Chapter 2873: Threat of Extinction (Three)

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Chapter 2873: Threat of Extinction (Three)

Jian Chen obviously understood what the Darkstar race was trying to do, but he was no longer the same as before. His breakthrough in the Ways of the Sword had strengthened him in all aspects. He had truly evolved. Even though he was still an Infinite Prime, his actual battle prowess had completely reached Chaotic Prime.

Even among the two large worlds swarming with experts, the Immortals’ World and Saints’ World, Chaotic Primes were experts that reigned over an entire region. Even among peak organisations that stood at the apex of a plane with Grand Primes, Chaotic Primes were still figures equivalent to great elders, possessing great status and authority.

Now, Jian Chen had become one of them!

With the Darkstar race’s current strength, how difficult would it be to trap an expert on par with a Chaotic Prime?

Jian Chen swung his fists, and Chaotic Force surged through his body, completely demonstrating the toughness of the Chaotic Body. With a simple punch, he shattered space before landing viciously against the seal destructively.


With a great rumble, terrifying pulses of energy poured out into the surroundings. The recently repaired capital city was reduced to ruins once again. At the same time, the formations around the capital city shook violently under the great force, rapidly depleting their energy.

After all, this was equivalent to a clash between Chaotic Primes. This was on a completely different level compared to when Jian Chen disrupted the great ceremony.

Jian Chen had knocked away the Darkstar Emperor’s seal. The seal dimmed, and the powerful energy condensed around it had already been dispersed.

The power behind a punch from Jian Chen could completely suppress the Darkstar Emperor’s medium quality god artifact.

Of course, this did not mean a medium quality god artifact was weak. However, a medium quality god artifact could only unleash its full strength in the hands of a Chaotic Prime, so it clearly was unable to demonstrate its glory in the Darkstar Emperor’s hands.

Moreover, the medium quality god artifact was not in perfect condition. It was a damaged god artifact, so its might had been further reduced.

The Darkstar Emperor was stern. With a wave of his hand, the triangular shield turned into a streak of light and shot over, swinging towards Jian Chen with lightning speed like a thin blade.

At the same time, the Darkstar Emperor took a step and appeared before Jian Chen instantly. As his energy surged, the huge, blurry figure of a fist appeared behind him. The figure of the fist overlapped with his presence, pushing the Darkstar Emperor’s energies to the limit and allowing him to throw a brilliant punch.

This was not a God Tier Battle Skill, but a powerful secret technique. As the Darkstar Emperor punched out, the energy in the surroundings was drawn over wildly, allowing the force behind his punch to skyrocket too.

Jian Chen’s gaze was sharp, and his face was frosty. He suddenly turned around and condensed Chaotic Force into his right hand, reaching out. With a heavy thud from the collision of energy, he had already caught the blade-like triangular shield firmly.

At the same time, he formed a sword with his right hand. Immediately, raging sword Qi condensed, radiating with blinding light as it collided with the Darkstar Emperor.


The rumble from the collision this time was even more violent than the previous clash. All of the formations that enveloped the place shook violently. Even the ten divine halls that hovered in the air trembled violently.

Following the strike, the Darkstar Emperor drifted back uncontrollably, except this was the first time he had been forced back when clashing with Jian Chen.

Jian Chen also came to a halt and shuddered, stumbling three steps backwards. The Darkstar Emperor’s strike had also reached Chaotic Prime. Although it paled slightly in comparison to Jian Chen’s, it could still shake him up.

After repelling the Darkstar Emperor, Jian Chen immediately turned around and attacked the formations behind him with full strength. He blazed with sword Qi as Chaotic Force circulated through his body rapidly. He launched a full-strength attack at the formations.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Like that, Jian Chen destroyed another three formations. Out of the twelve formations the Darkstar race cast down, only six remained.

As he watched the formations that trapped Jian Chen rapidly lessen, the Darkstar Emperor felt a sense of anxiety for once. Jian Chen’s increase in strength had completely surpassed the Darkstar Emperor’s expectations. Against the current Jian Chen, even the Darkstar Emperor who had always been so confident in himself in the past, believing himself to be invincible, felt helpless for the first time.

We have to stop him, or once he breaks free, it’ll be the end of our race with his ability that can massacre millions of our clansmen at once.” The Darkstar Emperor made up his mind inside. Spitting out a mouthful of essence blood, the seal hovering before him immediately erupted with light. The pressure of a medium quality god artifact radiated out mightily before piercing through space and immediately looming over Jian Chen’s head.

“You might be able to momentarily unleash its former glory, but what can you do about the artifact spirit that is already dead? And, you can only launch a single strike, so what can you do to me?” Sensing the Darkstar Emperor repeating an old trick, Jian Chen let out a sneer. Turning into a sword, he directly stabbed at the seal with surging might.


With a great rumble, large swathes of space became covered in cracks. The seal that originally loomed over Jian Chen and crushed towards him had been thrown high into the sky.

As for Jian Chen, the sword Qi around him dimmed, and he fell out of the sky, smashing into the ground heavily.

But in the next moment, he immediately charged back into the air. His presence surged, showing no signs of weakening. He ignored the Darkstar Emperor and erupted with sword Qi again. He seemed to turn into a sword as he shot towards the formations as a streak of light.

The first formation, destroyed!

The second formation, destroyed!

The third formation, destroyed!

The fourth formation, destroyed!

This time, Jian Chen was like a hot knife through butter, shattering a total of four formations. As a result, only two formations that imprisoned him here remained.

But with the delay, the injuries he sustained from the curse became heavier. On his legs, the flesh that had been completely annihilated had already reached his knees.

Everything below his knees had already vanished. He basically seemed like a disabled person.

Oh no!” Seeing how they had lost four formations in a single moment, the Darkstar Emperor’s expression changed immediately.

At the same time, Jian Chen suddenly targeted the Darkstar Emperor with his palm and unleashed the Laws of Space at full strength.

In the next moment, the Darkstar Emperor felt his surroundings change. The familiar scenery had vanished completely, and Jian Chen had disappeared from his vision. Caught off-guard, he had been teleported away by Jian Chen through the Laws of Space, moved to somewhere else.

The Darkstar Emperor immediately placed in anger, but at this moment, Jian Chen launched another full-powered strike. Sword Qi combined with destructive Chaotic Force smashed against the last two formations.

Immediately, cracks riddled the formations. As the energy within the sword Qi was released and the attacks on par with Chaotic Primes slammed against the formations again and again, even the ten divine halls that hovered in the air shook violently.

Under the violent shaking, a few cracks appeared again within the interiors of the ten divine halls that were damaged already.

The appearance of the cracks seemed to be a sign that the formations that used the ten divine halls as their crucial points had reached their limit. Finally, with a thunk, the final formations that blocked Jian Chen shattered loudly as well.

All of the formations were gone. Jian Chen seemed to become a soaring hawk once again, no longer tied down. The Laws of Space pulsed, and he had already vanished, rushing towards the next city as quickly as he could.

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