Chapter 2887: The Scion’s Theory

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Chapter 2887: The Scion’s Theory

The great elder of the Chu family noticed the Scion of Five Point’s expression, which immediately made a stern light flash through his eyes. He took a step and immediately appeared before the Scion of Five Point. His gaze became extremely sharp, and a sliver of his tremendous presence as a Chaotic Prime radiated out, crushing down viciously on the Scion of Five Point like a mountain. He said sternly, “Speak. Do not hide anything. Tell me everything you know about Yang Yutian. Tell me everything.” The great elder clearly was not particularly polite with the Scion of Five Point. He gave off a sliver of a Chaotic Prime’s pressure, crushing the Scion of Five Point to the point where he constantly coughed up blood.

“Chu Xiaokuang, you’re a mighty great elder of the Chu family, and an expert who has already reached Chaotic Prime. Now that you harass a disciple of my Five Point sect like this, aren’t you behaving a little contemptuously?” At this moment, a furious, old voice rang out. An old man appeared in front of the Scion of Five Point. He stood with his back to the Scion of Five Point, giving off the presence of a Chaotic Prime and holding his ground against the great elder of the Chu family.

The old man was a great elder of the Five Point sect.

The great elder of the Five Point sect’s face sank slightly. His old eyes shone with a sharp light as he said coldly, “As of right now, everyone understands that the independent cultivator called Yang Yutian belongs to the Heavenly Crane clan, and he was the closest with the Heavenly Crane clan. If you want to ask about Yang Yutian’s situation, you should ask the Heavenly Crane clan. You shouldn’t be pressuring a disciple of my Five Point sect.”

“I obviously investigated the Heavenly Crane clan too. Yang Yutian was only an outsider the Heavenly Crane clan recruited. He’s got nothing to do with the Heavenly Crane clan, and the Heavenly Crane clan has retreated from the World of the Fallen Beast long ago. They have no idea about what happened in the World of the Fallen Beast. Instead, the disciple of your Five Point sect was the last to come out, thus he possesses a lot of new information.” Chu Xiaokuang’s face stiffened slightly. He refused to face the Heavenly Crane clan with the same amount of insolence as when he faced the Five Point sect.

That was because between the Heavenly Crane clan and the Five Point sect, the former was an existence that ranked third on the Ice Pole Plane, one of the seven great planes of the Saints’ World. Meanwhile, the latter ranked ninth on the Star Brilliance Plane.

“The disciple of your Five Point sect must know something. You better get him to tell us everything obediently. This Yang Yutian has killed the people from our five organisations. Your Five Point sect should understand the severity of this issue…” The great elders from the Gong family, Zhao family, Cangqiong clan, and Yuqiong sect all stood forward, vaguely standing on the same front as the Chu family.

The Chu family alone was stronger than the Five Point sect. Now that the four other organizations as powerful as the Chu family had stood forward, the great elder from the Five Point sect immediately felt his pressure multiply.

“Yang Yutian did nothing wrong. The disciples of your five organisations only have themselves to blame. It’s no one else’s fault.” At this moment, a disharmonious voice rang out. He Qianqian who stood beside He Qianchi stood out, defending Yang Yutian.

Afterwards, He Qianqian glanced around, scanning past the several dozen prodigies who had been chased out of the Darkstar World. She said, “You all understand that Yang Yutian played a vital role in allowing us to emerge from the Two World Mountains, and you all personally witnessed everything that happened in the Darkstar World, so there’s no need for me to explain anything. Right now, I, He Qianqian, only want to remind you that many of you had repeated again and again back in the Darkstar World that you would pay back Yang Yutian. Now is the time for you to uphold your oath.”

When they heard that, the eyes of the several dozen prodigies who had been chased out of the Darkstar World flashed. A few prodigies were about to speak up, but the seniors standing behind them stopped them.

Don’t talk. Just watch. The combined forces of the Chu family, Gong family, Zhao family, Cangqiong clan, and Yuqiong clan is an extremely great power. There’s no need to offend these five great organisations over an insignificant figure…

This Yang Yutian has damaged these five organisations’ interests in the Darkstar World, so don’t stand forward blindly. Don’t make trouble for the clan…

We’ll wait and see what happens for now…

Most of the prodigies were secretly warned by their seniors, which immediately made them quieten down despite originally wanting to defend Yang Yutian.

“Scion, tell us everything you know about Yang Yutian.” The great elder of the Five Point sect sighed inside. Against the five organisations, their Five Point sect could only yield for now.

“Yes, great elder!” The Scion of Five Point showed great respect towards the great elder of his sect. Only after clasping his fist and bowing did he direct his gaze towards the five oppressive organisations, saying politely, “Five esteemed seniors, I do not know much about Yang Yutian, as I had only met with Yang Yutian once in the Darkstar World. And, at that time, I had been invited by the five young masters, Chu Jie, Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying, Zhou Zhi, and Zhao Wenbin, to deal with Yang Yutian.”

“I also witnessed in person the battle between the five young masters and Yang Yutian. The five young masters assembled formations with their many Godkings, erupting with battle prowess at the Primordial realm, but they failed to kill Yang Yutian in the end despite working together…”

“We’ve already learnt about this from the sacrificial soldiers who survived the battle. What we want to know right now is whether Yang Yutian is dead or alive.” Chu Kuangxiao directly interrupted the Scion of Five Point.

“I don’t know. Actually, after the battle, Yang Yutian seemed to vanish into thin air. I didn’t hear anything about him again afterwards,” the Scion of Five Point said carefully. Before a Chaotic Prime, even him, the scion of the Five Point sect, trembled a little inside.

When they heard that, the great elders of the five organisations all frowned. Their gazes gradually became a little malicious.

“However… However, I do have quite a bold theory,” the Scion of Five Point said, but he was clearly rather hesitant this time. Even his expression became uncertain. Finally, he made up his mind and said, “I theorise that the fifth hall master who betrayed the Darkstar race might be Yang Yutian…”

“W- w- what? W- w- what did you say?” When they heard that, the five great elders all became stunned. They even began to stutter a little. Their minds had almost shorted out.

Yang Yutian was the fifth hall master? This was basically absurd. It was as ridiculous as it could get. There was nothing more absurd than this in the world.

“What did you say? The fifth hall master is Yang Yutian?” The fifty-two organizations who offered up a tremendous amount of resources in exchange for the fifth hall master’s promise of protection almost leapt up. Their faces changed rapidly, surrounding the Scion of Five Point immediately.

In particular, the Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan who had made tremendous sacrifices reacted the most violently.

He Qianqian of the Heavenly Crane clan, Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus Sword sect, and all the prodigies who had once gotten along with Jian Chen in the Hundred Saint City widened their eyes to the size of saucers, their mouths all forming perfect circles.

He’s crazy. The Scion of Five Point must be crazy. How can Yang Yutian be the fifth hall master…

Just what strength does the fifth hall master possess? He’s an expert who can heavily injure a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime with the slightest gesture. Yang Yutian is only a Godking, so how can he be the fifth hall master…

Yang Yutian and the fifth hall master are completely unrelated…

But soon afterwards, the prodigies who had some contact with Jian Chen quickly overturned this thought. They would never believe it. They all believed the Scion of Five Point was spouting nonsense.

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