Chapter 414 – Hurry to the West

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Chapter 414: Hurry to the West

Although he was skeptical, the general didn’t ask too many questions. He knew it wasn’t his place to ask.

Upon hearing that the Changyang clan had left the area, Jian Chen could barely contain his disappointment. The general could see the range of emotions flashing through his face and could use that to confirm his suspicions.

“Imperial Advisor, although our northern stronghold is stabilized, the other three strongholds are still in dire straits. The enemy is nearly at the imperial city, meaning our Gesun Kingdom is in mortal danger. If you could assist us, our Gesun Kingdom will survive this ordeal!” The elder pleaded. Although Jian Chen’s strength wasn’t something he was clear on, Chang Wuji’s words and Jian Chen’s capture of the Pingyang Kingdom’s king was more than enough for him to trust Jian Chen’s ability.

His words caused Jian Chen to look grim with hesitation. Then with another sigh, he began to inquire about the state of the other three strongholds. That same night Jian Chen left, headed to the western stronghold, since it was the closest one from his current location and the most precarious one as well.

Although Jian Chen wanted to go back home now that he was in the Gesun Kingdom, there was a war to fight. Without delay, he knew he had to help the Gesun Kingdom resolve this issue, so he resisted the urge to return home for a moment longer. When everything was stabilized, he would go back home.

The northern stronghold wasn’t all that far away from the western stronghold. After four hours of traveling, Jian Chen arrived at his destination, but the Hidden Dragon Kingdom had already invaded the area and the stronghold had the banners of the enemy kingdom flying overhead. Over a million soldiers were garrisoned inside while steady streams of supplies and soldiers were streaming toward the Gesun Kingdom’s imperial city.

The army of the Hidden Dragon Kingdom had already broke through into the Gesun Kingdom’s territory. By now, the stronghold was only serving as their temporary supply station, so there were no Heaven Saint Masters there.

Jian Chen was at least a thousand meters in the air and was concealed by the darkness, so the soldiers down below wouldn’t have been able to detect the fact that a Heaven Saint Master was overhead.

Without any more hesitation, Jian Chen wrapped himself with the wind element before continuing to fly farther into the Gesun Kingdom.

An hour later, Jian Chen arrived at a Second Class City. By now, it had been completely occupied by the army of the Hidden Dragon Kingdom’s Army and the flags from the Gesun Kingdom had been replaced with the Hidden Dragon Kingdom.

Jian Chen’s eyes gleamed brightly for a moment with a noticeable light before heading in the direction of the path the army was traveling.

After flying for several minutes, a single cannon shot could be heard before a bright burst of light could be seen. A single Magical Crystal Cannon had exploded, shooting a burst of magic through the dark sky before impacting the ground with a loud bang. With this loud bang, the Hidden Dragon Kingdom and the Gesun Kingdom were ushered into another battle.

Not even bothering to conceal himself, Jian Chen instantly shot past the Hidden Dragon Kingdom’s army tents and toward another city.

The soldiers that had evacuated from the western stronghold were now holed up in a First Class City and relied upon the superior walls it boasted in order to defend themselves from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom.

Jian Chen’s figure shot over the walls of the First Class City, but before his legs could even land on the ground, a dozen of arm thick crossbolts shot toward him. Each one of the Gesun Kingdom soldiers thought him to be an enemy, so they did not hold back in trying to kill him.

With a single thought, Jian Chen forced the crossbolts to stop three meters away from him and float harmlessly in midair. Afterward, they lost any source of support and fell back down onto the city walls with a loud clanging sound.

Suddenly, two Heaven Saint Masters flew forward in a burst of red and yellow light. But when they saw Jian Chen’s figure, their faces had looks of joy to them before hurriedly cupping their hands, “We pay our respects to the Imperial Protector.”

These two men were Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom called Dongyi Junbai and Cao Keqin, a Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Master and a Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master.

Both of these Heaven Saint Masters were known to the soldiers on the city walls, so when they saw the two paying their respects to Jian Chen, they instantly realized that he was not an enemy. Straight away, a relieved look could be seen on their faces as they stared at Jian Chen with new looks of interest.

Noticing just how pale both Heaven Saint Masters were, Jian Chen grew serious, “Are you two injured?”

The two nodded their heads, before Dongyi Junbai spoke, “Imperial Protector, the two experts located at the western stronghold were already killed by the Hidden Dragon Kingdom. Only one expert remains alive with serious injuries.

However, at this point in time, his fighting strength isn’t even at half strength, moreover, the Hidden Dragon Kingdom has five Heaven Saint Masters. Not too long ago, the two of us went against those five; while they were forced back, the both of us were injured as a result.”

Jian Chen nodded his head and headed inside one of the more luxurious inns in the city. This inn was previously for private usage, but because of the battle, it had been temporarily repurposed for the use of the army. Transformed into a strategy room, Dongyi Junbai, Cao Keqin and the injured Heaven Saint Masters from the Gesun Kingdom were the ones providing leadership over the soldiers in this area.

With the Imperial Protector personally coming here, every single high ranking officer paid their respects to Jian Chen. Even the injured Heaven Saint Master stopped his healing treatment in order to go see Jian Chen without saying a word.

Although Jian Chen looked to be around twenty years old, his status was still quite high ranking. With both the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom revering him, none of the others could see him as a mere twenty year old youth. Within the Tian Yuan Continent, secret methods to recover one’s youth were not impossible.

Many of the officers rose up to greet Jian Chen with loud respectful greetings in a careful manner as if afraid of saying the wrong thing. Even the Heaven Saint Master looked at Jian Chen with a respectful but enthusiastic look.

Among the chatter, Jian Chen recognized this Heaven Saint Master as someone from the imperial palace. He was once a commander named Tian Xing. However, after making the break through to become a Heaven Saint Master, his status had immediately elevated, promoting him to an Imperial Advisor of the Gesun Kingdom.

After giving several words of greeting to everyone, he immediately assumed the leading position and began to converse with everyone about the situation.

“Imperial Protector, the enemy army triumphs us in terms of number, meaning our own army will lose without a doubt. If we wish to score a victory, then we must completely annihilate the enemy Heaven Saint Masters.”

“Correct, the Heaven Saint Masters are the pillars of support for the enemy side. If they were to die, then those soldiers would be irrevocably affected by their loss. And if they were to all die, then our soldiers would feel less pressure than before. As a result, it may be possible for us to turn the tides and deliver a crushing victory.”

Several commanders began to give their own perspective of the situation.

“Imperial Protector, the enemy side has five Heaven Saint Masters. Two Second Cycle, two Third Cycle, and a single Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. If we join together and use our Heaven Tier Battle Skills, then we may be able to kill them all in one blow.” Cao Keqin proposed.

“I agree. Cao Keqin and I were able to fight the five of them to a standstill. If we were to add the Imperial Protector to the mix, then we would be able to kill them all without a problem.” Dongyi Junbai agreed.

Hearing the two Imperial Advisors speak, the commanders sitting around the table were all stunned. If the five enemy Heaven Saint Masters were to all truly be killed, they would be able to transform a crushing defeat into a stunning victory.

Jian Chen nodded his head slightly at this, making everyone believe that he too was thinking of the same plan and wished to do so. But then Jian Chen slowly stood up. “Dongyi Junbai, Cao Keqin, you two go down and recover your strength. After you are healed, head for the eastern stronghold.”

“Imperial Protector, do you plan to go against the five Heaven Saint Masters by yourself?” Cao Keqin spoke with surprise.

“Imperial Advisor, the enemy has five people! Although they do not possess a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, but their combined might is still no easy force to contend with. The three of us could easily kill them.” Dongyi Junbai spoke seriously.

Jian Chen shook his head, “There’s no need. I will go alone. In this moment, the other two strongholds are in bigger danger than this city, thus you two need to hurry to help out.”

Jian Chen’s words stunned the entire table in silence. For him to go against five Heaven Saint Masters by himself, this Imperial Protector had to be truly strong! To have an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom personally come to help out the Gesun Kingdom, everyone was so happy that they felt as if they were dreaming.

At his words, Cao Keqin and Dongyi Junbai spoke no more and went down to recover their wounds.

Afterward, Jian Chen left the inn and flew in the direction of the stronghold. By now, the five Heaven Saint Masters from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom were injured, meaning killing them would be an easy task.

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