Chapter 2888: Yang Yutian’s Identity

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Chapter 2888: Yang Yutian’s Identity

“Qianqian, how much do you know about this Yang Yutian?” He Qianchi of the Heavenly Crane clan asked He Qianqian. As a mighty great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan, he should not have been paying so much attention to a cultivator who was merely a Godking. As a matter of fact, he did not even know he was an outsider recruited by his clan.

The first time the name ‘Yang Yutian’ had appeared before He Qianchi was after He Qianqian had returned from the World of the Fallen Beast. The Chu family, Gong family, Zhao family, Cangqiong clan and Yuqiong sect had visited together, asking the Heavenly Crane clan to hand over Yang Yutian.

It was also only at this moment that He Qianchi learnt there was actually such an outstandingly-talented junior in his clan. Afterwards, he learnt more and more about Yang Yutian from He Qianqian, gradually making the great elder develop some interest towards this Yang Yutian as well as a desire to rope him in.

Now that He Qianchi had learnt from the Scion of Five Point that it was extremely likely for Yang Yutian to be the fifth hall master, it immediately left him uncontrollably shocked despite having lived for countless years already. He could not help but reevaluate this Yang Yutian inside.

“Great elder, I don’t know much about Yang Yutian, because I haven’t actually spent a lot of time with him. Yang Yutian… Yang Yutian can’t be the fifth hall master…” He Qianqian’s emotions were thrown into a mess. The moments she spent with Yang Yutian, as well as the brutal and heavy-handed behaviour the fifth hall master had demonstrated in the Pantheon Divine Hall when he had personally visited the Hundred Saint City, began playing through her head. In the end, she was still unable to find the slightest resemblance between them, or in other words, she was unable to find any corresponding aspects that connected the two together.

“If Yang Yutian really does possess the strength of a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, then if he does want to hide it from you, it’s true that you won’t be able to realise. However, you have to be below the age of a thousand years to enter the World of the Fallen Beast. If Yang Yutian really has reached such heights within a millennium, then that really is terrifying,” He Qianchi said in wonder. Even in the Saints’ World, a genius like that would almost be unprecedented.

“Yang Yutian definitely can’t be the fifth hall master. Scion of Five Point, you can’t mislead these seniors with nonsense without proper evidence,” said Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus Sword sect sternly. If he was just Yang Yutian, then it would be fine. Although he had offended the five organisations, the situation still had not reached the worst possible scenario yet. There was still a chance to turn everything around.

However, if he really was the fifth hall master too, then there really would be a lot of trouble.

A total of fifty-two peak organisations present had paid a tremendous protection fee to the fifth hall master. If they were told right now that they had actually paid this fee to an outsider and they had all been fooled by this outsider, just how would the fifty-two peak organisations feel?

That was not all. After accepting the protection fees, the fifth hall master actually even turned against the Darkstar race, leading the disciples and descendents of the fifty-two organisations to annihilation.

This was not a normal debt of grievance.

“Scion of Five Point, just what are you basing off to actually make such a wild guess that Yang Yutian is the fifth hall master…” Hao Ran and Hao Chen of the Hao family spoke up to. From their tone, they were clearly standing on Yang Yutian’s side.

Faced with everyone’s doubts, the Scion of Five Point was not flustered at all. He said, “I’m obviously basing this theory off a few things. First of all, you’ve all been fooled by Yang Yutian. He’s not a Godking at all, but a Primordial realm expert. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to last so long under the attacks of the five Primordial realm formations. Even back then, I began wondering whether the heavy injuries Yang Yutian suffered against the five young masters were all just an act or not.”

“Second of all would be the fifth hall master’s action of protecting the Hundred Saint City. Actually, I’ve always had this doubt. I’ve never understood why the fifth hall master chose to protect just a portion of the organisations from the Hundred Saint City. What difference is there between protecting a portion and protecting all of them for him? He would actually go as far as to turn down several hundred billion divine crystals just to chase a portion of the organisations out of the Darkstar World. What benefit would that bring to the Darkstar race?”

“In particular, towards the end when I heard He Qianqian of the Heavenly Crane clan mention they had offered a sum of supreme grade divine crystals far greater than his requirement, yet they were still turned down by the fifth hall master, I developed even more doubts. The fifth hall master’s actions clearly seem rather illogical…”

“Of course, just this alone means nothing. That was only until the Darkstar race held the great ceremony, the fifth hall master acted up and betrayed the Darkstar race and the Darkstar race declared everywhere that the fifth hall master was an outsider did I finally come to a realisation. It was also then when I came to this conclusion that even left me shocked, that the fifth hall master is actually Yang Yutian in disguise…”

“The true reason why the fifth hall master who was Yang Yutian in disguise limited the spots to fifty was to use the opportunity to chase out a few organisations he was on good terms with.”

“That was because he was planning to disrupt the Darkstar race’s great ceremony right from the beginning. At the same time, he understood the Hundred Saint City would definitely be dragged in once he did that, which was why he made a part of the organisations leave the Darkstar World, so you could avoid the disaster about to befall…”

When he reached there, the Scion of Five Point glanced past He Qianqian, Ping Yisheng, Sun Zhi, Guang Wanhao and so on. He continued, “Check yourselves carefully. Are all of you people who had not received the fifth hall master’s protection, no matter what you did, on somewhat good terms with Yang Yutian?”

When they heard that, He Qianqian, Ping Yisheng, the brothers of the Hao family and everyone else all shuddered inside. They could not help but carefully recall the past, only to discover in the end, in great surprise, that the Scion of Five Point was right. Out of all the peak organisations in the Hundred Saint City, everyone who had been on friendly terms with Yang Yutian had been chased out of the Darkstar World.

“No, that’s impossible. That can’t be true. He can’t be the fifth hall master…” He Qianqian experienced severe turmoil. She was just unable to connect the figure who had once separated from then in the Two World Mountains and made her worry endlessly with the domineering fifth hall master, because one of them was only a Godking, while the other was a powerful Infinite Prime.

It was also at this moment that He Qianqian suddenly recalled what Jin Hong had told her before he left back then in the Hundred Saint City.

“He Qianqian, Yang Yutian isn’t as simple as we imagine him to be. Before he ventured into the Two World Mountains, he told me to tell you that the Darkstar World won’t be very peaceful in the near future, with something big about to happen. It would be best if you left the Darkstar World…”

He Qianqian did not take heed to what Jin Hong said back then, but now that she recalled it, her heart immediately began to surge violently.

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