Chapter 2876: Conversation

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Chapter 2876: Conversation


With a great rumble, Jian Chen destroyed the faceless statue in Darknight City before immediately leaving and continuing to the next city.

Although the remaining major cities had already stopped the curse, there were still many towns and villages scattered about. The members of the Darkstar race in these towns and villages had not stopped the curse.

As a result, the power of the curse gathered from the towns and villages continued to use the faceless statues as a medium to curse Jian Chen.

Only by destroying all the statues in the thirty-six major cities would the curse be completely disrupted.

Jian Chen’s Laws of Space had already reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, while his travel speed had completely surpassed regular Chaotic Primes already. As a result, even though the major cities of the Darkstar race were spread extremely far from one another, Jian Chen still managed to visit them one by one in a short time.

With the destruction of the last statue, Jian Chen immediately felt his entire body lighten up. In that moment, the curse that the Darkstar race had cast on him completely vanished.

Even though there were still countless members of the Darkstar race continuing with the ritual of the ultimate curse in the many towns and villages, the power created dispersed in the surroundings, unable to find its target without the statues as a medium.

The statue in Blacklight City was the last one Jian Chen had destroyed.

By now, Blacklight City had already emptied out long ago. All the people in the city had retreated when they received the orders from the upper echelon to carry out the Survival Embers plan.

However, they did not travel too far away. Instead, they scattered within ten thousand kilometers of the city, hiding away carefully and gazing at the city in the distance.

Many of them believed this was already a safe-enough distance.

In the city lord’s estate, Jian Chen’s flesh from his missing legs hovered above the roof. Right before him was a cluster of flesh and blood that radiated with the presence of Chaotic Force, wrapped in an invisible power and hovering in the air.

The flesh and blood had been gathered from the statues as Jian Chen destroyed them one by one. They were also the medium the Darkstar race had used to lock onto him.

Jian Chen extended his hand slowly. When his hand came into contact with the remains, the cluster of flesh and blood containing powerful energy and vital energy immediately withered away at a visible rate. Jian Chen had absorbed all of the energy within the flesh.

After recovering all of his lost energy, Jian Chen pointed out gently, and the withered flesh before him immediately turned to dust.

Afterwards, Jian Chen remained in Blacklight City and mobilised the small, remaining portion of Chaotic Force in his body to heal his wounds. His legs that the power of the curse had eaten away began to grow back slowly.

At this moment, the Darkstar Emperor’s figure silently appeared above Blacklight City with a powerful teleportation force. The ten hall masters, all the vice hall masters, and even the five Infinite Prime city lords all appeared behind him.

In that moment, all the Primordial realm experts from the Darkstar race appeared there, without a single missing.

Everyone stared at Jian Chen with raging hatred.

However, none of them did anything. Instead, their gazes were all drawn away by Jian Chen’s legs that were slowly regrowing as their heads pounded violently.

Jian Chen did nothing as well. He merely hovered in the air emotionlessly, silently keeping an eye over the Chaotic Force that was being rapidly depleted in his dantian while sensing his regrowing legs.

“Has Kun Tian already been killed by you?” The tenth hall master Feng Xue asked suddenly. She gritted her teeth as she stared firmly at Jian Chen with hate-filled eyes.

“That’s right. I already killed Kun Tian back in the Land of Soul Destruction.” Raising his gaze and looking at Feng Xue, Jian Chen could not help but think of all the sincere feelings Feng Xue had shown Kun Tian during the days he impersonated Kun Tian, which made him sigh inside.

As if she had been struck by lightning, Feng Xue trembled violently.

Although she had already guessed this result, she still clung onto her fantasies a little, wondering whether the real Kun Tian had been trapped or not and whether it was because of some other reasons that he was unable to show himself.

But now, Jian Chen’s firm statement immediately shattered all of Feng Xue’s hopes, tearing her apart in grief.

“Why? Why did you kill Kun Tian? Why did you oppose our Darkstar race? If you wanted high grade Godking grass, if you wanted Ancestral Sacred Earth, our Darkstar race could provide it to you. We can even just give you the Fruit of Nurturing Ways we’ve grown after so much difficulty, but just why did you have to oppose our Darkstar race?” Feng Xue screamed with a shrill voice.

“If you really needed high grade Godking grass and Ancestral Sacred Earth, we would have exchanged all of our supply for our hall master’s life without even batting an eye, but just why did you have to kill our hall master?” Dou Wujin of the fifth divine hall said. He was pained inside and felt humiliated. Who would have thought the fifth hall master he respected and admired all this time would actually be an outsider in disguise?

“All I want to know is exactly what grievances exist between our race and you, and why you deliberately infiltrated our race and disrupted our great ceremony. Don’t tell me you’re under the orders of the Wood Spirits?” the Darkstar Emperor asked. His voice was extremely stern as he asked the questions that had bothered him all this time.

“Hahaha, you’re actually asking me what grievances exist between us? Looks like even right now, you still have no idea who is truly responsible for the failure of your great ceremony.” Jian Chen laughed. This was the first conversation he held with the Darkstar race ever since he exposed his identity.

Afterwards, he took out the divine hall he carried on him and said, “You should all be familiar with the divine beast I saved, but you definitely don’t know what kind of relationship exists between the divine beast and me. He’s as close to me as a brother. You can even call him my family.”

When he reached there, Jian Chen suddenly became rather emotional. The killing intent that had already faded in his eyes erupted once more at this moment. He pointed at the people from the Darkstar race and scolded, “As for you, you actually harmed my family, my brother, using such cruel methods to drain him of his essence blood. In the end, you even wanted to sacrifice my brother’s life just for the success of your great ceremony.”

“I originally had no grievances with your Darkstar race. The reason why you had to carry out this great ceremony or whatever it is had nothing to do with me either. However, you should have never, ever captured my brother as an offering. Your Darkstar race asked for all of this.”

“I see. I’ve already considered the possibility of the divine beast possessing a great background, except the Darkstar World is cut off from all the experts from the outside world, so no threats can scare us in here. It’s just that we never considered the divine beast would actually have a Primordial realm expert who can set foot in the Darkstar World behind him,” the Darkstar Emperor said calmly, without even a hint of regret. He stared straight at Jian Chen and said, “Outsider, with the strength you’ve demonstrated today, you already possess the right to negotiate with me, so why don’t we make a deal?”

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