Chapter 2889: The Burial Zone

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Chapter 2889: The Burial Zone

Before He Qianqian had even finished talking, the Scion of Five Point continued, “There’s something else, which is related to crossing the Two World Mountains. I had come out by crossing the Two World Mountains, so I probably understand the dangers of the Two World Mountains better than all of you.”

“In the past, for the great ceremony, the Darkstar race killed many Godking Life-devouring Beasts. As such, the population of Godking Life-devouring Beasts had been halved at the very least. As for many of the cultivators behind me, most of them had not even seen the glimpse of a Godking Life-devouring Beast when they entered the Two World Mountains.”

“As for me, I was completely alone. I grasp the Laws of Space and Laws of Time, so I might not be particularly great at fighting, but there really is almost no one who can match me in terms of fleeing. Yet in the end, when I chose to cross through the Two World Mountains while my strength was impaired, I almost died in there.”

“As for you? I did not cross the Two World Mountains with you, but I’ve investigated all about what you experienced when you crossed the Two World Mountains back then. You just need to find someone who experienced it and you can learn all about it.”

“But in my knowledge, you only encountered a few bitter battles during the first half of the journey. The second half could virtually be described as smooth sailing, and that was before the Two World Mountains had been weakened, when numerous Godking Life-devouring Beasts were still prowling about. Haven’t you ever tried to consider the reason for that carefully?”

When the prodigies who experienced the crossing of the Two World Mountains heard what the Scion of Five Point said, many of their faces immediately changed.

“Scion of Five Point, are you saying that Yang Yutian was actually protecting us in secret during the second half of the journey?” Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus Sword sect said. He felt anything but calm right now, as when they crossed through the Two World Mountains, they had indeed encountered many unexplainable incidents.

The Scion of Five Point did not give a direct answer. Instead, he questioned, “You can think carefully whether it was after Yang Yutian had left the group when you basically stopped running into high level Life-devouring Beasts. As for those Life-devouring Beast herds that easily reached the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, you didn’t come across any of them at all. Even if you ran into some Life-devouring Beast herds from time to time, they were all weaker groups, the type that could not form a threat to you.”

“It’s no wonder, it’s no wonder we ran into fewer and fewer Life-devouring Beasts when we crossed through the Two World Mountains back then. Even when we passed by a few nests of Life-devouring Beasts, all of them were empty. If you think about it closely now, someone clearly cleaned them up beforehand…”

“Don’t tell me Yang Yutian is really a Primordial realm expert? He just used the appearance of a Life-devouring Beast king to leave the group. Then he constantly watched over us in secret the entire time…”

“Do you still remember the disturbance from a battle involving Primordial realm Life-devouring Beasts that had suddenly appeared when we crossed through the Two World Mountains back then…”

“Of course we do. We were all frightened out of our wits. Don’t tell me that was Yang Yutian battling the Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast…”

The Scion of Five Point’s theory was not without reason. Under his deduction backed by reason and evidence, he gradually proved Yang Yutian was the fifth hall master, as these leads coincided together far too well, so coincidental that no one was able to find any flaws in them.

The prodigies gathered here all began to doubt Yang Yutian’s identity too, as all of the Scion of Five Point’s analysis made perfect sense. It did not seem forced at all.

It was just that Yang Yutian and the fifth hall master gave them completely different impressions. The former had once had a jolly time with them in the Hundred Saint City, someone that they could befriend.

As for the latter, that was the forceful and brutal fifth hall master from the Darkstar race. He had even heavily injured an overbearing vice hall master of the sixth divine hall decisively over the slightest disagreement in the Pantheon Divine Hall.

In their heads, they were unable to make these completely different figures overlap.

“Then what about afterwards? Did the fifth hall master die after betraying the Darkstar race?” a great elder of a peak clan asked coldly.

“I entered the Two World Mountains right after that alarming incident in the capital city, so I don’t know what happened afterwards. But right now, I can basically conclude that the fifth hall master is definitely Yang Yutian,” said the Scion of Five Point.

“What a Yang Yutian. How dare he deceive our Heaven’s sect. Even the Heavenly Crane clan won’t be able to protect you now…” The great elder of the Heaven’s sect, Zhan Yun, could not help but growl furiously. His face had darkened from anger, fuming away inside.

Back then, in order to gather enough supreme grade divine crystals in three days, a mighty great elder of the Heaven’s sect like him had personally set out. Not only did he run across the entire Spirits’ World, but he even stooped down to making promissory notes with many organisations against his pride. He had only managed to gather everything by pinching here and scraping there.

Yet, all of this, from beginning to end, was a lie. A mighty elder like him had actually been fooled around by a junior. This was basically a burning insult to him.

He Qianchi raised an eyebrow and glanced at Zhan Yun. He said cheerfully, “Zhan Yun, you better not be so firm with your words. If Yang Yutian truly is the fifth hall master, then how can he be someone ordinary given that he’s reached such heights within a single millenium? What if he’s the disciple of some Grand Exalt? Don’t tell me your Heaven’s sect is bold enough to kill a Grand Exalt’s disciple?”

“Hmph, if he really was a Grand Exalt’s disciple, why did he have to act so secretively? It would have been even more unlikely for him to join your Heavenly Crane clan,” Zhan Yun said coldly, striking back against He Qianchi verbally.

“As long as Yang Yutian is still alive, he’ll leave the World of the Fallen Beast sooner or later. I’ll stand guard right here. Whether he’s actually the fifth hall master or not, we’ll know as soon as we test him when he emerges…” A great elder from a large organisation ground his teeth.

Afterwards, the fifty-two peak organisations that had paid a tribute to the fifth hall master, together with the five organisations that Chu Tian and the others belonged to—a total of fifty-seven organisations—camped at the entrance of the passageway, planning to capture Yang Yuitan as soon as he emerged.

He Qianqian was filled with worry. She truly worried for Jian Chen’s safety from the bottom of her heart. When fifty-seven organisations from the Hundred Saint City banded together, even their Heavenly Crane clan was unable to say anything.

Let alone their Heavenly Crane clan, even the prominent Hao family had to avoid them temporarily.

Immediately, the entrance of the passageway became surrounded with many Chaotic Primes sitting with their legs crossed. They no longer planned on returning to their divine halls to rest. They would continue to wait outside the passageway..

The great elder of the Heavenly Lightning clan happened to be among them.

At this moment, a regular elder of the Heavenly Lightning clan rushed over to the great elder somewhat anxiously. He communicated in a hurry, “Great elder, we’ve just received a distress signal from the ninth and thirteenth elders. The level of distress they face is the highest it can be. The ninth elder and thirteenth elder have probably encountered life-threatening danger in the Burial Zone.

Hearing that, the great elder frowned and asked sternly, “What has happened exactly? Why have the ninth and thirteenth elders gone to the Burial Zone?

This was the situation, great elder. Recently, descendants of our Heavenly Lightning clan encountered danger in the Burial Zone. After receiving the distress signal, the ninth and thirteenth elders immediately rushed over in person, but just then we actually received a distress signal from the ninth and thirteenth elders.

The ninth elder is a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, while the thirteenth elder is also at the Fourth Heavenly Layer, yet even they encountered danger. Probably only a great elder like you can deal with the danger they’ve encountered,” the regular elder said politely.

Give me their locations.” The great elder immediately stood up. Primordial realm experts of his clan were in danger. He had to go rescue them.

That was because Infinite Primes were figures who bore great weight to any peak clan. They could not afford to lose them so easily.

After learning about the location, the great elder immediately turned into a bolt of lightning and disappeared among the starry sky.

The Burial Zone was an ancient battlefield within the Spirits’ World, going as far back as to an age where the Spirits’ World had not even been destroyed yet. Because large numbers of experts had died in battle there, it gained the name ‘Burial Zone’ in the end.

The Burial Zone was filled with the remains of many experts, as well as fragments of many shattered god artifacts and some special materials that formed there due to the special environment.

There were even powerful legacies!

In short, as a resting place of many experts, the fortuitous encounters hidden in the Burial Zone could be described as countless. Naturally, the Burial Zone became a land of fortune in the eyes of many cultivators of the Saints’ World.

There were far, far too many great fortuitous encounters that could allow a person to rise up and change their fate in the Burial Zone.

The Burial Zone was an extremely expansive, ruined region in space. Even the area of an entire plane from the Saints’ World was less than one ten-thousandth of the Burial Zone’s size. Even the powerful senses of a Grand Prime’s soul could only encapsulate an extremely tiny region of the Burial Zone.

And, the Burial Zone was filled with violent energy and disorderly laws. In a world where the laws were incomplete, even the senses of Grand Primes’ souls would be affected, and they could not completely unleash the laws they grasped due to the incomplete laws.

Right now, on a ruined planet in the Burial Zone, energy pulsed about. Several hundred descendants dressed in attires that belonged to the Heavenly Lightning clan had completely run out of life force, lying on the ground as cold corpses.

Between these corpses were two old men covered in blood. Their clothes were tattered, and they half-kneeled on the ground. Their faces were extremely pale, and their eyes were filled with terror and fury as they stared at the woman in white who stood with her back turned towards them several hundred meters away.

The woman gave off a pressure so tremendous that they were unable to withstand it. It crushed the two Infinite Primes to the point where they could not stand, forcing them to kneel on one knee shamefully.

These two old men were the ninth and thirteenth elders of the Heavenly Lightning clan.

Having received their clansmen’s distress signal, they had specially rushed over to provide support, but by the time they arrived here, all of their clansmen were already dead. Even the two of them ended up in a situation like this.

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