Chapter 2879: The Emperor Falls

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Chapter 2879: The Emperor Falls

The Darkstar Emperor’s violent bellow immediately snapped the remaining Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race back to their senses. They did not hesitate at all, taking out their divine halls before rushing inside as quickly as they could.

“You three go in first.” The tenth hall master tossed out the divine hall, blinded by anger. Her eyes were filled with both sorrow and hatred. After the three vice hall masters of the tenth divine hall entered the divine hall, Feng Xue drew a low quality god artifact sword and charged towards Jian Chen fearlessly with eyes filled with resolve.

“Feng Xue, get back here! You won’t be able to harm him at all! Don’t do something stupid!” The second hall master who was about to charge into his divine hall saw this and immediately called out, but when he saw Feng Xue’s resolute gaze and her courage to give up everything, he immediately sighed inside. He no longer said anything else, turning around and disappearing into the divine hall.

The ten divine halls had already been switched out with medium quality god artifacts. Even though they were damaged, they were still far tougher than low quality god artifacts. By hiding inside, the Primordial realm experts finally felt some sense of safety. Afterwards, they carefully watched the battle from inside.

None of them controlled the divine halls to attack Jian Chen. Even when all ten divine halls were present, the formation assembled from the divine halls were unable to harm Jian Chen at all, let alone now when they had lost the sixth and seventh divine halls.

Not only were the two divine halls completely annihilated, but even the third, fourth, and ninth divine halls had all lost their vice hall masters, making their strength plummet. It was even more difficult for them to pose a threat to Jian Chen.

The hall masters and vice hall masters who hid in their divine halls obviously saw what Feng Xue was doing. They all sighed inside.

“Hall master Feng Xue is just too deeply in love with hall master Kun Tian. Now that she has learnt that Kun Tian is already dead, the impact it has caused to her is well beyond what any of us can imagine…”

“Hall master Feng Xue has basically embraced death. She clearly doesn’t want to live either now that Kun Tian is dead. She is intentionally asking to die…”

“The outsider’s strength is far too terrifying. I really can’t believe he’s not even a thousand years old. No one can save hall master Feng Xue now…”

The Primordial realm experts hiding in the divine halls all sighed. The outsider had already annihilated two divine halls consecutively, which allowed everyone to witness his mercilessness. As a result, Feng Xue had no chance of surviving in their eyes.

Jian Chen clearly sensed Feng Xue as she charged over aggressively. His expression did not change at all. All he did was extend his finger and point at Feng Xue from afar.

Immediately, the space around Feng Xue froze. As if time had come to a standstill, Feng Xue remained in her flying posture, frozen on the spot, completely immobilised.

With Feng Xue’s strength at the Sixth Heavenly Layer, it was impossible for her to break free from Jian Chen’s spatial restraints quickly.

“She’s done for. Hall master Feng Xue is done for…” Seeing this, a few Primordial realm experts in the divine halls had already closed their eyes, refusing to witness what came next. They could already anticipate Feng Xue’s fate. She would either be mercilessly slain by the spatial blades, or space would suddenly collapse. She would be sucked into the spatial cracks, dying without a corpse.

But what happened next left the Primordial realm experts greatly surprised. Trapped in space, Feng Xue did not die like they had imagined. Instead, the outsider waved his hand, and Feng Xue hurtled towards the tenth divine hall, vanishing in there.

“W- what is this about?”

“The murderous demon didn’t kill Feng Xue?”

Just like that, all of the hall masters and vice hall masters immediately widened their eyes, greatly taken aback.

However, before they could think too much about it, a thunderous rumble filled their heads. The Darkstar Emperor used a secret technique and erupted with his strongest attack, clashing violently with Jian Chen. The seal under his control also erupted with devastating might, and it had demonstrated its past glory under the ignition of the Darkstar Emperor’s essence blood.

Immediately, the world erupted. The entire region of space was reduced to darkness. Their clash this time even devastated the surroundings. The destructive pulses of energy made the divine halls hovering in the distance shake violently.

But afterwards, a blinding streak of sword Qi suddenly lit up in the darkness. Jian Chen turned into a sword and shot off as a bolt of lightning, piercing through the void and stabbing towards the Darkstar Emperor resplendently.


With a great rumble, the triangular shield that protected the Darkstar Emperor was knocked away, while the sword Qi Jian Chen had transformed into did not weaken at all. It tore through the Darkstar Emperor’s protective energy like a hot knife through butter, slamming against the Darkstar Emperor viciously.

The Darkstar Emperor was completely launched away. The cracks on his medium quality god artifact armour multiplied.

The Darkstar race had plenty of god artifacts, but there did not seem to be a single god artifact in perfect condition across the entire race. Basically all the god artifacts were damaged.

A damaged god artifact obviously could not completely block Jian Chen’s attack. Having received that blow, the Darkstar Emperor’s body surged as his organs shook violently.

Jian Chen’s battle with the Darkstar Emperor lasted for three whole days and nights. After such a lengthy period of battle, the Darkstar Emperor finally began showing signs of weakness. He had gone from evenly matching Jian Chen to being completely overwhelmed by Jian Chen.

During the three days of battle, the Darkstar Emperor used his full strength. He had unleashed his medium quality god artifacts time after time, and he had ignited his essence blood again and again. Accumulating over time, the very source of power in his body finally faced the predicament of almost running out.

By now, the Darkstar Emperor was already riddled with wounds. Not only was he covered in slashes, but his organs had even been reduced to pieces.

On the other hand, Jian Chen seemed rather disheveled, but that was all. He did not show any signs of weakness. Instead, he became braver the more he fought.

He had also sustained many wounds, but with the powerful Chaotic Body, these wounds were unable to affect him at all.

As for the energy in his body, it even gave the Darkstar Emperor an impression that it was endless. It was like it would never run out.


With another rumble, the Darkstar Emperor’s medium quality god artifact armour that had already become extremely tattered finally fell apart before a strand of sharp sword Qi, flying apart as fragments.

Spurt! Blood sprayed from the Darkstar Emperor’s mouth. His pale face radiated with weakness.

Jian Chen used this opportunity to launch more attacks. He slammed his hand against the Darkstar Emperor’s head viciously, and the great force immediately shattered the Darkstar Emperor’s skull. Even the Darkstar Emperor’s entire body had directly exploded from Jian Chen’s palm strike.

“Your majesty!”

From afar, the hall masters and vice hall masters hiding in the divine halls all called out in sorrow. They were torn apart by fury as they cried blood as if the sky had already collapsed on them.

Rain of blood fell down. This was the Darkstar Emperor’s blood, dyeing the entire region red.

The Darkstar Emperor’s body no longer existed; Jian Chen had completely destroyed it. Only the bronze lamp that hovered in the surroundings gradually lit up with a tiny flame.

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