Chapter 396 – Imperial Protector

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Chapter 396: Imperial Protector

“Watch my sword!” The elder shouted as he brought the giant sword down toward Jian Chen with an inferno replacing the blade.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed with a tint of the azure and violet shades of color. Right in front of him, the giant sword made from pebbles began to glow even brighter with the same color before shooting straight toward the elder.


Another loud explosion could be heard as the elder’s giant sword and the sword made from the pebbles clashed against each other. The flame like essence from the elder’s sword began to slough off in a substantial amount, each piece transforming into shooting stars that spread out in every direction before exploding like a firework would.

The attack of the elder had caused some of the pebbles to be crushed into dust, but the remaining part of the sword continued its momentum and flew straight for the elder.

With this blocking his forward momentum, the elder suddenly came to a stop as he heard the ear whistling sound of the sword continue to fly. Staring seriously, he brandished his own sword and slashed out three more times with the flame sword, leaving behind an amazing streak of fire from its path as it struck against the pebbles.

Ordinarily, the pebbles flying straight for the elder would have been so weak that they would have disintegrated into dust. However, because of the azure and violet Sword Qi, the pebbles had been hardened beyond their normal durability. So when they crashed against the elder’s sword, several explosions could be heard from the resulting strikes.

By now, the elder’s body was like the flame and the pebbles the moths. Under Jian Chen’s control, the pebbles struck at the elder in every direction possible.

“Just what is this devilish power?” The elder thought to himself. His entire body was already covered with the fire attributed Saint Force as he continued to swat the pebbles away while trying to find a way out. It was not like he had no desire to strike at Jian Chen, but the azure and violet Sword Qi surrounding the pebbles reinforced them so much that it was just too much for him to deal with. Even with the Saint Force covering his body, it was hard to defend against the strikes. With the constant barrage, just moving was difficult enough.

Clenching both hands in midair, all of the nearby fire elements in the world suddenly congregated within Jian Chen’s hands. In a flash, they transformed to become two swords with fire as the blade. Right as they formed, they transformed into a single streak of fire as it shot toward the elder with blinding speed and a fiery heat. The heat had been so intense that the surrounding air had turned pink from the distortion.

Staring seriously at the two blades shooting at him, the elder brought his own sword up and slammed down on the both of them.

Once more, flames burst out from the explosion and plumes of fire washed over the sky like a series of fireworks. The entire sky was replaced with a sea of flames as they spread from the elder. At this moment, the temperature in the surrounding area had already scaled up to a degree where even the king and the spectators felt as if they were in a steamer basket and were being steamed alive.

Jian Chen’s eyes continued to glow resplendently with a divine glow as the wind began to pick up in the area as if a howling storm was approaching. The sounds were like the screams of ghosts and blew the flames that were flying toward Jian Chen back toward the elder’s position. In an instant, the elder was concealed by the flames.

Jian Chen knew all too well that a flame of this magnitude would do nothing to a Heaven Saint Master class expert. At best, the elder would be worse for wear, but nothing more. Clutching at the sky once more, another sword of fire formed before flying at the elder’s position.

In an instant, the sword disappeared within the sea of flames without a trace. In the next, a fierce explosion could be heard as the flames suddenly blew apart.

A white figure could be seen flying out from the fire—it was the elder. There was no serious damage that could be see on his body, but he looked disheveled and his breathing was ragged while his clothes were already threatening to tear at the seams. In all, the elder no longer looked as refined and calm as he did before the fight.

Floating in midair, the elder made no move to attack and instead continued to observe Jian Chen. Jian Chen made no move either, he knew that the elder was only testing for his strength and was not actually fighting to kill him in a do or die match.

The flames quickly receded from the skies, causing the temperature to drop as well. At the same time, the elder had a strange look on his face as if hesitating before finally sighing, “This old man admits his loss!”

Smiling, Jian Chen cupped his hands together, “Senior, you must be joking. This was only a test for my strength, your true strength was not even shown completely. If you were to go all out, the conclusion would have been entirely different.”

The elder waved his hands dismissively, “A loss is a loss. This old man is not someone that cannot accept a loss. Although I did not go all out, the amount of strength you’re holding back would be stronger than mine still.”

Continuing to smile, Jian Chen said no more in opposition to the man and slowly descended to the ground.

The two landed on the ground at the same time in front of the crowd, but not a single voice could be heard. Not even the king nor the relatives of the king dared make a sound and instead chose to look at the handsome face of the youngster in front of them.

Not only was Jian Chen the youngest Heaven Saint Master they knew, but his strength was also beyond anyone’s imagination. Even one of the imperial advisors had admitted defeat.

At this moment, everyone felt their own strength completely dominated by Jian Chen. At the age of twenty something, he had already become a Heaven Saint Master. By the age of fifty, or even a hundred, just what realm would he step into?

“Wa, Jian Chen, you are truly amazing to be able to reach the Heaven Saint Master realm.” Suddenly from the crowd, the princess of Funan began to clap and speak her praise.

Princess Qin Shuang and Qin Yubing both looked at Jian Chen with a strange look. Aside from those three, the other rich daughters of the other families all began to stare at Jian Chen with a look of adoration and worship. Some of the daughters had even looked utterly entranced by him.

Although Jian Chen’s hair had all been burnt away, he still retained his handsome looks. Combined with his young age, power as a Heaven Saint Master, and the honor given to him by the king, he was the Prince Charming to all of the rich daughters here.

“Hahaha, good, good good! Jian Chen’s strength has opened everyone’s eyes here. Jian Chen, since you are the friend of Qin Ji, there is no need to see you as an outsider. If this king may, would I be so bold to call you a nephew?” The king laughed merrily.

Qin Ji had a gentle smile on his as he stood behind the king. At this moment, he could feel a strange feeling of happiness along with some shock. Jian Chen being a Heaven Saint Master was something he was shocked by as well. That was because with Jian Chen’s actual age, this was a world shaking revelation.

Accepting the goodwill expressed by the king, Jian Chen accepted this without hesitation. This was something that was more beneficial than harmful so he cupped his hands together, “It would be an honor for this one.”

Looking pleased, the king spoke with a great smile, “Now that this battle is finished, let us all go back. Nephew Jian Chen, let us return to the palace.” With that, he led Jian Chen with a friendly wave back toward the palace. On the way, he asked about Jian Chen’s wellbeing and constantly treated him well.

Hidden within the crowd, Xiao Han could only look at Jian Chen blankly. After a while, his entire face suddenly slackened.

“N… no way! There’s no way! Just how… how is he a Heaven Saint Master? This has to be an illusion.” Xiao Han sputtered as he muttered to himself, he was just in too much disbelief.

At that moment, the still pale Mu Zhaye walked up to Xiao Han. Seeing the slackened face of surprise, Mu Zhaye sighed with some blame to his voice, “You’ve offended a person—someone you cannot afford to offend. Even imperial advisor Pu Ta wasn’t his opponent; it seems that even your grandfather would not be able to win against him. This won’t do, I must report this situation to your grandfather.”

Hearing this, Xiao Han’s face blanched as he pulled on Mu Zhaye’s arm hopefully, “Uncle Mu Zhaye, do you think grandfather will try and get justice for me?”

Hearing this, Mu Zhaye whipped around to look at Xiao Han fiercely, “How could you be so muddle headed? Don’t bring up this again and be careful of what you say. Jian Chen is a Heaven Saint Master with unparalleled skill. He has curried favor with His Majesty and wouldn’t be threatened by your grandfather at all. If you don’t know what it means to repent, then even your grandfather will be hurt by this.”

Turning white, Xiao Han asked with a trembling voice, “Uncle Mu Zhaye, what do you think I should do then?”

Sighing, Mu Zhaye spoke, “You should go apologize to Jian Chen. I must report this matter to your grandfather. By the end, I hope we transform this major problem into no problem.”


Quickly, everyone returned to the previous palace hall. The king led Jian Chen to the front before sitting on the imperial throne. Ordering the maid to bring a luxurious chair for Jian Chen to sit on, he began to treat him as if Jian Chen was a treasured son.

This conduct toward Jian Chen had not gone unnoticed by the other princes. Each one began to smile and express their goodwill toward him as if it was only right that Jian Chen should have been treated like this to begin with.

Unable to conceal his glee, the king of the Qinhuang Kingdom looked around before clearing his throat. “Now that everyone is here, your king would like to order a decree. As of now, I appoint Jian Chen to be the Imperial Protector, does anyone object?”

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