Chapter 2885: The Most Recent News

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Chapter 2885: The Most Recent News

“Even if something has happened, the organisations left in the Hundred Saint City are under the protection of the fifth hall master. With the fifth hall master’s might, the Hundred Saint City will definitely be fine,” Hao Ran said.

Hao Wanqing shook his head gently. “Little Ran, you must remember that no matter what, you can never take a person’s promise for granted, unless they swear in the name of their way of cultivation. Otherwise, you cannot trust anyone.” When he reached there, Hao Wanqing paused slightly before continuing, “Even if they swear in the name of their way of cultivation, you can’t believe it so easily. After all, some people walk different paths. Their way of cultivation might not necessarily bind them.”

“Great elder, Hao Ran obviously understands the vile side of human nature, but the Darkstar race is different from the Saints’ World. The promises of the Darkstar race still hold some persuasiveness, let alone the fact that he’s a hall master.” Hao Ran was unconvinced.

Hao Wanqing took out a compass and placed it on the table, but his eyes were fixed on the gemstone embedded in the centre of the compass. He said, “The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild left this compass in our Hao family back then. It only has a single function, which is to check on the situation of the Hundred Saint City through the gemstone in the centre.”

“The Hundred Saint City has accumulated a tremendous amount of energy; this compass can resonate with the energy in the Hundred Saint City. When the Hundred Saint City is fully charged with energy, the gemstone in the centre of the compass will shine with light. When the energy in the Hundred Saint City is depleted from overuse, the light from the gemstone will weaken accordingly. Through this method, we can indirectly learn of the Hundred Saint City’s situation in the Darkstar World.”

“During the countless years since our Hao family came into possession of this compass, the gemstone has always been dazzling. Even when the Darkstar race occupied the Hundred Saint City recently, the gemstone continued to shine brightly.”

“But now, when we look at the gemstone.”

Hao Ran looked at the gemstone in the compass, and his eyes immediately narrowed. “The gemstone is dim, without any light!”

“That’s right. This gemstone has already lost all of its light. This is the first time something like this has happened to the compass of our Hao family. Do you know what it means?” Hao Wanqing’s tone became a little sterner.

“It means that all the energy in the Hundred Saint City has already been exhausted! But h- how is that possible?” Hao Ran’s mind shuddered. Disbelief filled his face. “Great elder, is the compass accurate? Could the compass possibly be wrong? After all, the Myriad Bone Guild is an organisation of assassins. Not everything from the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild might be accurate.”

Hao Wanqing smiled deeply and said, “Little Hao, do you know who forged the Hundred Saint City back then?”

“Didn’t over a hundred peak organisations work together to forge it?” Hao Ran was bewildered.

Hao Wanqing shook his head with a slight smile. “Yes and no. There were indeed over a hundred organisations that took part in the forging process. Some people offered up resources and some people offered up manpower. It took several years and several improvements before they successfully completed the assembly. It involved a great number of techniques and arts, and it touched on almost all aspects. The difficulty is well beyond your imagination.”

“However, they only served an auxiliary purpose to the forging process of the Hundred Saint City. The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild can be described as the true person who forged it!”

“The leader of the Myriad Bone Guild possesses exceptional mastery over the Way of Smithing and the Way of Formations. Do you understand now? The compass can actually be described as sharing the same source as the Hundred Saint City.”

“Great elder, since something like that’s happened in the Hundred Saint City, why is the great elder from the Heaven’s sect still clueless? It’s not just the Heaven’s sect. I’ve discovered that even the other organisations are no different.” Hao Ran was confused.

“Do you think everyone is in possession of a compass like this? In my knowledge, there are only three or four of these compasses in total. Our Hao family only received special care from the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild through our connection with the Yan Ancestor, which is why we were given a compass,” said Hao Wanqing. As soon as he mentioned the Yan Ancestor, he could not help himself as he became filled with reverence, as well as a hint of pride.

“Oh right. Little Ran, do you know what fortuitous encounter the young master of the Dire Wolf clan came across in the World of the Fallen Beast? Not only did this Jin Hong leave the World of the Fallen Beast beforehand, but the ancestor from the Dire Wolf clan even took him out of the Spirits’ World in such a hurry as soon as he came out.”

Hao Ran shook his head, expressing that he did not know. Jin Hong’s sudden departure was a mystery to the entire Hundred Saint City.

Hao Wanqing wanted to say some more things, but his expression suddenly changed, and he immediately stood up. “People have emerged from the World of the Fallen Beast. C’mon, let’s go and take a look.”

As soon as Hao Wanqing said that, figures began appearing within the colossal swirl of energy that connected the two worlds. They were traversing the passageway quickly, being sent out by the power of the passageway.

There were not a lot of people in this group, only several hundred in total. Most of them were Gods or Overgods, with just a small handful of Godkings.

As soon as they emerged, Primordial realm experts appeared near the surroundings of the entrance, ranging from as strong as Chaotic Primes to as weak as Infinite Primes. There were even many Godkings among them.

Among these Primordial realm experts, less than a third of them came from peak organisations that constructed the Hundred Saint City. Most of them came from organisations that were not members of the Hundred Saint City.

Immediately, the several hundred people who had just emerged were placed under heavy attention. The Primordial realm experts gathered there all began to talk, asking about the situation inside the World of the Fallen Beast.

“We don’t know anything. The people of the Darkstar race suddenly began capturing us en-masse. In order to cover my escape into the Two World Mountains, my seniors were all injured and captured by the experts of the Darkstar race…”

“The Darkstar race has lost their minds. They’ve completely gone crazy. They’ve already declared a full-scale war against us…”

“The Darkstar race captured everyone. If it weren’t for the fact that I possess a profound escape technique and hid in the Two World Mountains, then I probably could not have escaped their grasp either…”

Hearing them talk over one another, the Primordial realm experts gathered there all growled. They could not obtain any useful news from these people. Apart from knowing that a lot of people had been captured, they knew nothing else.

As for the great ceremony that the Darkstar race had been preparing, they had known that right from the beginning.

“Seniors, we all hid in the Two World Mountains early on, so we have absolutely no idea what happened among the Darkstar race. However, the Scion of Five Point possesses great strength, and he was also the last one to escape into the Two World Mountains. He should know much more than us…” an Overgod said politely.

Soon afterwards, the gazes of the Primordial realm experts immediately gathered on the Scion of Five Point. As a God Tier pill of quite a high quality flew into the Scion of Five Point’s mouth, his wounds immediately improved rapidly. Afterwards, under the interrogation of the Primordial realm experts, the Scion of Five Point slowly told them the most recent news from the Darkstar World.

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