Chapter 426 – The Killing Intent Skyrockets

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Chapter 426: The Killing Intent Skyrockets

Jian Chen’s actions quickly killed the Yangji Sect men with quick stabs through each of the twenty men’s throats, leaving the rest of the men all stunned. The remaining few men thought themselves fortunate that they did not charge at Jian Chen, otherwise they would have been the ones laying on the ground instead.

Everyone from the Yangji Sect was utterly shocked and tried to hide the fear in their eyes. Although Jian Chen was many years younger than them, the method he had used to kill the twenty men had shocked them.

“Sire, just who are you?” The first person spoke, his voice began to treat Jian Chen with a more respectful voice.

“Call out your leader immediately, otherwise, I will kill you all.” Jian Chen spoke coldly.

“You…” The middle-aged man growled. The Yangji Sect were a high symbol of power within the Qiangan Kingdom. Even the prince of the kingdom could not easily get away with mocking them. Thus, this cavalier attitude of Jian Chen toward his Yangji Sect was something that infuriated the man, but he didn’t dare do anything due to his weakness.

“What has happened, why is there such a commotion?” At that moment, a deep sounding voice could be heard as a long-haired, black robed man came walking into the courtyard. The man’s face was steadfast and looked to be around fifty years old. In his eyes, a bright glint could be seen.

“Third teacher!”

“Third teacher!”


Upon seeing this man, every single person bent down in a respectful bow toward him.

The third teacher walked up to the group and was immediately informed by the middle-aged man, “Third teacher, you’ve come just in time! Not only has he caused trouble, but he has killed twenty of our disciples, this is an unforgivable crime!”

Ignoring what the man had said, the newcomer looked at Jian Chen for a moment as if studying him. Turning grim, the man had taken notice that despite Jian Chen looking around twenty years old, he was an extremely unusual person.

“Sire, who are you, and why have you crossed paths with my Yangji Sect?” The third uncle spoke with a dark expression.

“Third teacher, why spare words on this man? He has killed twenty disciples, just how could we forgive him for this?” The middle-aged man standing beside the third teacher gnashed his teeth in anger as if trying to convince him.

The third teacher lifted a hand to calm the man before turning back to wait for Jian Chen’s response.

Jian Chen’s hands remained crossed against his chest and ignored the third teacher. Only the woman standing right behind Jian Chen could be heard quaking in fear, but even she remained quiet.

“Earlier today, your Yangji Sect abducted someone. Bring him out here immediately, otherwise, do not blame me for being unkind.” Jian Chen spoke with an icy tone.

The third teacher’s expression suddenly changed to grow dark as he spoke, “Sire, are you aware of the consequences your words may bring you? My Yangji Sect is not an entity you can easily provoke.”

“I don’t care what sect you belong to. Return the person back to me and kneel down in apology. Otherwise, you and your men will never leave this place alive.” Jian Chen spoke. Since they had taken the son of his uncle Kendall, there was no way he would forgive such an action.

“How brassy!” The third teacher roared in anger. “You who don’t know the immensity of the earth and the heavens! Why don’t you show me your potential then!” With that, the man materialized a blue machete in his hand and shot toward Jian Chen with lightning quick speed.

Sneering, Jian Chen revealed a cold smile as he pointed a finger at the man. Instantly, an azure and violet colored Sword Qi shot from his finger and toward the incoming third teacher.


A cracking sound could be heard as the azure and violet Sword Qi accurately stabbed into the third teacher’s machete. The power within this finger sized attack was so strong that it caused the third teacher’s forward momentum to come to a grinding halt before instantly blowing him back through the air. Somersaulting backward, the man landed on his feet several meters away from his original position.

With some difficulty, he stabilized himself, but his facial expression afterward was very troubled as he looked at Jian Chen. His own strength was decent as an Earth Saint Master, but to think that he would have been pushed back by a single shot of Sword Qi.

Then, the third teacher realized something and gasped in shock, “You… you’re a Heaven Saint Master.”

As soon as everyone heard this, they were aghast with shock and their eyes popped wide open with surprise.

“I will count to three, if I do not see the person you took, don’t think about escaping with your life.” Jian Chen spoke coldly without any more patience.

“Qu-quick, bring that guy out.” This time, the third teacher’s voice was not as steadfast as before and quickly barked out an order.

Even the other men from the Yangji Sect didn’t have the same bravado as before. Flashing a quick look of terror at Jian Chen, several men instantly scampered to go bring the man Jian Chen was looking for.

Quickly, a bloody figured was brought out by the Yangji Sect. His hair was messy and his body was filled with wounds from a whip; even his clothes were on the verge of tearing apart.

When the woman standing behind Jian Chen saw the bloody figure, she let out a shriek of horror and charged bravely straight through the men and toward the youth with a great cry, “My Sans! My dear son, how could such a thing happen to you! Ah, my poor poor child…!”

When the third teacher saw the state the child was in, his face had instantly fallen. He never would have thought that the proprietress of a smalltime inn would somehow manage to have a connection to a Heaven Saint Master and thus he had not spared the whip with their captive. But now that the youth was in such a state, he nervously waited to see if Jian Chen would be angered.

The Yangji Sect let the youth go, and with fear, they turned to look at Jian Chen before silently walking back.

Jian Chen’s dark face looked at the state of the youth and squatted down to take a closer look at his wounds. Instantly, a large amount of killing intent exploded from Jian Chen and flooded the entire courtyard.

Jian Chen’s eyes frosted over as his killing intent skyrocketed, “Yangji Sect, I, Jian Chen, will destroy every single one of you.”

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