Chapter 2880: The Fate of the Race

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Chapter 2880: The Fate of the Race

The figure of the Darkstar Emperor’s soul appeared in the bronze lamp. The bronze lamp protected his soul from all danger.

Perhaps it was more accurate to say that the bronze lamp was the Darkstar Emperor’s soul. His soul had already merged with the bronze lamp perfectly. The only way to destroy his soul was to destroy the bronze lamp.

As long as the lamp was present, the Darkstar Emperor was unkillable.

If the lamp died out, then the Darkstar Emperor would obviously disperse as well.

“Your majesty…”

In the distance, all of the Infinite Primes who hid within the divine halls cried out sorrowfully. As they gazed at the Darkstar Emperor in soul form, they felt like the entire world in their mind had completely collapsed around them.

Within the Darkstar race, the Darkstar Emperor was an invincible existence. He was undefeatable. At the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, he possessed battle prowess no weaker than Chaotic Primes.

Even in the Saints’ World that was littered with experts and prodigies, the Darkstar Emperor was an existence almost second to none, enough to dominate everyone at his cultivation realm.

He was the pride of the Darkstar race, the mental pillar of support.

Now, an outsider who was less than a thousand years old and only at the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime had defeated the emperor who had always been invincible among the Darkstar race.

His defeat had a tremendous impact on the Darkstar race. At the same time, the invincible statue he had erected in the hearts of all members of the Darkstar race collapsed.

This feeling was like the spine of the world that held up the sky had suddenly broken. The impact it would cause on the Darkstar race was immeasurable.

For a moment, all the Primordial realm experts hiding in the divine halls were thrown into dejection.

“You can’t destroy my soul.” The Darkstar Emperor’s illusionary figure appeared above the bronze lamp, but his expression had become extremely peaceful. Apart from his gaze towards Jian Chen that was filled with mixed feelings, he showed no other emotions.

All of the fury and killing intent he had developed over the past three days seemed to have vanished with the destruction of his body.

“I know. As long as you have the lamp, I can’t kill you no matter what. I can destroy your body at most. However, I’ve never considered killing you. I only want you to pay a fitting price for everything you’ve done.” Jian Chen hovered before the bronze lamp calmly. His gaze was frosty like before.

From the first time he attacked the Darkstar Emperor with the Profound Sword Qi, Jian Chen knew that he was not capable of killing the Darkstar Emperor.

The bronze lamp was a high quality god artifact, and under his observations, he discovered that the high quality god artifact was not damaged like the other god artifacts. It seemed to be in perfect condition.

If he wanted to destroy this high quality god artifact, even weaker Grand Primes were not capable of such a feat, let alone him who had gained the battle prowess of a Chaotic Prime recently.

“Make us pay a fitting price for everything we’ve done? Hahahaha…” The Darkstar Emperor seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world, laughing aloud freely. “Outsider, why don’t you take a look at my clansmen before taking a look at this world? Tell me, has my race done anything wrong? What heinous crimes has my race committed? Yet in the end, generation after generation of my predecessors and every single generation of my clansmen to come have been or will be trapped in here forever.”

“That’s right, the ancestor of our Darkstar race did have grievances with the Wood Spirits, but all of the enmity, all of the hatred, came from our ancestor alone. What have we, the later generations, done? What wrong have we committed? Yet, we’re the ones trapped in here for generations on end…”

“And are you aware that countless of our clansmen, from the moment they’re born to their deaths, will never set foot in the outside world? They all know how colourful the outside world is. Everyone knows how magnificent the outside world is. They also know how easy cultivation is in the outside world…”

“In our Darkstar race, there is no one who is not envious of the outside world. Everyone yearns for the outside world, but what can they do? They’ve all been trapped in this miniature world by the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits, unable to leave for their entire lives. In the end, they can only pass away with a heart full of regret and yearning for the outside world…”

The gaze from the Darkstar Emperor’s figure gradually sharpened. He stared at Jian Chen fixedly and gritted his teeth. “Outsider, tell me just what wrong we descendants have committed that we have to be imprisoned here forever by the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits. He’s a mighty Grand Exalt with a lofty status, yet he happens to be so petty and narrow-minded, imposing his hatred towards our ancestor onto us innocent descendants.”

“It’s already been pitiful enough for our Darkstar race to decline so much, where even breaking through to Chaotic Prime requires many years of preparation, just so we can unleash the power of the entire race to hold the great ceremony and put up a fight against the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits’ will. On the flip side, your outside world is richly endowed by nature. Let alone it being a piece of cake to break through to Chaotic Prime, even reaching the supreme realm of Grand Prime is easier than it is for our Godkings to break through to the Primordial realm…”

“Outsider, tell me, has our race yet to pay a fitting price by being trapped in here for all these years? Have we still not lost enough? As for our actions, everything was for the sake of working towards breaking free from the restraint of this world. What wrong have we committed?”

“Every single generation of our clansmen dreams that one day, we can be like you, soaring freely through the vast and bountiful Saints’ World. We’re merely striving towards our dream, the lifelong, cherished wish that everyone holds…”

As he listened to the Darkstar Emperor’s speech from the bottom of his heart, Jian Chen was unfazed. He had spent quite some time among the Darkstar race already, so he understood the situation of the Darkstar World extremely well.

“When you carry out the great ceremony, you even need a divine beast with a powerful bloodline as a sacrifice. None of this has anything to do with me. You can only blame yourself for choosing the wrong target to sacrifice,” Jian Chen said coldly.

The Darkstar Emperor shook his head. “We don’t regret choosing that divine beast to sacrifice at all, as divine beasts eligible to be sacrificed have always been extremely rare in the world, and it’s even less likely for one to appear in our Darkstar World. As long as we come across one, our race will never let it slip by. If you could turn back time and give us the chance to choose again, we would still choose to sacrifice this divine beast.”

Jian Chen frowned with that, his eyes becoming cold again.

“However, never did we think that such a terrifyingly talented person would be standing behind the divine beast, so talented that you could reach the Primordial realm under the age of a thousand. If we had learnt about this a little earlier, the great ceremony would have never failed…” The Darkstar Emperor let out a long sigh, filled with regret over this.

Jian Chen understood that with the Darkstar race’s strength and capabilities, his chances of saving Sacredfeather would become extremely slim, or even impossible, if they learnt about his existence beforehand.

He would even be in the danger of dying.

That was because as long as the Darkstar race bit the bullet and destroyed the Fruit of Nurturing Ways or prevented him from obtaining it, they could cast the ultimate curse with the power of the entire race. In such a scenario, he never could have lasted this long without the breakthrough.

Even if he fled into the Two World Mountains, he would not be spared.

Not to mention that there was still the Darkstar Emperor as a powerful opponent. Before he broke through, he was not the Darkstar Emperor’s opponent at all.

There were also the ten divine halls of the Darkstar race. If they used medium quality god artifacts as the divine halls right from the beginning, cast down the powerful formations in the capital city to trap him, and used the Darkstar Emperor to stop and kill him, Jian Chen would also be in dangerous territory.

In short, if Jian Chen had not consumed the Fruit of Nurturing Ways and the Darkstar race was prepared, they had far too many ways to deal with him.

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