Chapter 2886: A Commotion

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Chapter 2886: A Commotion

The Scion of Five Point knew quite a lot about what happened recently in the Darkstar World. He had been wandering from region to region within the Darkstar race, using the wonders of the Laws of Space and Laws of Time to escape danger wave after wave. He had learnt quite a lot of important information.

“When the Darkstar race carried out the great ceremony, they used all the outsiders imprisoned in the thirty-six major cities as sacrifices, draining away their life force and powers of their cultivation. The Hundred Saint City was not spared either…”

“The Hundred Saint City suddenly erupted with a Chaotic Prime’s strike, traversing a tremendous distance to attack the capital city of the Darkstar race…”

“The fifth hall master suddenly turned against his race, disrupting the great ceremony and stealing the divine beast to be sacrificed. He engaged in an intense battle in the capital city against the Darkstar Emperor and the nine other hall masters…”

Under the Scion of Five Point’s explanation, the organisations nearby finally gained a basic understanding of the situation in the Darkstar World. Everyone’s faces became extremely ugly.

“Impossible. How could the Hundred Saint City launch a powerful strike on par with Chaotic Primes? And why did it attack the capital city of the Darkstar race despite being unprovoked?” The organisations from the Hundred Saint City called out loudly. They were in complete disbelief.

“How is the situation in the Hundred Saint City right now…” a Primordial realm expert from an organisation of the Hundred Saint City said sternly.

Suddenly, a Chaotic Prime’s expression changed drastically, immediately crying out, “Oh no! Oh no! My clan was under the protection of the fifth hall master in the World of the Fallen Beast. We even paid a huge sum of divine crystals for that. Now that the fifth hall master has betrayed his race, then wouldn’t that mean our Hundred Saint City…” The Chaotic Prime did not finish talking, but listening up to there, everyone from the peak organisations that coughed up a tremendous sum of divine crystals changed in expression.

“Seniors, I managed to catch wind of another extremely shocking piece of news in the Darkstar World—the fifth hall master was not actually a member of the Darkstar race, but a cultivator of the Saints’ World in disguise…” the Scion of Five Point continued with a feeble voice, but his words were like a clap of thunder. When it drifted into everyone’s ears, the Chaotic Primes’ heads immediately began to ring.

“What? The fifth hall master is from the Saints’ World…”

“Is that true? Junior, you should understand the consequences of misleading us. Let alone you, a mere disciple of the Five Point sect, even if the ancestor of your Five Point sect, the Point Cloud Venerable, were here, he would never try to fool us…”

“Outrageous! This is completely outrageous! If a person from the Saints’ World really impersonated the fifth hall master, then who did we pay that tremendous sum of divine crystals to…”

“Just who’s audacious enough to try and deceive even us…”

“Back then, we basically travelled across the entire Spirits’ World to gather that sum of divine crystals. We borrowed a little from here, a little from there, before we finally gathered enough. Yet, never did we think that we all ran around to serve a little rascal. How hilarious, how hilarious…”

Among the fifty peak organisations who paid the divine crystals, the faces of all of the great elders darkened, struggling to hold back their anger. If the news from the Scion of Five Point were true, then wouldn’t that mean that their several dozen peak organisations had all been fooled?

They were mighty peak organisations, all existences that reigned over an entire region of the Saints’ World. They basically possessed as lofty of a status as possible, yet they had been fooled. To them, this was definitely tremendously humiliating.

“Damn it, our Heavenly Lightning clan sent in thirty pieces of jade with the Laws of Time. For the sake of the jade, the ancestor of our Heavenly Lightning clan even went as far as to take action personally…” The great elder from the Heavenly Lightning clan ground his teeth with a darkened face near the entrance of the passageway.

“Back then, in order to fulfil the fifth hall master’s request, the two ancestors of our Jade Pill sect personally emerged from secluded cultivation, even inviting along several supreme figures to create a new pill formula, paying a tremendous price before finally refining a pill that met the fifth hall master’s conditions…” The great elder from the Jade Pill sect’s face had already turned purple. His entire body shook gently, and his eyes were about to erupt with flames.

Nearby, the organisations that were not a part of the Hundred Saint City remained silent. The several dozen peak organisations from the Hundred Saint City that were not under the fifth hall master’s protection and had been forcefully chased out also remained silent. As they looked at the great elders that represented the fifty-two organisations present, their expressions all became extremely strange, full of gloating. Many of them even held back their smiles.

If the Scion of Five Point were telling the truth, and a junior of the outside world impersonated the fifth hall master, then this person possessed courage that could even rival the heavens, actually keeping so many peak organisations wrapped around his finger.

In particular, the Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan had gone to drastic lengths and efforts. No one could imagine how furious these two organisations would become.

He Qianqian of the Heavenly Crane clan, Hao Ran and Hao Chen of the Hao family, Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus Sword sect, Sun Zhi of the Sun family, and the several dozen prodigies who had been chased out of the Darkstar World all widened their eyes at this moment, their mouths hanging so wide that it could fit an entire egg. They were all dumbstruck.

The fifth hall master was an outsider in disguise? How was that possible? That was an expert who could heavily injure a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime with a flip of his hand. How could he be an outsider?

After all, everyone had to be below the age of a thousand to enter the Darkstar World.

Just who could reach such heights in a thousand years?

“I don’t care whether the fifth hall master is from the Darkstar race or our Saints’ World. I just want to know whether an independent cultivator by the name of Yang Yutian is in there or not. He killed people from our Chu family. Our Chu family will never spare him,” a person from the Chu family said with an icy-cold voice among the Primordial realm experts, brimming with killing intent.

He was a great elder of the Chu family, a Chaotic Prime. In the Chu family, his status was only second to the Grand Prime ancestor.

He was the one responsible for escorting the disciples of the Chu family who entered the World of the Fallen Beast this time.

“This Yang Yutian also killed a genius descendant of our Gong family. Gong Ruize of our Gong family only used around eight hundred years to reach Godking. He’s the most outstanding disciple our Gong family produced in the past several tens of thousand years. He has an extremely great chance at becoming a new great elder of our Gong family, but he ended up dying in the World of the Fallen Beast just like this. I don’t care whether this Yang Yutian is a real independent cultivator or a fake independent cultivator. Our Gong family will definitely obliterate him.” A great elder of the Gong family stood forward with a cold gaze, filled with hatred.

Following their Chu family and Gong family, Primordial realm experts of the Yuqiong sect, Zhou family, and Cangqiong clan stood forward too, personally naming Yang Yutian.

That was because what happened in the Darkstar World was not as simple as losing a talented junior to the five organisations. Most importantly, it affected their interests in the Darkstar World.

As soon as he heard Yang Yutian’s name, the Scion of Five Point’s expression became rather strange. His eyes flickered with uncertainty and hesitance.

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