that? You already know what happened.”

“In order to stop your Darkstar race’s so-called ultimate curse, I have no other choice either.”

“Darkstar Emperor, you’ve forced me to do this. You’ve forced me to annihilate your entire race. The capital city is just a beginning!” Jian Chen said coldly. With that, he immediately appeared near the edge of the formations. His body shone with light as he began attacking the formation at full strength.

Although eliminating the capital city weakened the curse slightly, the chanting in the thirty-six major cities continued, so he had to head there as soon as possible.

His body was still being destroyed. If he took too long, death would still be the only thing awaiting him.

As a result, Jian Chen did not hold back as he attacked the formation, directly erupting with his full strength.


Within the rumbling, the powerful formations that the upper echelon of the Darkstar race cast down around the capital city immediately began trembling violently. Soon afterwards, there were a series of cracks. Jian Chen had destroyed a total of three powerful formations with a single strike.

The eyes of the upper echelon of the Darkstar race narrowed, shocked by this sight.

They had paid an extremely great price to cast down every single formation around the capital city. As a matter of fact, they had even taken out a few precious items they had treasured for many years, just so they could push the strength of the formations to the limit.

As a result, every single formation was exceptionally powerful, enough to block the attack of Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes. Some of the formations could even block a few strikes from a newly-broken-through Chaotic Prime.

But right now, Jian Chen had used a single strike to destroy three of them, demonstrating supreme strength that completely overturned their understanding and immediately leaving the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race panic-stricken.

This meant the strength that the outsider right before them could erupt with had already reached Chaotic Prime.


At this moment, a huge seal flew over, smashing towards Jian Chen with surging energy.

The Darkstar Emperor took action, attacking with the seal to stop Jian Chen from breaking out of the formations.

At the same time, the ten hall masters returned to their respective divine halls. Every single divine hall shone brilliantly as the energy stored in them depleted at an extremely terrifying rate, reinforcing the formations with the power of the divine halls.

In that very moment, all of the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race were doing everything that they could. They were not hoping to kill Jian Chen, only to trap him in the formations so that the power of the curse could slowly play its role.

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