Chapter 375 – Recovery of Jian Chen

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Chapter 375: Recovery of Jian Chen

Afterward, Jian Chen began to heal himself using his stronger control over the Radiant Saint Force. Because his internal wounds were even more severe than his external ones, it took Jian Chen an entire day of stubbornly healing himself before he had completely recovered.

The following day, Jian Chen walked out of the room to take in the morning air.

The little fatty had stayed in the next house over as Jian Chen’s neighbor. At this moment, he had just walked out of his room as well only to see Jian Chen right next to him. With a smile, he cried out, “Hey, Jian Chen, are you fully healed now?”

“I thank your grandfather for giving me the pill. I’ve fully recovered from my wounds now.” Jian Chen smiled.

“Haha, that’s great! You’ve finally gained some free time. Let’s go, I’ll take you on a tour of the village and introduce you to everyone.” As he spoke, the fatty led Jian Chen by the arm toward the village without a break in his stride. Not too far away, Jian Chen could see the grandfather of the fatty walking away with a hoe over his shoulder.

“Grandfather, are you going to the fields again?” Little fatty called out to his grandfather with an enthusiastic greeting.

The grandfather laughed as he spoke, “That’s right, there’s still some plants that haven’t been planted yet, so I have to hurry.”

“Grandfather, I’m going to take Jian Chen around the village, I’ll be back later to help you!”

“Haha, go on then, take Jian Chen around for a stroll and get to know everyone. This village hasn’t seen many outsiders, so you should be able to make a good impression.” The grandfather laughed merrily with a kind expression.

Jian Chen looked at the grandfather for a moment before silently following the fatty away.

The grandfather smiled as he watched Jian Chen walk away, “This youngster is quite the strange one.”

Right by his side, the father of the fatty appeared with a hoe in hand as he spoke, “Father, could it be that even you cannot see what this Jian Chen is like?”

“This child is no ordinary one, he is no small frog within the pond!” The grandfather let out a sigh before leaving with the hoe still on his shoulder.

After listening to his father’s evaluation of Jian Chen, the middle-aged man had a thunderstruck expression. Looking at Jian Chen’s back, he said nothing and instead followed his father toward the fields.

On the road, the fatty continued to give Jian Chen some information about the village; like saying that it was within the Valley of Longevity. There were mountains everywhere with precipitous peaks that were hard to climb. The only way into this valley was a single road that twisted about more than a snake.

This village had over a hundred families living within it, totaling up to six hundred people in all. Since they were cut off from the outside world, they could only rely on themselves to support their families. The entire village relied on fatty’s father to go out and bring them essentials from the world every so often, so they themselves never left.

That was also due to the fact that the valley was exceptionally deep and connected to the biggest mountain range in the continent – the Cross Mountains. The valley was also home to thousands of strong magical beasts. The distance from this place to the outside world was well over a thousand kilometers and was fraught with danger. Even if one had nine lives, if one wanted to leave, it would be highly unlikely that they would be able to.

“Little fatty, if your father is able to reach the outside world, then your father must be a truly amazing person.” Jian Chen commented.

“Of course, my father is super amazing! Not only does he teach the entire village how to cultivate, but he’ll occasionally bring back a super strong magical beast for the village. Because of this, the entire village worships my father.” The fatty said proudly.

“Since your father is so amazing, then your grandfather must be as well, correct?” Jian Chen asked.

“That, I don’t know, but I don’t think my grandfather is all that strong. If he doesn’t go fishing, then he’s working the fields. I’ve never see him bring home any magical beast, but he is the village elder where even my father listens to him.”

“Have you ever seen the outside world?”

“Nope!” The fatty shook his head, “I’ve lived my entire life in this village without ever going outside, but I’ve heard from my dad that the outside world is extremely large and wonderful. One time my father had planned on taking me outside, but my grandfather had stopped him and gave him a scolding. He said that I wasn’t suited for the outside world, and so after that, my father never once let me out of the village.” Suddenly, the fatty’s eyes began to shine as he stared at Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, aren’t you from the outside world? How is it, are the people as big and great as my dad says? Come on, tell me! Is the outside world as my dad says?”

Jian Chen nodded his head, “Correct, the outside world is extremely vast – far bigger than you could possibly imagine. However, it is especially cruel out there. One must be strong in order to survive. Little fatty, do you wish to see the outside world?”

“Of course! I spend every day hoping that I can see the outside world just once to see what it’s like.” Suddenly, the fatty looked at Jian Chen with a serious expression, “Jian Chen, you can’t tell my grandfather or he’ll grow extremely angry!”

Jian Chen returned the look, “Little fatty, if you truly wish to see the outside world, you’ll first have to convince your grandfather.”

“No no, I can’t! My grandfather’s anger is something you definitely don’t want to see. Although my grandfather is usually kind, when he gets angry, even my father becomes afraid.” The fatty instantly turned nervous as he thought about his grandfather.

“Fine then, I promise I won’t say a word.” Seeing how nervous the fatty became, Jian Chen couldn’t help but worry for him.

The fatty let out a sigh in relief, “Jian Chen, you’re a nice guy. If you were my grandfather, that’d be great. That way, I’d be able to see what it’s like outside.”

At this, Jian Chen had nearly stumbled to the ground.

Afterward, the fatty brought Jian Chen around the entire village and introduced him to many different people. Among the villagers, there were plenty of pretty little women that were still quite plain compared the ones Jian Chen had seen in the outside world. But when they saw Jian Chen’s handsome and determined face, many of the women instantly grew as still as a deer as their faces began to turn red.

Jian Chen’s face was a natural weapon to any women under the heavens. This held especially true for all of the valley women.

After walking around the entire village, Jian Chen finally found an excuse to detach from the fatty and headed for the outskirts of the village by himself.

In a short moment, Jian Chen had passed by several roads and arrived at a mountain range. Right now, he had to make sure that he fully understood the situation his body was in. He had a feeling that even with his Saint Weapon broken, it was not the end of the world just yet.

Arriving at a small hill, Jian Chen sat down with a tranquil look as he began to meditate. Suddenly, a picture of the surrounding kilometer began to appear within his mind, where not even the impossible spots in one’s vision were overlooked. By this point, there was nothing that was a secret to Jian Chen, even the insects crawling on the ground a hundred meters away could be “seen” by Jian Chen.

The Azulet Sword Laws began to form within Jian Chen’s mind as he figured that this was the work of being “Omnipresence”.

Jian Chen continued to work at this omnipresence, increasing his range from a kilometer to two kilometers…

Three kilometers…

Four kilometers…

Five kilometers…

Eight kilometers…


Ten kilometers…

Jian Chen’s omnipresence had somehow managed to reach ten kilometers, but this was the farthest he could go. By this point, Jian Chen could see anything within that range without anything escaping his senses. Not even a single blade of grass was left uncomprehended by him.

Suddenly, Jian Chen lifted up both arms, causing the earth elements in the world to gather near him. Afterward, a large earthen wall began to form by Jian Chen’s side and encased him inside. Then, the dirt began to compress so much that by the end, it had somehow managed to turn into solid stone.

Then, the entire area began to soar in temperature as a sea of fire appeared as well. Scoring the entire sky, the plants beneath Jian Chen’s feet began to wither as several trees began to burn.

The wind began to pick up in speed and blew sand everywhere, forming a dust storm. Countless of plants were uprooted, and combined with the burning trees, the fire grew extremely large in scale.

Right after, the energy within the world began to ripple as a blue colored light blanketed the entire forest before finally forming a large pool of water above. With a torrential downpour, the fire within the forest had been extinguished.

Following the downpour, the sunlight began to grow darker as the previously daytime light turned to night. No matter where one went within a kilometer, there was only a blanket of shadows that made it hard to see even one’s hand in front of their faces.

But even then, the shadows began to grow smaller in scale from a kilometer to five hundred meters. Shrinking once more to twenty meters before finally transforming into a single black colored sword that floated right in front of Jian Chen.

With a point of his finger, the sword moved straight through the air and pierced through hundreds of trees before disappearing into the world. And as soon as the black colored sword shot through a tree, the tree would instantly begin to wither away.

The energy of darkness had a strong rotting nature.

Slowly sitting back down, Jian Chen’s entire heart was in turmoil. After his soul had fused with the Sword Spirits, he had managed to gain a whole new set of abilities. Now, he was fully capable of controlling any of the six elements within the world and could bend them to his will.

Then, Jian Chen’s hand began to rise up as a faint glow of azure and violet Sword Qi extended from his fingertips.

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