Chapter 2874: Threat of Extinction (Four)

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Chapter 2874: Threat of Extinction (Four)

Jian Chen’s departure made the expressions of the Darkstar Emperor and all the Primordial realm experts in the ten divine halls change drastically.

The Darkstar Emperor immediately closed his eyes, merging his soul with the surroundings and establishing a wondrous connection with the Darkstar World. A while later, he seemed to detect something, snapping open his eyes and saying, “That way. It’s Duoye City that’s the closest from here. He must have gone to Duoye City.”

“Let’s go to Duoye City immediately!” The Darkstar Emperor waved his hand, and a teleportation formation disc immediately appeared out of nowhere. With a flash, he stepped into the formation disc and vanished.

The ten hall masters and the various vice hall masters all emerged from their respective divine halls. All of their faces were extremely ugly, worried with their hearts weighing heavily. Carrying the shrunken divine halls with them, they followed the Darkstar Emperor into the teleportation formation.

During the days Jian Chen spent breaking through in the Two World Mountains, the Darkstar race had already made many arrangements against a situation like today. They had even prepared several dozen teleportation formation discs like the one the Darkstar Emperor had used just now, connected to the thirty-six major cities.

They had come up with this plan to prevent Jian Chen from hitting and running with the Laws of Space and taking down the thirty-six major cities one by one.

With these teleportation formation discs, no matter which city Jian Chen went to, the experts of the Darkstar race could make it there before him and wait for him to arrive.

And, in order to prevent Jian Chen from leaving through the teleportation formations in the major cities, the Darkstar Emperor had even ordered all the teleportation formations to be shut. All of the functional teleportation formations in the Darkstar World were now in the possession of the Darkstar Emperor and the upper echelon of the Darkstar race.

Although they possessed this advantage, Jian Chen’s ability to massacre an entire city with merely a thought still cast a shadow over the hearts of the upper echelon.

Within Duoye City, one of the thirty-six major cities of the Darkstar race.

Currently, the countless members of the Darkstar race in Duoye City sat on the ground and chanted. They constantly changed their hand seals, offering up their strength to the ultimate curse.

At this moment, the Darkstar Emperor’s figure suddenly appeared over Duoye City. Following him, the hall masters and vice hall masters all arrived too.

The moment they arrived, they immediately unleashed the ten divine halls before flying into the divine halls and falling into formation.

Only the Darkstar Emperor hovered in the air alone, facing the direction of the capital city, ready for battle.

“It’s the emperor and the ten hall masters. Weren’t they watching over the capital city? Why have they all come to our Duoye City? D- don’t tell me the terrifyingly-powerful outsider is currently making his way towards our Duoye City?” The city lord of Duoye City immediately detected the Darkstar Emperor and everyone else’s presence and became stunned.

The expressions of the vice city lords standing beside the city lord all changed again and again. Immediately, a vice hall master ordered, “Hundred and eight kings, fall into the Formation of the Hundred Kings immediately. Thirty-six lords, use the Heaven’s Net Formation right now. Activate all of the formations in Duoye City!”

Hearing the vice city lord’s arrangements, the city lord shook his head helplessly and said, “It’s useless. The outsider is an existence even more powerful than the first hall master. Before him, even if we use all the strength our city can offer, we cannot even pose the slightest threat to him. Right now, all we can do is pray the outsider arrives a little later. The more time passes, the greater the harm the curse will cause.”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the city lord’s face changed drastically. A tremendous presence suddenly descended, enveloping the entire city instantly with raging killing intent.

Jian Chen’s figure had already silently appeared several tens of thousand kilometers away from Duoye City.

“We cannot allow him to enter the city, or the clansmen in Duoye City will be in danger. I’ll go out and keep him busy. Ten hall masters, immediately fall into formation and protect Duoye City. The formation assembled from the ten divine halls can stop his Laws of Space,” the Darkstar Emperor bellowed out and immediately approached Jian Chen.

The hall masters and vice hall masters immediately channeled their energy into the divine halls, wanting to unleash the formation again.

Several tens of thousand kilometers away from Duoye City, Jian Chen hovered in the air with no plans of getting any closer to the city. He simply stared in the direction of Duoye City with a gaze filled with icy killing intent.

In the next moment, his ultimate will spread out, enveloping Duoye City in a single instant before activating.

Inside Duoye City, before the ten divine halls could even fall into formation, the countless members of the Darkstar race had already vanished completely. It was like they had vapoursed on the spot. They did not even leave any remains behind. Only the sea composed of blood flooded the streets and alleyways, giving off a sharp, sanguine stench.

In that moment, everyone in Duoye City, including the hundred and eight kings, the thirty-six lords, the vice city lords, and the city lord, had been annihilated.

With the massacre of Duoye City, the power of the ultimate curse on Jian Chen weakened once again.

Seeing this, the hall masters and vice hall master in the ten divine halls who had not managed to fall into formation yet were all devastated, while the Darkstar Emperor could not help but let out a furious and sorrowful howl.

However, Jian Chen did not care about how they felt. He did not have much time left. He could not even waste a second, so after massacring Duoye City, he immediately left through the Laws of Space.

“Flying Phoenix City! He’s gone to Flying Phoenix City! Quick, rush over these as fast as possible…” The Darkstar Emperor roared furiously and tossed out another teleportation formation disc from his Space Ring, leading the Primordial realm experts to Flying Phoenix City.

The Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race understood Jian Chen’s ultimate will better and better with his consecutive use. As a result, the hall masters immediately fell into formation as quickly as they could regardless of the cost when they arrived, enveloping the entire city.

With their two experiences from before, they already possessed a vague understanding of the limit of Jian Chen’s ultimate will. It could only be used against cultivators at Godhood and below. As long as they had stepped into the Primordial realm, then the power that could instantly massacre all would immediately be rendered useless.

At the same time, if the formation were powerful enough, they could block off this power that seemed to be able to kill everything.

Very soon, the formation of the ten divine halls was established, but when Jian Chen arrived at Flying Phoenix City, he did not waste any time with the Darkstar Emperor at all. When the Darkstar Emperor charged at Jian Chen aggressively, Jian Chen instead chose to dodge with the Laws of Space. Then he launched a strand of sword Qi on par with Chaotic Prime at the formation the ten divine halls cast down.

Back then in the capital city, even the numerous formations the ten divine halls had taken their time in arranging were unable to stop Jian Chen, so how could the formation they had created in a hurry block the powerful attack of a Chaotic Prime?

With a rumble, the formation protecting Soaring Phoenix City shattered. In the next moment, Jian Chen’s ultimate will advanced and reduced Soaring Phoenix City into a ghost city instantly.

The Darkstar Emperor and the ten hall masters had almost widened their eyes to the point where their eyelids would be torn apart with the consecutive destruction of three cities. All of their eyes were bloodshot as the fury and killing intent they experienced inside had already reached blithering levels.

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