Chapter 387 – Chaotic Force

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Chapter 387: Chaotic Force

Now that the azure and violet Sword Spirits had taken on human form and were capable of speech, Jian Chen could communicate with them with ease. It was no longer as difficult as before where they needed to use telepathy. Jian Chen asked many questions that he hadn’t understood and began to clear up the problems he had. At the very least, the most important thing he learned was that the Sword Spirits had been responsible for bringing him to this world.

“Ah, Qingsuo, Ziying, is there any chance of me being able to cultivate with Saint Force anymore?” Jian Chen asked quickly. Losing his Saint Force had left him unable to use his Illusionary Flash or the unbelievably fast sword skills that he was renowned for, so this caused him no small amount of unwillingness.

The two Sword Spirits gave each other a look before looking at Jian Chen hesitantly. For a quick moment of silence, Ziying finally said, “Master, using a special method, you would be able to continue cultivating with Saint Force, however, the Saint Force of this world is far too weak.”

“Too weak?” Jian Chen asked in disbelief.

Ziying nodded his head, “Yes, master. This world’s Saint Force is far too weak, so I recommend that you do not restart your cultivation.” He stopped talking for a moment before continuing to speak before Jian Chen could, “Master, with Qingsuo and I combined together, we could help you cultivate the Chaotic Force.”

“Cultivate Chaotic Force? Is this Chaotic Force even stronger?” Jian Chen asked with doubt.

Ziying nodded his head, “Yes, master. Chaotic Force is the strongest of energy.”

“Then how do I cultivate Chaotic Force?” Jian Chen asked with some eagerness. He couldn’t allow for such a strong opportunity to run by him.

“Master, Qingsuo and I were born from Chaos itself. Our Yin and Yang bodies were evolved from the Chaotic Force, and as long as Qingsuo and I are combined, then we can extract Chaotic Force from any energy in the world.” Ziying spoke with some satisfaction as if being able to cultivate Chaotic Force was an extremely terrific ability.

The azure robed Qingsuo opened up her mouth to speak, “Master, refining Chaotic Force requires a tremendous amount of world Qi. It would take ten years to refine even the smallest amount of Chaotic Force from the small amount of world Qi here. Master, the Ruler Armaments in your hands contain a massive amount of energy, Ziying and Qingsuo can use that energy to refine into Chaotic Force.

Upon hearing this, Jian Chen was beyond please. The Ruler Armaments were next to useless for him since he couldn’t use their power, making them two pieces of garbage. With the Seal of Treasure Mountain on his body, he also had to worry about the Shi family using their special method to find him, which was a shame since Jian Chen had no idea how to deal with that. Right now, the violet and azure Sword Spirits could relieve him of a major headache by refining the energy within the weapons into Chaotic Force. This would then improve his strength, which was something he definitely agreed with.

“No problem, the Duanyun Sword and the Seal of Treasure Mountain I hand over to you then. When will you be able to refine them into Chaotic Force?” Jian Chen asked a little impatiently.

Seeing the impatient look on Jian Chen’s face, Ziying and Qingsuo began to smile. “Master, we can refine the Chaotic Force whenever you wish. However, because the world Qi in this world is quite weak, refining the Chaotic Force will use up a huge volume of Qi. This will make master’s future cultivation even harder.”

“No worries, if worst comes to worst, I’ll find even more Ruler Armaments to take.” Jian Chen waved his hands without concern.

“If you wish, then master, if you could please hand over the Ruler Armaments. Ziying and Qingsuo will refine the Chaotic Force for you.” Qingsuo spoke.

Retreating from his mindspace, Jian Chen grabbed both the Duanyun Sword and the Seal of Treasure Mountain before thinking to himself, “Ziying, Qingsuo, what is the next step?”

As soon as he thought of the words, Jian Chen felt his mind tremble for a moment before Ziying and Qingsuo disappeared from his mind. In the next moment, they had left his mind space and appeared above his head. Right now the two looked like two weak glows of light and mist in human form, but their facial features could not be seen.

Lifting his hand, a wave of mysterious energy began to raise out from the Seal of Treasure Mountain, floating toward Ziying. It flew up from Jian Chen’s hand to levitate over his head to where Ziying and Qinguo were floating.

Ziying and Qingsuo both closed their eyes and lifted out their arms. A faint glow of azure and violet could be seen from their hands before enveloping the Seal of Treasure Mountain, spinning it in the same shape of the Ying Yang symbol.

Two hours later, the Seal of Treasure Mountain had been completely refined and transformed into an extremely pure, but powerful essence that rippled within the hands of Ziying and Qingsuo.

However, Ziying didn’t stop the process there and began to use his Origin energy to hammer it. This went on for another hour, causing the energy to turn gray in color like a ball of smoke. Not only was it faint in color, there was an indescribable air to it.

Ziying and Qingsuo both raised their hands, causing the gray gas to enter Jian Chen’s body before resting within his dantian.

“Master, quick. Use the Azulet Sword Law and transform this Chaotic Force into your own power.” Ziying and Qingsuo both spoke in synchronism.

Without delay, Jian Chen began to do as told.

This process only took up four hours of Jian Chen’s time. After those four hours, Jian Chen had successfully transformed the Chaotic Force into his own energy.

When he looked at the wisp like energy within his dantian, he couldn’t help but ask, “Ziying, Qingsuo, is this really Chaotic Force?”

“Yes, master. This is Chaotic Force in its initial stage.” Ziying spoke.

Hearing this, Jian Chen was confused, “The initial stage of Chaotic Force? What does that mean?”

Ziying looked a little embarrassed, but he didn’t say anything else.

Qingsuo began to smile as if trying to apologize for him, “Master, this is the weakest amount of Chaotic Force. The true power found within Chaotic Force cannot be recreated just yet because the amount of energy in these Ruler Armaments is still far too weak so the true Chaotic Force cannot be attained.”

“Ah, I understand now.” Jian Chen spoke with clarity. However, he still only knew some basics regarding the Chaotic Force. A Ruler Armament was created after the energy from a Ninth Layer Heaven Saint Master crystallized, but he didn’t think that the overwhelming power from such an item would result in such a tiny amount of Chaotic Force. From this, Jian Chen couldn’t even possibly imagine just how strong the Chaotic Force would be.

“Master, the cultivation methods of this continent do not suit the cultivation methods of the Chaotic Force. In the future, you will only be able to cultivate using the Azulet Sword Law. The Azulet Sword Law were actually a high leveled cultivation method written by a deity. Written inside are ways to cultivate using the world Qi of any world and convert it into Chaotic Force!” Ziying spoke.

Cultivation methods were special methods on absorbing and refining energy to become one’s own strength. The Azulet Sword Law was truly an extremely mysterious cultivation method that worked in any situation to transform any energy into Chaotic Force.

Nodding his head, Jian Chen felt his heart sigh in admiration. He didn’t think that the Azulet Sword Law would have such a purpose.

“Master, but…” Ziying opened his mouth once more before hesitation overcame him as if he didn’t know whether or not he should tell him.

“But what?”

Qingsuo blinked rapidly for a moment as she hesitated before speaking with her light voice, “Master, the Azulet Sword Law has three volumes. You have the first volume, but not the other two.”

“What!” Jian Chen cried out, unable to contain his shock, “What could we do about the other two volumes then?”

Ziying and Qingsuo both looked at each other briefly, as if hesitating, before Qingsuo spoke, “Master, in truth, the first volume is only enough for you to cultivate Chaotic Force. The other two volumes are still a long ways away from you.”

Ziying piped up next, “Yes, master, there is no need for you to look for the other two volumes at the moment. One is enough for now. Wait until you have more strength, then the other two volumes will be attainable. Furthermore, Chaotic Force is far too tyrannic; master, if you wish to cultivate Chaotic Force in the future, then you must have a Chaotic Body refined as well. Only a Chaotic Body will be able to withstand the Chaotic Force. Otherwise, if master were to try and use the Chaotic Force, it would cause a tremendous amount of damage.”

“What! Cultivating Chaotic Force requires a Chaotic Body? How does one cultivate that?” Jian Chen asked the two, he hadn’t thought that it would be so complicated.

“Master, refining the Chaotic Body is explained within the Azulet Sword Laws!” Ziying replied.

With that, Jian Chen asked a single question in surprise, “So it does not require a large amount of Chaotic Force?”

“It does require a large amount of Chaotic Force, but master doesn’t need to worry about that now!” Ziying spoke carefully. He didn’t know just how Jian Chen would react to this.

Jian Chen almost felt dizzy from this conversation, but he wasn’t very disappointed. Taking in a long deep breath, he began to mutter, “I just knew there wasn’t such a thing as a free meal in this world. I didn’t think that the Chaotic Force would be this troublesome. A Ruler Armament had only a sliver of Chaotic Force, and a large amount of Chaotic Force is required to refine the Chaotic Body. Good heavens, where would I go to find such a large concentration of this energy?” Jian Chen didn’t quite know if he was happy or sad about this entire situation. Although he had come across a great change within his body, his path would be a long and narrow one for now.

Seeing Jian Chen’s emotions, Qingsuo couldn’t hold back her silence and began to console him, “Master, do not be so discouraged. There is plenty of time in the future, and although the path set out for you is long and hard, you will one day have both the Chaotic Body and Chaotic Force.”

Jian Chen quickly calmed down after she spoke. He knew all too well that having a great benefit would require a great price. There was no such thing as a free meal, and there was no such thing as a prize without a price. If one wanted a large amount of power, they had to be ready to pay a large price for it.

“Forget it, a step is still a step. Ziying, Qingsuo, let’s continue with the Duanyun Sword. This item has no use to me and puts me in harm’s way. There’s no way to tell whether or not the Jiede clan or Shi family will try to track us, so there is no benefit in their prolonged existence.”

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