Chapter 2877: A Grand Exalt’s Bone

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Chapter 2877: A Grand Exalt’s Bone

“A deal?” Jian Chen was surprised. He stared at the Darkstar Emperor with a slight smile and said, “What kind of deal do you want to make with me?”

Your majesty, why waste words on him? Although our ultimate curse failed to wipe him from existence, it has still caused him heavy injuries. Why aren’t we taking advantage of the fact that his legs haven’t recovered and how he’s not in peak condition to finish him off? He might be powerful, but we have several dozen Primordial realm experts here after all. If we pay a small price, it’s not exactly impossible,” the seventh hall master Getti said secretly to the Darkstar Emperor. His eyes were fixed on Jian Chen’s healing legs as he became more and more frantic. He felt like the fantastic opportunity to kill Jian Chen was gradually slipping away.

Your majesty, we gathered the will of the entire race to cast the ultimate curse and managed to make him lose his legs after so much difficulty. If we continue to give him time to recover, then our ultimate curse would have achieved nothing. We can’t let him catch his breath…” The sixth hall master said to the Darkstar Emperor as well.

The Darkstar Emperor shook his head gently. He enveloped everyone in the power of his soul, and his dignified voice boomed out in their heads. “Your thoughts are far too simple. The outsider before you is even more difficult to deal with than you think. Even before he broke through, it would have been a difficult feat for me to kill him. Now, his strength has exploded. He’s no longer any weaker than me. Even though I refuse to accept this, I must admit that I no longer possess the ability to kill him.

As for his missing legs, you have absolutely no idea how powerful his body is. Even with his legs missing, his strength won’t be affected too much. All we can do right now is use a different strategy against him.

The hall masters and vice hall masters all fell silent with what the Darkstar Emperor said. At the same time, they recalled the strength that Jian Chen had demonstrated when he destroyed their formations in the capital city so quickly. They felt powerless from the bottom of their hearts.

The Darkstar Emperor’s expression gradually settled down. Since he had decided to use a different strategy for the current situation, his mindset rapidly changed. He stared at Jian Chen with interest and said slowly, “I haven’t been to your Saints’ World before, but I do know a little about the vile nature of people in your Saints’ World. Your Saints’ World has always held to the extreme principle of survival that strength reigns supreme and personal interests come above everything else. When the benefits are tempting enough, you people can even turn against your very own brothers without batting an eye. It’s even possible to make loving couples kill one another.”

“As for the deal I want to make with you, I’ll be offering a treasure that you won’t be able to decline, or even will be afraid to decline, in exchange for something in your possession.”

When the Darkstar Emperor reached there, Jian Chen’s eyes coldened. He had already vaguely guessed what the Darkstar Emperor wanted from him.

But before he could respond, the Darkstar Emperor continued, “I’ll use a bone from the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits to exchange for the divine beast. Outsider, first of all, you aren’t even connected to the divine beast by blood. Moreover, with your battle prowess at Chaotic Prime, a measly Godking divine beast is nowhere near enough for you to go so far.”

“As for a bone from the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits, I think you know extremely well how rare and precious it is. I’ll use a Grand Exalt’s bone to buy your friendship with the divine beast. Not only will you not lose out, but it’ll even be a great opportunity for you instead.”

The Darkstar Emperor stood with his arms behind his back, staring straight at Jian Chen. He was filled with confidence. Just like what he had said, the condition he put forward was irresistible to any Chaotic Prime of the Saints’ World.

Let alone Chaotic Primes, even some Grand Primes would be willing to turn against their closest friends and family for this.

After all, this was a Grand Exalt’s bone. It could definitely be regarded as a supreme treasure.

“A bone of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits? Sure enough, your Darkstar race is wealthy. I didn’t think you’d even be in possession of something like a Grand Exalt’s bone. However, trading a Grand Exalt’s bone for Sacredfeather’s life is nowhere near enough,” Jian Chen said.

The Darkstar Emperor frowned. “Not enough? Then I’ll add…”

“Hmph, even if you offer up your entire race, it’ll be nowhere near enough to even get a finger from Sacredfeather. It’s hilarious to think that you’re still trying to take Sacredfeather away from me just so that you can continue with your so-called great ceremony.” Jian Chen sneered.

“Outsider, you better not push your luck. Do you really think our race is powerless against you? You should know about the Virtuous Sage of Heaven, right? If you really offend our race through and through, we’ll be able to make you die a graveless death even after you’ve returned to the Saints’ World. It won’t just be you. Even the clan or organisation behind you won’t be spared,” Getti could not help but bellow furiously.

Jian Chen’s gaze landed on Getti, and he sneered. “Getti, the seventh hall master, as well as Kun Tian’s greatest enemy. So be it. Since I’ve used Kun Tian’s identity for such a long time, it’s about time I did some things for him. Sacredfeather too. The person who truly harmed you in the past still hasn’t paid the price yet.”

As Jian Chen murmured to himself, the Darkstar Emperor’s expression immediately changed slightly. He knew something bad was about to happen.

But by now, Jian Chen had already appeared before Getti silently. Under Getti’s fear-stricken gaze, Jian Chen erupted with sword Qi instantly and enveloped Getti.

The Darkstar Emperor roared out furiously, directly hurling a fist over with lightning speed. With a thunderous sound, it tore through space as it hurtled towards Jian Chen.

Within the sword Qi, Jian Chen also threw a punch in response. Chaotic Force circulated through his fist as sharp sword Qi erupted in all directions, colliding with the Darkstar Emperor’s punch.


With a thud, the powerful energy turned into a storm and swept away all the Primordial realm experts in the surroundings.

This was a clash at Chaotic Prime. Even the residual shockwaves were devastating. Blacklight City below had been flattened completely, unable to put up a fight at all before the energy.

At this moment, the sword Qi around Jian Chen vanished, revealing the seventh hall master Getti’s figure. However, there was an extremely small wound on his forehead with blood flowing out.

“Y- you killed Getti.” The Darkstar Emperor erupted in fury. His gaze became extremely terrifying. He could tell with a single glance that Getti was already dead, his soul wiped out.

Given Jian Chen’s great strength that was already on par with Chaotic Primes, it truly only took him a flick to kill a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

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