Chapter 427 – Killing the Yangji Sect

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Chapter 427: Killing the Yangji Sect

Upon hearing Jian Chen’s declaration of destroying the Yangji Sect, everyone within the sect became furious.

Despite everyone fearing Jian Chen’s immense strength, the third teacher couldn’t help but cry out, “Sire, the Yangji Sect has deep roots in the Qiangan Kingdom some even with the royal family. You should think about the words coming out of your mouth before you speak them!”

“I will have you all slain here today.” Jian Chen spoke as even more killing intent exploded out from him. All of the nearby trees began to shake and explode before transforming into wood splinters that shone with an azure and violet glow. Traveling through the air, the wood splinters suddenly found themselves shooting straight for the Yangji Sect.

Out of the entire Yangji Sect men gathered here, only the third teacher was an Earth Saint Master. Everyone else were Great Saint Masters and below, meaning there was absolutely no way for them to defend themselves against a Heaven Saint Master. Without any resistance, each person was instantly riddled with holes.

Even the Earth Saint Master found it extremely hard to defend against. The wood splinters found it extremely easy to pierce through his Saint Force defenses and instantly spear through his body in various different places.

In an instant, more than a dozen Yangji Sect men had died without a problem. Their blood stained the ground below them and had even spread into the air to create the bloody stench of death.

“My child, ah my poor child. Wake up! Don’t scare your mother like this. If you die, then your mother doesn’t wish to live either!” The woman continued to cry, not even noticing the bloodbath that occurred around her.

Jian Chen’s killing intent slowly receded from his eyes as he walked toward the shop owner. “Aunty, don’t worry. He is still alive; he just fainted from his wounds.” Jian Chen spoke with some remorse. He had checked his wounds earlier, and while they were not life threatening, his inner Saint Weapon had been utterly destroyed. In accordance to the continent, that would mean the youth would never be able to cultivate and would forever remain an ordinary man without strength.

Upon hearing Jian Chen’s words, the shop owner’s eyes lit up as she spoke up in hope, “Is that true? My lord, will my child live?”

Jian Chen nodded his head, “Aunty, let us take Sans home. Sans is the child of Kendall, whatever revenge that is planned, I will take it all and allow the Yangji Sect to come to justice.”

The shop owner was moved by his words and thanked him over and over again, “My lord, I thank you truly. My dear benefactor, for as long as this woman lives, I will work as hard as an ox to repay you…”

Jian Chen immediately stopped the woman there and spoke, “Aunty, do not say such words. Uncle Kendall has treated me with such kindness in the past, it is only right that I help you. Let us take Sans home first.”

Afterward, Jian Chen took the bloody son and the mother back to the inn. Before they left, the woman noticed that the courtyard was littered with corpses, and caused her to be frightened out of her mind. Although she had seen people die before, there was far too many dead bodies here for her. The Yangji Sect stood at the top of the Qiangan Kingdom in strength and so the woman couldn’t help but worry.

When Jian Chen left the fancy inn, the bloody figure of the youth attracted the attention of everyone. After they left, the waiter immediately ran off to the courtyard where the Yangji Sect were. Upon seeing the dead bodies littering the courtyard, his face instantly paled before running off to notify the shop owner of the inn.

Not too long after, a white robed youth with an expensive looking fan came running into the courtyard along with several bodyguards. This youth was the young master and the second son of the patriarch, meaning his identity was extremely well known and could stand on the same level of the prince of the kingdom. He had originally gone out with several bodyguards for a stroll and had coincidentally evaded the massacre.

When the second son of the Yangji Sect saw the bloody sight, his face instantly paled. After being told of what happened by the waiter, he immediately ran as fast as he could back to the Yangji Sect without delay. Even the body of his third teacher was left back at the courtyard.

The massacre of more than a dozen men from the Yangji Sect was an enormous piece of information that could not be silenced. In a flash, the news had traveled throughout the entire city, even to the mercenary groups residing there. As they traveled, they spread the news even more, resulting in almost everyone knowing what had transpired.

But Jian Chen was unaware to the news of the outside world. The only thing he cared about right now was the recovery of the son.

Putting the son on the bed, he immediately took out a Radiant Spirit Pill for the youth to eat. As soon as the pill was swallowed, the son’s wounds began to heal at an accelerated rate. Although his wounds were heavy, the pill’s quality was even higher, so the wounds began to heal right in front of their eyes.

Not too long afterward, Sans recovered to consciousness. But he was still extremely weak; despite the Radiant Spirit Pill curing his wounds, his Saint Weapon had been shattered. This meant that without any Saint Force, recovering his strength would be a difficult thing to do in short amount of time.

However for the sake of his recovery, Jian Chen was not stingy with his Radiant Spirit Pills and took out two more. With three pills used, the recovery rate of the youth was astonishingly fast, and had even driven away the weakness from having his Saint Weapon shattered.

However, even after recovering, Sans was not happy. He was well aware of what had happened to his body. With his Saint Weapon gone, he had degenerated to become a cripple that would forever remain at the bottom of the Tian Yuan Continent.

Jian Chen understood his feelings and said to him, “Sans, please don’t feel sad. Although you have lost your Saint Weapon, your future will be better than before. I will take your revenge and exact it on the Yangji Sect for you.”

“Benefactor, I cannot thank you enough for rescuing me, but the Yangji Sect is far too strong. It is not worth offending them for my sake.” Sans was quiet when he spoke, indicating his sadness.

“My lord, I truly thank you for rescuing my Sans, but my child is correct. The Yangji Sect is far too strong for you to offend.” The shop owner said through her tears. She and her son were the commoners of society and the Yangji Sect left a strong impression on them. Neither one wished for Jian Chen to come across any danger for them.

Then, the shop owner spoke to her son, “Sans, we should leave this place and go to a faraway village to live our lives there. It would be better there than to live here in fear and poverty.”

Before Sans could reply, Jian Chen beat him to it, “How could I let that happen? Aunty, Sans, come back with me to the Gesun Kingdom, I will let you live a happy life without danger. The Yangji Sect will not escape my ire, San’s revenge will be enacted through me, otherwise, I would not be able to face uncle Kendall.”

Upon hearing Jian Chen’s words, Sans immediately froze up, his sadness scattered away from his eyes. “Benefactor, you know my father?”

Jian Chen nodded his head, “Sans, I will tell you about your father later, but right now we should focus on your health.”

“I’m fine now, but I feel no energy in my body.” Sans spoke feebly.

“Sans, you should rest up for now, tomorrow, I will take revenge for you.”


The inn was closed for the next day as Jian Chen stayed in it. He wanted to protect the mother and son, and to avoid having the pair ask him about uncle Kendall’s whereabouts, he invented an excuse to remain within his room without disturbance.

Right now, Jian Chen didn’t know how to explain it to the both of them. How could he just say that uncle Kendall had left this world? With Sans’ terrible situation, Jian Chen did not want to leave another wound on them both.

Jian Chen sighed, “If only I had known earlier, then I would have stayed silent about knowing uncle Kendall.”

After some time, the city lord’s mansion had many influential people gathered there to talk about the slaughter of the Yangji Sct. For their city to have several men from a high ranking sect, was no small matter and was bad news for everyone involved with the city.

“City lord, whoever dares fight against the Yangji Sect is definitely not a minor character. A person of this nature is someone we cannot offend either. Since he was able to kill an Earth Saint Master with ease, his strength must be truly strong.”

“City lord, I received news not too long ago that a Heaven Saint Master had arrived within our city. I believe that the person who killed the Yangji Sect may be the very same person as that Heaven Saint Master.”

“What? A Heaven Saint Master? Dear heavens, this is not someone we can offend. City lord, this is something we should best stay out of. Instead of participating, we should let the Yangji Sect deal with it themselves.”

The influential people continued to talk for half the day before finally deciding to stay out of trouble. With their current position and the immensity of the ordeal, they did not wish to get involved.

On the second day, Sans and the mother left the inn with new clothes. On the streets, Jian Chen had not bothered to do anything as he used his wind element to wrap the mother and son. Taking them into the air, they flew toward the Yangji Sect much to the shock of everyone around.

The Yangji Sect was not all that far away from the Second Class City. It was only 500 kilometers to the mountain ranges where the Yangji Sect was located. With an elevation of 5000 meters, a swirl of clouds and mist covered the mountain peaks so anyone who looked at it would feel a tinge of mystery.

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