Chapter 451 – Black Armors

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Chapter 451: Black Armors

As the king disappeared, the prime minister muttered to himself, “So what if there is a prior engagement? It is not like they are married, these engagements can be canceled. The prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom cannot just come on a fool’s errand.” After speaking with the Gesun Kingdom’s king, the prime minister had more or less confirmed the relations between the Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom. Previously, he had thought the two were close, but now he knew that there was no intimate relations between the two kingdoms, alleviating a good amount of his fears.

Jian Chen’s commotion at the Hua Yun Sect hadn’t been mentioned to anyone outside the sect. If news that the patriarch of the sect had been forced out was revealed by any disciple, they would be expelled and punished severely. The Hua Yun Sect had to protect their status within the Gesun Kingdom and prevent the news of what happened from leaking at any costs. If someone were to find out that the fourth master of the Changyang clan had caused such trouble at the Hua Yun Sect, the Hua Yun Sect’s prestige would collapse and their development would come to a standstill. At the same time, the Changyang clan would benefit from this and their prestige would raise at the same time as the Hua Yun Sect’s plummeted.

The two grand elders were not willing for this to happen at all.

Jian Chen and Chang Wuji had already returned to the Changyang clan, but right now, only Chang Wuji, Changyang Ba, and Bi Yuntian knew what Jian Chen had done. They chose to remain silent on the matter, but were happy nonetheless. Who would have known that the incomparably strong Hua Yun Sect would be dominated by their own child. Jian Chen’s military might and success was something both of his parents were extremely proud of.

Afterward, Jian Chen remained within the clan and didn’t walk out often, choosing to spend his days by his mother’s side, talking.

Because the tiger cub had still not finished absorbing the heavenly resources, the cub remained in Jian Chen’s room sleeping on his bed.

The tiger cub was growing at an even faster rate. Jian Chen could sense a presence flowing from the tiger cub with a strength that was at the level of a Class 2 Magical Beast. As long as this progression continued, it would become a Class 3 Magical Beast within several days.

Within Lore City in a luxurious inn, a red robed man around the age of 27 sat by a table and drank some wine while his eyes glanced around the place idly.

One of the waiters came by with a platter of steaming magical beast meat and gently set it on the table with a bow of her head, “Honored customer, your meal is here. Is there anything else you wish for?” When it came to this red robed youth, all of the workers within the inn knew about him. That was because this youth had already lived within the inn for a month in their best room and ate their best foods. He had plenty of money and was quite well spoken. Sometimes, he would give gold coins as a reward and after an entire month, the entire staff had already been given a considerable amount of money that was well worth an entire year’s worth of pay.

And so, every single worker in this inn considered this youth a god of wealth almost.

With a wave of his hand, the waitress retreated back, allowing him to dig into his delicious meal with vigor.

“Why is it that I cannot find Jian Chen? With his status and strength, he should be well known within Lore City. But, why is it that when I ask around, no one has heard of Jian Chen’s name before? Could it be that Jian Chen isn’t his real name?” The youth spoke to himself in a low voice.

He had only been in Lore City for a month. After the ending of the Gathering of the Mercenaries, Jian Chen had given him instructions to find him in Lore City of the Gesun Kingdom. But what area in Lore City, he didn’t know.

“It’s time to wait then. Jian Chen should have exited the Holy Lands by now. If he comes from Mercenary City, it’ll take him several months to get here if he doesn’t use a Space Gate.” The youth sighed before growing silent to dig back into his meal.

At the same time within the stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom, two middle-aged men came riding at a slow pace on top of two Class 3 Magical Beast mounts before seeing the rubble everywhere.

One of the two males was around forty years old with a bald head. He had an excellent physique that bulged with muscles; his appearance was so noticeable, it could be considered an attack on a person.

The other person looked weaker than the first and wore a cyan colored robe. His black hair was draped over his shoulder and he had a scholarly look to him. Both of his eyes glowed with a sharp look as well.

“Yun Zheng, take a look at that stronghold. That should be the Gesun Kingdom.” The stronger looking man pointed at the destroyed stronghold.

Hearing this, Yun Zheng took out a map from his Space Belt and gave it a look before nodding. “That’s right, according to the map, the Gesun Kingdom is right in front of us. Seeing how the stronghold is damaged like that, they must have just had a war. There’s still a bloody stench in the air.”

The burly man let out a sigh, “After half a year of traveling, we’ve finally reached the Gesun Kingdom. Let’s not care about it and go find a city to rest up in. I haven’t had any good meat in a long time. After eating, we can take it easy as we head to Lore City!”


Outside of Lore City, five men of varying ages wore rich looking robes as they walked the path. Each one of them looked rather ordinary, but the auras they exuded were anything but. They even affected the merchants and mercenaries traveling on the same road as them so that the people subconsciously drew away from them as if they didn’t dare get closer. From a distance, the walls to Lore City could already be seen.

Luo Tian’s hand held a gourd of wine, drinking it viciously as he walked. Then, he turned to the elder right next to him, “Xiao Tian, Lore City is a First Class City with an equally large area. Where are we going to find the Imperial Protector?”

Xiao Tian shook his head, “The Imperial Protector wasn’t clear in his instructions. Let us wait for what happens afterward to see.”

“Ah, is the Imperial Protector truly from the Gesun Kingdom? Why is such a strong person like the Imperial Protector so unknown within the Gesun Kingdom? This is far too outrageous.” Qing Shaofan spoke questioningly.

“I find this strange as well. With the strength of the Imperial Protector, the entire Gesun Kingdom should know about him. Instead, he is completely unknown, this is quite strange.” Dongyi Junbai spoke.

Xiao Tian looked at the others with a displeased look, “That’s enough. We are already on the main roads. There isn’t a need to talk about such a topic. A question like this will be easily resolved later.”

Suddenly, the sounds of hooves could be heard trotting across the ground from behind as a large group of black armored soldiers came storming forward on their magical beast mounts. A single trail of smoke rose up above the ground as they traversed through the area. Banners could be seen hoisted in the air, causing every single merchant and mercenary to pale.

“That’s the Black Armors, quick, get out of the way.” One of the merchants cried out in shock before forcing his carriage to the side to allow the force to ride past. Then, they each looked at the army as they blew past them with looks of confusion.

“The Black Armors are the strongest force that protects the imperial family. They rarely come out, so what’s going on today for their entire force to assemble in such a frantic manner, did something happen?” Many of the mercenaries began to question.

At that moment, the five Imperial Advisors walking up front turned around to look at the charging Black Armors.

“Ai, isn’t that the king of the Gesun Kingdom? Why is he running in such a hurry, could he be looking for us?” Luo Tian spoke with surprise.

The Black Armors were moving at a high speed and quickly came close to the Imperial Advisors. At that moment, the leader of the Black Armors that was protecting the king of the Gesun Kingdom instantly realized who those five were. He immediately waved his hand and cried out, “Halt!”

Instantly, the Black Armors stopped their charge, allowing the king time to dismount from his mount to quickly walk up to the five Imperial Advisors with a warm smile and bow, “This one had no idea that we would come across the honored Imperial Advisors here, how coincidental.”

When the other Black Armors recognized who these experts were, they immediately bowed their heads in greeting as well.

“Your Majesty, seeing how rushed you are, has something happened?” Dongyi Junbai spoke with a curious look.

The king let out a smile, “This might be unbelievable to the honored Imperial Advisors, but there is an exceptional expert within our Gesun Kingdom. Despite being so young, he has already become a Heaven Saint Master. Just by himself, he was able to defeat three other Heaven Saint Masters without being damaged himself. Even this king is amazed at such a feat.”

Hearing this, each one of the five Imperial Advisors looked at each other in surprise and amazement before Xiao Tian spoke, “Your Majesty, who might this person be?”

“He is the fourth master of the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian.” The king didn’t hide anything at all and gave a bright smile. In his heart, he knew that with Changyang Xiangtian’s talent, even the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom would wish to bring him into their friendship. With the engagement from Changyang Xiangtian to his daughter and the connection with the Qinhuang Kingdom, the Gesun Kingdom would surely profit from this. It was very possible that Changyang Xiangtian would be able to bring the relationship between the two kingdoms to an even higher height.

“The fourth master of the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian!”

The five Imperial Advisors had made sure to remember that name. Immediately, the five of them agreed to the follow the king to the Changyang clan. Against such a request, the king had no desire to deny them and agreed with a straightforward response. In his heart, he was overjoyed, everything was going according to plan.

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