Chapter 2875: The Survival Embers Plan

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Chapter 2875: The Survival Embers Plan

Flying Phoenix City was not the final destination. The thirty-six major cities of the Darkstar race fell one after another. In a short period of time, over twenty major cities had been completely reduced to ghost cities.

Although the Darkstar Emperor would often be able to make it to the next city before Jian Chen arrived, it was useless. Despite everything he was capable of, despite everything he could think of, he was simply unable to stop Jian Chen from massacring cities.

Whether the ten divine halls worked together and defended or took the offence, they were unable to stop the destruction city after city.

Before Jian Chen’s ultimate will, all they could achieve was protect themselves and prevent themselves from being harmed. They were unable to protect their clansmen.

During his journey between the major cities, Jian Chen ran into a few towns and villages scattered in the various regions of the Darkstar race, and he discovered all the members of the Darkstar race in these towns and villages also partook in the ultimate curse.

However, none of these towns and villages had statues. They only used the incantations of the ultimate curse to deliver their will to the thirty-six major cities before using the faceless statues in the major cities as a medium to imbue Jian Chen with the power of the great curse.

As a result, Jian Chen ignored these people in the towns and villages. His primary target was still the thirty-six major cities.

He had discovered a long time ago that as long as he brought a major city to ruins and destroyed the statue that served as the medium, the wills from the towns and villages were unable to gather together, much less find him in the vast world.

The destruction of over twenty major cities weakened the curse on Jian Chen very much, but the power from the remaining dozen or so cities continued to eat away at his flesh and blood.

By now, everything below Jian Chen’s knees had already vanished. Even half of his thighs had already vanished.

And, as time went on, the destruction gradually spread towards his waist.

The gates of death were growing closer and closer to him.

“Hahaha, Darkstar race, I’d like to see whether it’s you who destroy me first, or it’s me who destroys your Darkstar race first…” After annihilating another city, Jian Chen’s figure vanished as he laughed aloud, leaving behind the fuming Darkstar Emperor and the upper echelon.

They hovered above the empty major city with faces pale from anger. As they experienced uncontrollable fury, they also felt extremely powerless.

Even the Darkstar Emperor who believed himself to be invincible felt deeply defeated.

“He’s destroying cities faster and faster. If this continues, the thirty-six major cities will probably be destroyed before the curse kills him,” the first hall master said sternly. With the destruction of over twenty major cities, the amount of clansmen who died in such a short amount of time already reached into the billions. By now, Jian Chen had already become a demon in his eyes.

“Your majesty, we can no longer stop him. Should we continue…” The seventh hall master Getti spoke up with a bitter expression.

Among the ten hall masters, he hated the outsiders the most, and his killing intent towards Jian Chen was unprecedentedly intense. But right now, he truly experienced cold feet. He already felt fear.

“He has the Laws of Space. Even if we have the remaining major cities continue with the curse, as long as we don’t kill him off entirely, even if he’s reduced to a mere head, he’ll have a chance to escape. As for our race, we’ll have to pay a price that involves the destruction of the remaining major cities and the lives of billions of clansmen,” the second hall master spoke up too. With how everything had developed, all the hall masters were considering backing down.

They could all tell that if this continued, the outsider might not necessarily die, but their race faced the risk of extinction.

The Darkstar Emperor clenched his fists. His sharp nails already dug deeply into his flesh. At a closer glance, it was possible to see that he was gently shaking all over.

This was from utter fury. The Darkstar Emperor’s hatred and killing intent towards Jian Chen had reached the point where it could drown out the heavens and destroy the entire world a long time ago.

He did not rush off to the next city. Instead, he remained where he was. His eyes that had become completely blood-red flickered violently with red light. He seemed to be facing an intense conflict inside.

Only a while later did he slowly close his eyes. After exhaling deeply, he gritted his teeth. “Carry out the Survival Embers Plan!”

In order to deal with Jian Chen, the Darkstar Emperor had come up with many plans. Not only did the plans cover offence, defence, and many strategies for sudden twists, but there were also plans to be carried out for survival in the event that the Darkstar race was unable to defeat Jian Chen.

This plan was known as Survival Embers!

As soon as they heard the Survival Embers plan being mentioned, all of the hall masters and vice hall masters became filled with dejection, but all of them understood they no longer had any other choice given the current circumstances.

In the Darknight City, the newly-appointed city lord managed the curse of the entire city. Even he himself formed seals with his hands and partook in the chanting, condensing his will to offer up a part of his power to the curse.

At this moment, the city lord’s heart skipped a beat. He immediately took out his city lord’s tablet and saw nine simple glyphs engraved on the tablet.

Among the nine glyphs, the first eight were dim, but the ninth shone brightly.

“The ninth glyph’s shining. T- this means we’re supposed to carry out the Survival Embers plan…” As he stared at the shining ninth glyph, the city lord’s face suddenly changed drastically. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

But soon afterwards, he returned to his senses and stood up. His voice erupted, “Everyone in the city, listen up! Carry out the Survival Embers plan! Stop the curse immediately and flee from the city as quickly as you can…”

Immediately, all the members of the Darkstar race in the city became momentarily stunned before scattering like birds and beasts, fleeing in all directions.

It was also at this moment that Jian Chen’s figure suddenly appeared over the city. His flooding presence enveloped the entire place instantly.

As he gazed at the people fleeing in all directions, he could not help himself as his lips curled into a sneer. “Escape? Do you think you can escape like this?” His ultimate will immediately spread out, enveloping a radius of a hundred and twenty thousand kilometers.

However, right when he was about to massacre the fleeing members of the Darkstar race, he sensed sharply that the curse on him actually began to weaken drastically.

Looks like the Darkstar race had already stopped trying to kill me with the curse. They’ve finally learnt fear.” As he gazed at the scattering members of the Darkstar race, Jian Chen showed a hint of hesitation.

When he destroyed city after city earlier, that was due to his circumstances. He was forced to do that, or he would be the one who died.

But now, the Darkstar race had already given up on killing him through the curse. He found it rather difficult to continue killing these regular members of the Darkstar race.

After all, this was not the matter of a life or two, but the matter of tens of millions. As a matter of fact, some of the more populous major cities even had over a hundreds million of people.

He was not a softhearted person. In his heart, he had no good impression of the Darkstar race, but he had already killed enough members of the Darkstar race today, and many of them were innocent to him.

“The only people who harmed Sacredfeather are the upper echelon of the Darkstar race. Even if I want revenge, I should go and find the ten divine halls and the Darkstar Emperor.” Jian Chen sighed inside. At the end of the day, he was unable to bring himself to wipe out an entire race when his life was no longer under threat.

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