Chapter 485 – To War (Two)

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Chapter 485: To War (Two)

“Impossible, this can’t be the army of the Qinhuang Kingdom. The Qinhuang Kingdom is too far away from the Gesun Kingdom. Just how would they be able to appear right outside our Lore City so suddenly?” The ruler of Lore City asked as he tried to understand this unrealistic scene in front of him.

“My lord!” The captain Tu Fu arrived by the ruler’s side.

“Tu Fu, just where did this group come from? Are they enemies, or are they friends? Is there some sort of secret passageway I’m not aware of over in that location?” The city lord’s eyes stared at the scene in front of him as he spoke softly to Tu Fu.

“My lord, this general knows not where the group has come from, but I was able to confirm they are friends rather than foes due to the fact that the fourth master from the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian, came with them. Furthermore….” At this point, Tu Fu’s voice suddenly stopped as his face took on a look of shock.

The city lord’s eyes turned to look at Tu Fu and questioned, “Furthermore?”

Tu Fu let out a long breath of air before steeling himself. “Furthermore, nine Heaven Saint Masters came with the fourth master. From their faces, they are not from our Gesun Kingdom.”

Qin Ji had been carried into the air by Jian Chen, but Tu Fu hadn’t been paying close attention so he had mistaken Qin Ji as a Heaven Saint Master.

“What! Nine Heaven Saint Masters!” The city lord was in shock and utter disbelief. Nine Heaven Saint Masters may not be much for the Qinhuang Kingdom, but for them to send so many to such a faraway kingdom was to send an unbelievable amount of military might beyond what most would believe. Even in the golden age of the Gesun Kingdom, they had only eleven Heaven Saint Masters to their name.

“I must go to the Changyang clan right away to see the situation for myself.” Without delay, the lord ran down from the walls and mounted his horse to ride off toward the Changyang clan.

When the lord arrived, he was received by a high ranking elder of the Changyang clan.

“Changyang Qing, you and I have known each other for years. Would it be possible for you to tell me the identities of the newly arrived Heaven Saint Masters in your clan?” The lord smiled mischievously at the elder.

The elder gave a faint smile and replied, “If the city lord knows that much, then telling you won’t hurt. They are all from the Qinhuang Kingdom. There are a total of nine that came — one of them being the prince of the Qinhuang Kingdom. There are three generals while the remaining five are Imperial Advisors.”

The city lord’s face grew sluggish from such information. At this moment, his heart started to race at an incredible speed. The fact that so many Heaven Saint Masters were congregated together in Lore City astounded him to the point of utter disbelief. Each one of the Heaven Saint Masters had a majestic status — if they were not a prince, then they were a general or Imperial Advisor. If these people were placed within the Gesun Kingdom, the amount of pressure they held could kill a person just by standing there. At this moment, with so many high ranking people in Lore City, the city lord felt a sense of terror.

Now that he had finished making inquiries, the city lord didn’t choose to stay within the area and left. This time, with so many high ranking officials of the Qinhuang Kingdom, the city lord didn’t feel that he held the rights to see them.

Back within his mansion, the lord of Lore City immediately went to his study. Not long afterward, a single Class 2 Lightning Bird flew out from his study with a letter that shot toward the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom.

After the feast had ended, the five Imperial Advisors and three generals were led by Chang Wuji to their rooms while Qin Ji was led by Jian Chen.

The graceful Bi Yuntian walked up to Jian Chen with a loving look on her face as she spoke, “Xiang’er, your mother has some matter she needs to take care of. Receive the guest as well as you can without delay, understood?” Bi Yuntian smiled. Happiness had long since returned to her. Jian Chen’s return had brought so much joy to her heart that practically every single member of the Changyang clan could see that her mood had taken a complete turn. Gradually, she had reverted back to the proper fourth lady of the Changyang clan.

“Mother, go and do what you need to do. Your son knows what to do.” In front of his mother Bi Yuntian, Jian Chen was like an obedient child. Seeing this for the first time, Qin Ji was slack jawed at the sight — it was almost as if the Jian Chen in front of him was a completely different person.

After Bi Yuntian had left, Jian Chen brought Ming Dong, Qin Ji, and the others away from the inn, toward the reconstruction of the Changyang clan.

The construction was moving at a nice pace with about a thousand artisans working day and night to rebuild it. All sorts of high grade materials were brought in in an endless stream as well, transforming the ruins of the clan into something grand in several days.

The rebuilt Changyang clan wasn’t going to have any major changes, but the range of area it would cover would be expanded twice over while a road would go around it.

Qin Ji looked all around the reconstructing Changyang clan before asking, “Jian Chen, is this your home?”

Jian Chen nodded, “Yes, this is my home, but a few days ago, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom destroyed it.”

“How hateful the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is, they cannot be forgiven for this. Jian Chen, how do you plan on dealing with the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom?” Qin Ji spoke with an especially grim expression.

“Wait until the Eastern Deity Swords fully ensemble. Then we will march to the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.” Jian Chen spoke without a second consideration.

“Changyang Xiangtian, I hope you will notify my father of this matter.” The princess suddenly spoke by Jian Chen’s side, in her eyes, a small amount of bitterness could be seen.

“Haha, princess You Yue, you needn’t worry. I’ve already notified his Majesty. I am sure his Majesty will be coming over soon enough.” Jian Chen smiled.

The princess quirked her lips as she gave an unhappy look to Jian Chen. After a while of silence, she spoke up once more, “Changyang Xiangtian, let me go with you to the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom!” The princess knew that Jian Chen was the main pillar of the group. As long as he agreed, even her father wouldn’t object.

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s eyebrows furrowed together to look at the petite face of the princess. With a grim voice, he spoke, “This time there will most definitely be a bloodbath. You have never experienced such a scene before, are you still willing?”

The princess eyes’ reflected with no fear as she stared back at Jian Chen. Resolutely, she said, “It is because I have never experienced it before that I wish to go. It doesn’t matter if this is my first time, this is what I must do to steel my heart and hone myself.”

“Very well then!” With that, Jian Chen could not find any reason to decline her. She had spoken correctly as well; when it came to the bloody battles of war, this was something that a woman would have to go through to refine herself.

Outside of Lore City, two middle-aged men rode upon two Class 3 Magical Beast mounts at a furious pace toward the city walls. One of them was a large built man with a robust constitution while the other was a rather frail looking middle-aged man.

The man with the burly muscles held a large boiled chicken and was slowly chewing on the greasy meat. Still with food in his mouth, he spoke, “The city in front of us must be Lore City. After so long, we’ve finally arrived. How absolutely tiring.”

“Yea, we’ll be in Lore City soon enough. Wipe off the oil on your mouth, this is a large city, so we have to be mindful of our appearances.” The middle-aged man couldn’t help but complain about the other man’s current appearance.

“This one knows already.” The burly man began to tear off the rest of the chicken and stuffed it in his mouth. Then, throwing the remaining parts of it onto the ground, he took out a towel from his Space Belt to wipe off the oil.

These two men were Senior An and Yun Zheng who had been traveling through the Gesun Kingdom all this time. Traveling and stopping at several points, it had taken them several days before they had finally arrived at Lore City.

As the two drew close to Lore City, senior An suddenly took notice of the Eastern Deity Swords not too far away. With a startled cry, he spoke, “Oy, Yun Zheng, look! There’s a base nearby.”

Hearing this, Yun Zheng looked to where senior An was pointing, toward the group of people five kilometers away. There were about 56,000 men with plenty of camps and banners flying about.

When Yun Zheng’s eyes landed upon the banner flying overhead, he grew startled as well. “What? They’re an army from the Qinhuang Kingdom.”

“What? Qinhuang Kingdom? Yun Zheng, are you sure you didn’t look at it wrong? The Qinhuang Kingdom is so far away, just how would their armies come running over here?” Senior An spoke in disbelief.

“Correct, that’s clearly the banner of the Qinhuang Kingdom without any doubt.” Yun Zheng spoke seriously.

“Forget it. Who cares what kingdom they’re from? It has nothing to do with us. We might as well hurry into the city.”

The two men lined up to enter the city only to realize that the security to enter was extremely strict. No matter whom the person was, they were interrogated before finally being admitted into the city.

“Entering the city seems to be quite annoying.” Senior An complained rather impatiently.

“The times in the Gesun Kingdom have been relatively unsafe. Especially with what happen in Lore City a few days back, their security now makes sense.”

Quickly, it was their turn to be interrogated. The soldiers blocked the path for the two while asking, “Who are you two, and what matters do you have in Lore City?”

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