Chapter 2878: The Darkest Day

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Chapter 2878: The Darkest Day

“Are you angry? Are you furious?” Jian Chen stared at the Darkstar Emperor with a sneer. He felt completely satisfied inside.

When the Darkstar race carried out the great ceremony, he had clashed with the Darkstar Emperor, but back then, he primarily did it to save Sacredfeather and block the Darkstar Emperor so that the Fruit of Nurturing Ways had enough time to ripen.

This time, he had consecutively destroyed over twenty major cities of the Darkstar race. However, that was only to stop the Darkstar race’s ultimate curse so that he could save his own hide.

As a result, Jian Chen believed that Sacredfeather still had not been avenged.

During the past few days, Sacredfeather had been drained of all of his essence blood, enduring brutal and inhumane torture. This grievance could be described as a feud of death. He had to avenge Sacredfeather.

He had to achieve justice for Sacredfeather.

At the same time, he also had to make the Darkstar race pay a heavy price.

Disrupting the great ceremony, stealing the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, and destroying over twenty major cities was still nowhere near enough!

“I’ve only killed a hall master, and you’ve already become so furious. Won’t what happens next break you mentally?” Jian Chen sneered as the killing intent in his eyes intensified. With a flash, he immediately appeared beside the vice hall master of the seventh divine hall, An Lie.

As if he had seen a ghost, An Lie immediately paled from fright. Undisguisable fear and panic filled his eyes as he immediately retreated as fast as possible.

Against an expert that even the Darkstar Emperor was helpless against, An Lie could not even consider resisting anymore. The only response that filled his brain was to flee!

To flee as quickly as he could!

However, the space around him had already changed. Although he was retreating as quickly as possible, he remained where he was, unable to break free from the spatial restraints.

It felt like the space around him had already been indefinitely stretched out.

“Stop!” The Darkstar Emperor roared furiously, immediately taking action to save An Lie.

The life of every Primordial realm expert in the Darkstar race was as precious as treasure. Every single loss they suffered would tremendously impact the Darkstar race’s strength. As An Lie faced danger, the Darkstar Emperor immediately tensed up.

But what could he do? Jian Chen was already no weaker than the Darkstar Emperor now, even surpassing him. Under these circumstances, it was obviously riddled with difficulty for the Darkstar Emperor to save An Lie.

In the next moment, a spatial blade appeared in the space around An Lie and vanished with a flash. An Lie’s head immediately split open, his soul slashed apart and reduced to nothing.

An Lie had died!

Before breaking through, Jian Chen’s Laws of Space had only just reached Infinite Prime. Laws of Space at that level were nowhere near enough to threaten a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes like An Lie.

But now, with his comprehension elevated to the Eighth Heavenly Layer, the Laws of Space that he could only use to travel in the past immediately became a powerful method of attack.

Jian Chen blocked the Darkstar Emperor’s attack before pointing at the other vice hall master of the seventh divine hall, Kasol.

In the next moment, the space that Kasol resided in suddenly collapsed. A fist-sized, black hole appeared, together with sharp blades transformed from the powers of space, sweeping through the area.

Kasol vanished as he let out a miserable shriek.

Kasol had died. He did not even leave behind a corpse. He had completely vanished.

Two vice hall masters had died in the blink of an eye, which made the remaining hall masters and vice hall masters tremble with fear. The terrifying, undefeatable strength that Jian Chen had displayed already struck fear into all the vice hall masters.

The Darkstar Emperor’s face was extremely sunken. Killing intent filled his eyes as he attacked Jian Chen with his seal at full strength. He unleashed secret techniques one after another, erupting with devastating might.

At the same time, the hall masters and vice hall masters all took action. The lengthy time they had spent cultivating allowed them to grasp many God Tier Battle Skills and secret techniques. In that moment, many God Tier Battle Skills and secret techniques were used. The surroundings immediately became filled with pressure as the powerful energy turned into wild storms, wreaking havoc everywhere.

Faced with the attacks of several dozen Primordial realm experts, Jian Chen did not try to dodge or evade at all. He simply emitted a streak of resplendent light, dispersing the first hall master’s attack from afar.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…

Immediately, Jian Chen was swallowed up by the attacks from the several dozen Primordial realm experts.

The hall masters and vice hall masters all beamed with joy, as they all saw that Jian Chen was unprotected. He had used his body to endure their attacks.

Fantastic! Having endured the combined attacks from all of us, it’ll take quite a toll on him even if he manages to survive…

No matter how tough his body is, it’s impossible for him to endure so many God Tier Battle Skills…

In that moment, many of the Primordial realm experts secretly rejoiced inside. They originally thought the outsider would be undefeatable, but never did they expect to injure him so easily.

But very soon, everyone became stunned. Their eyes widened and disbelief filled all of their faces, as they discovered that Jian Chen was completely unscathed despite taking on everyone’s attacks with his body.

Even when some of them had struck him with god artifacts, they had failed to cause him even a scratch.

What did this mean?

This meant that even if they worked together and used powerful God Tier Battle Skills and secret techniques, they were not even capable of injuring Jian Chen.

“N- no… This is impossible…”

“This can’t be real. This must be fake…”

All the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race were shocked. Some of them even rubbed their eyes hard, unable to believe this.

The sight caused a tremendous impact on them all.

That was because it had completely overturned their understanding.

How could a person’s body be so tough?

Even the Darkstar Emperor’s eyes narrowed. He could clearly sense that the outsider’s body had become far, far tougher than last time.

The Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race were stunned, but Jian Chen did not hesitate at all. A streak of sword Qi pierced through the air, beheading the last vice hall master of the seventh divine hall.

Duff was dead!

With that, all the Primordial realm experts of the seventh divine hall were annihilated!

Afterwards, Jian Chen carried out a one-sided massacre. Following the annihilation of the seventh divine hall, the sixth divine hall became his target. He used the Laws of Space with great flexibility, purposefully avoiding the Darkstar Emperor and specially targeting the ten divine halls.

Spurt! The sixth hall master Irvin was dead!

Spurt! The vice hall master of the sixth divine hall, Si Wuqing, was dead!

Spurt! The vice hall master of the sixth divine hall, Si Wuming, was dead!

Spurt! The vice hall master of the sixth divine hall, O’gooding, was dead!

Spurt! The third hall master Kalidor was dead!

The battle had not lasted for too long, but several Primordial realm experts had died already. The seventh and sixth divine halls were annihilated in that order, while the third, fourth, and ninth divine halls all lost hall masters or vice hall masters.

This day was definitely the darkest day in the history of the Darkstar race. In such a short time, over ten Primordial realm experts had fallen in battle. As the greatest expert of the Darkstar race, the Darkstar Emperor was useless despite being able to overwhelm everyone at his level. He possessed invincible battle prowess on par with Chaotic Primes, but he was unable to stop Jian Chen’s slaughter at all.

“Hide into your divine halls!” The Darkstar Emperor roared in anger and hatred. He erupted with his strength without holding back at all, engaging Jian Chen in a startling battle that could leave the universe devastated.

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