Chapter 486 – To War (Three)

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Chapter 486: To War (Three)

“I am Senior An, this is Yun Zheng. We wish to enter the city to find someone.” Senior An spoke.

The names of the two men had caused the soldier’s face to change abruptly. Turning around, the soldier called out, “I’ve found them! Yun Zheng and Senior An! Hurry up and report to the city lord!” At this, several soldiers immediately mounted their beasts to the lord’s mansion.

The reactions of the soldiers had caused both Senior An and Yun Zheng to be surprised. They were unclear of what was happening. When Yun Zheng saw the soldiers ride away, a fierce glint appeared in his eyes. With a tremendous burst of speed befitting that of an Earth Saint Master, he flew past the speeding mounts and slammed his fist into one, killing the beast. The rider on top was roughly kicked off before sliding to the ground.

“Speak quickly, what is happening. We have offended no one since our arrival in the Gesun Kingdom, just who would go through all this effort to find us two?” Yun Zheng stood in front of the soldier with a terrifying amount of power leaking from his body.

The disturbance in the area caused many nearby soldiers to leap into action. A large group of soldiers on the wall suddenly came running down to surround Yun Zheng while others brought out the crossbow cannons with bolts ready to fire at any moment.

Senior An grew serious as well. Leaping into the air, he landed right next to Yun Zheng and faced off against the soldiers around them.

“What’s with all this? Who’s making a racket?” Suddenly, a large cry could be heard from the top of the walls as the captain Tu Fu came walking down. His eyes had a chill to them as he walked toward the group with a neutral expression.

The soldiers who had interrogated Yu Zheng and Senior An came running forward and hurriedly ran in between the two hostile sides. “There’s been a mistake, they’re one of ours. One of ours I said!” One of the soldiers immediately ran up to Tu Fu and spoke, “Captain, these two are the Yun Zheng and Senior An we’ve been looking for.”

“Senior An, Yun Zheng!” Tu Fu jumped before his expression grew hard, “I want everyone to stand down! Do not be rude!”

Like a tidal wave, the soldiers facing against Yun Zheng and Senior An took a considerable step back. The originally tense atmosphere had dissolved away for a relaxed one to overtake it, but Yun Zheng and Senior An were both still skeptical and unsure of what in the world was happening.

Tu Fu arrived right in front of the two and gave a gentle smile and bow, “So you two are Yun Zheng and Senior An, you’ve finally arrived. We’ve been looking for you for several days now.”

“Who are you? Why were you looking for us? The two of us don’t recognize you.” Senior An couldn’t help but question him curiously.

Tu Fu chuckled, “To be truthful, it isn’t us that are looking for you, but the fourth master of the Changyang clan.”

Yun Zheng’s eyes narrowed together, “Fourth master of the Changyang clan? The Changyang Xiangtian that has been the talk of rumors recently?”

“Correct, it is that very Changyang Xiangtian. If you two are the one the fourth master has been looking for, you two will definitely recognize him.” Tu Fu smiled faintly, but patiently as he explained to them.

“What Changyang Xiangtian? I reckon you’ve the wrong people. This one doesn’t know of a Changyang Xiangtian.” Senior An huffed gloomily.

“That is…” Tu Fu hesitated for a moment. Senior An and Yun Zheng displayed expressions that clearly indicated they didn’t know Changyang Xiangtian. This made Tu Fu believe that they had found the wrong people.

Yun Zheng thought for a moment before a flash of realization streaked through his eyes, “Senior An, do you think that this Changyang Xiangtian may be Jian Chen?”

Senior An paused momentarily before his eyes lit up in surprise, “Ah, it has to be Jian Chen, most definitely. It was Jian Chen who told us to come to Lore City, and only he knows of our names.”

Tu Fu’s smile had reappeared on his face at this, “The fourth master is currently within the Changyang clan. Please allow this one to guide the way.”

Afterward, Tu Fu personally led Senior An and Yun Zheng down the road to the Changyang clan. As soon as Yun Zheng and Senior An arrived, Jian Chen, Ming Dong, and the others were coincidentally on sight looking around and causing them to bump into one another.

“Hey, Jian Chen, it really is you! I didn’t think that the Changyang Xiangtian from the rumors would actually be a kid like you.” When the two sides met, Senior An gave a wide grin and a laugh in obvious excitement. Yun Zheng was even calmer and stood by the side without saying a word, but in his heart was a surge of surprise. On their way here, the two of them had heard many stories in regards to the fourth master of the Changyang clan.

When they heard that a 21 year old had been able to become a Heaven Saint Master, Senior An and Yun Zheng had turned their noses up, unconvinced that such a thing was possible.

They had last met during the Gathering of the Mercenaries, so it was only natural that they would be happy to meet. Straight away, Jian Chen had the waiters to the inn prepare a large feast for the two men to enjoy and clean themselves.

The two men had spent half a year traveling countless of kilometers to arrive at their destination. Such a feat moved even Jian Chen.

“Jian Chen, I didn’t think that in the half a year since our last meeting, you would become a Heaven Saint Master. That’s an unbelievable feat; it seems that you’ve benefitted greatly from the holy lands.” Senior An spoke with a full mouth as he stuffed another piece of barbeque into it. He had been utterly shocked to hear Jian Chen was now a Heaven Saint Master.

“Haha, the holy lands is truly a great place to be. However, when I made my breakthrough, it was not due to the benefits of the holy land, but of another event.” Jian Chen spoke vaguely without going into details.

The people at the table were extraordinarily cheerful as they recounted the tales of their own personal history since their last meeting. Even the calm but silent princess You Yue felt that she was one step closer to understanding Jian Chen after hearing more of his past achievements.

Quickly, nightfall came when several bursts of Qi came flying at a rapid speed toward the inn where the men from the Changyang clan were temporarily staying.

Jian Chen and the other Heaven Saint Masters from the Qinhuang Kingdom quickly stepped out from the inn only to see that one of the new arrivals was the king. Alongside him was Xiao Tian, the headmaster of Kargath Academy, Khafir, and the guardian of the imperial palace, Ye Ming.

“I didn’t think that the king would arrive so soon, this was a little beyond my expectations.” Jian Chen thought to himself.

The king, Khafir, and Ye Ming all exchanged several words of greeting before Chang Wuji took them to their own personal rooms. However, the three men all gave one long look to Jian Chen. After the past few days, Jian Chen had amazed them more and more with each second. None of them had thought that in several days, Jian Chen would unexpectedly return with eight Heaven Saint Masters and an entire division of soldiers. The arrangement of military might had caused the king’s heart to flutter — Jian Chen’s influence in the Qinhuang Kingdom was far beyond what he had initially imagined.

From within their own grand rooms, the ten Imperial Advisors and the three generals all came forward to greet the king of the Gesun Kindom. Although each one of them held a rank that was beyond a lowly king, they were all giving Jian Chen face. Furthermore, they had all learned that the king of the Gesun Kingdom was also Jian Chen’s future father-in-law. So they had placed a higher level of importance on him. Each one of them were also aware in the not-so-distant future, their newly appointed Imperial Protector would make the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler and become a person of even higher worth.

A 21 year old Heaven Saint Master held no precedent in the Tian Yuan Continent. It would be impossible to foretell just what heights he would reach in the future.

The king of the Gesun Kingdom naturally understood the reason why they were all treating him in such a polite manner. It was because of Jian Chen, so he felt quite gratified toward him and the wise decision he made those years ago. If not for him proposing the idea of marriage when Jian Chen was younger, the sight he was witnessing today would not exist. There would be no way that a lowly king, such as he, would be able to stand on equal footing with a majestic kingdom as the Qinhuang Kingdom.

The king gave a rather modest but respectful greeting to the men of the Qinhuang Kingdom before turning to Jian Chen with a great big smile. “My dear nephew, when might you begin suppressing the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom?”

“The entire Eastern Deity Swords will be transported over by tomorrow. When they are gathered, we will set out straight away.” Jian Chen spoke.

“Very well, against the finest of the Qinhuang Kingdom, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom will have no way to defend themselves. My dear nephew, this is truly no small matter for our Gesun Kingdom. This king wishes to go along with you to the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Will you allow me this request?” The king had spoken in a negotiative tone, since Jian Chen’s status was far beyond what the king held. Even in terms of power, the king had no way of comparing to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen couldn’t refuse having the king request this of him in such a manner and nodded his head without hesitation. Although the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom wasn’t weak, the safety of several people wouldn’t be too hard to manage with so many strong individuals from the Qinhuang Kingdom.

After the talks were over, the group split up for the night. The king, Khafir, and Ye Ming followed Chang Wuji to their bedrooms.

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