Chapter 409 – Valiantly Storming the Stronghold (Two)

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Chapter 409: Valiantly Storming the Stronghold (Two)

“Bang!” Following two loud explosions, the palace walls began to crumble away after being destroyed by the two bronze lions, revealing two large holes.

Without stopping to take a rest, he levitated the same two bronze lions and began to destroy the surrounding walls. In a flash, the nearby walls to the city were beginning to crumble. Already, the entirety of the wall had been compromised and reduced to rubble.

This caused the entirety of the palace to be truly shocked as squadrons of elite soldiers continued to charge forth. The experts hidden away in the palace led the charge toward the source of the destruction with cold glares.

“Where is the scoundrel that dares to act in such a manner toward our Pingyang Kingdom?”

“To dare cause trouble in our Pingyang Kingdom’s palace, you must be tired of living!”

“Intruder, speak your name!”

“How audacious! Even death won’t pardon your crimes of destroying our imperial city!”


Mixed in with the furious cries of soldiers, twenty Earth Saint Masters flew toward Jian Chen’s position with their Saint Weapons in hand—ready to attack him.

Following two large explosions, the two gigantic bronze lion statues flew in a graceful arc toward the incoming people. At the same time, the rubble of the city walls began to levitate in the air before pelting the twenty Earth Saint Masters with blinding speed.

These stones were reinforced by the azure and violet Sword Qi, meaning their offensive strength was enough to injure Heaven Saint Masters. Against such a strike, a group of Earth Saint Masters would be powerless to prevent the stones from destroying their bodies. Even with their Saint Weapons already poised to attack the stones, they did no damage at all.

Not even within several breaths, the twenty Earth Saint Masters had died in battle. In the eyes of Jian Chen, only Heaven Saint Masters had a chance of fighting with him. Earth Saint Masters may be high leveled experts within the continent, but to him, they had utterly no chance at all in even harming or getting close to him.

The sounds of heavy footsteps could be heard as the elite squadron of soldiers came pouring in like a tidal wave. There were at least a thousand people that quickly hemmed Jian Chen within a ring and glared heavily at Jian Chen.

“Sire, who are you and why are you destroying the palace of our Pingyang Kingdom?” One of the elders riding on a Class 3 Magical Beast spoke with a serious expression.

Jian Chen looked past the elder and at the gold and red imperial palace without answering his question.

But when the elder saw the twenty dead Earth Saint Masters on the ground, he grew deathly serious and grim. Sizing up the young age of Jian Chen, he couldn’t help but feel a little skeptical. If such a youngster was able to eliminate twenty Earth Saint Masters, that would be utterly inconceivable.

Then a realization hit him. An Earth Saint Master wouldn’t be able to kill twenty Earth Saint Masters so quickly, this was the work of a Heaven Saint Master! Could this youngster right in front of him truly be a Heaven Saint Master?

At this question, the elder tried to calm his heart down. If what he thought was true, then this person in front of him had a talent that was utterly terrifying.

“Sire, just who might you be? Why must you destroy our Pingyang Kingdom’s imperial palace?” The elder asked carefully once more, desperately hoping to find a way to not be an enemy to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen looked to the imperial palace and spoke softly, “From here on out, this imperial palace will cease to exist within the Tian Yuan Continent.”

Hearing this, the elder couldn’t help but explode with anger, “How arrogant! Our Pingyang Kingdom has survived within the Tian Yuan Continent for hundreds of years, just how could a child destroy it?”

Jian Chen spoke no words and opened his hands, allowing the fire element within the world to gather within his hands and forming a bright red ray of light. In a flash, a rich firewall had formed around Jian Chen’s body while also raising the temperature to be unbearable.

Paling, the elder quickly cried out an order, “Retreat!” This elder was not a Heaven Saint Master, but he had a clear understanding of their strengths. Despite all of the guards gathered here being the elite soldiers of the kingdom, they stood no chance against a Heaven Saint Master.

At this command, all of the surrounding soldiers immediately began to run away from Jian Chen.

It was already far too late. The fire surrounding Jian Chen’s body exploded outward, transforming into a bright wall of fire that expanded throughout the area and washed over the sky with its high temperatures. The sky soon became a scorching area with no one able to breathe inside it.

The plumes of fire quickly made its way around the area, engulfing many soldiers within its path. With its high temperatures, the fire quickly brought the iron armor to a fiery red before turning it into molten iron.

Countless of soldiers caught by this attack began to cry out in a miserable howl. The elder on the other hand fortunately escaped from the attack and could only watch with dazed eyes.

At that moment, two formidable powers flew from the palace with a furious roar. Two Heaven Saint Masters could then be seen floating over head with a furious look at the scene.

“Who are you, why are you attacking the Pingyang Kingdom?” One of the Heaven Saint Masters glared at Jian Chen menacingly. Despite Jian Chen killing many of their soldiers, he had to make sure of the situation carefully.

A bubble of the wind element surrounded Jian Chen, allowing him to float up into the air to meet the two Heaven Saint Masters at their level.

“I am from the Gesun Kingdom. Today, I will make your Pingyang Kingdom pay a heavy price for your crime.” Jian Chen spoke calmly but with a hint of steel to it. His killing intent was plain to see from him.

Upon hearing his response, the two Heaven Saint Masters looked at each other in surprise; since when did the Gesun Kingdom have such a talented individual as this one? They had never heard of such a person before.

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